Your vision

You’re vision of me hurts me deep-expressing All I feel..mistaken for crazy_ with one soul I dare to unleash thoughts feelings hidden desires.and fears spoken raw…just imagine him my paper filled with my pretty and ugly truth not a flaw.his lines once so fresh and bold underlying his lovers story to feel not to b the ink gets heavier And starts to fade I replenish words still more to say…his lines begin to grow dull ..weak and diminishing page by page …reality hits as it turns light grey scared if I blink it’ll be gone Al the way. Now my highest of highs lowest of lows I confidently placed in his care…he speaks them against biggest fear. The only one I let see and feel comfortable to be my real…my truth…my right…my wrong my every emotion my every thought…he faded.on he went….IM stranded ..ground beneath now invisible..but I remain straight..upright..unchanged …my all throwing it all in my face…hurts..kills..destroys my illusion of we..but my words cantt b’s in my writing my voice and his eyes a disgrace 🙁

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