Cinnabon Stix Recall…

Bakery supplier CSM Bakery Solutions is alerting Cinnabon that the Cinnabon Stix  have a possible peanut allergen in them.  Now, I’m sure all the people who have a severe reaction to peanuts or peanut by-products would like to know this. A food allergy is nothing to hide!!  I know my MIL is allergic to strawberries and wasps.  She has to have an EpiPen to treat her sever reaction.  I even remember a while back, some schools not allowing their students to bring any food that had peanuts/peanut butter in them in case some one had an allergy to peanuts!!  So imagine how it would be if people would buy a product that has peanuts/peanut products in it and the person doesn’t know that there are these products in their food!!

Now the labeling  ” information currently indicates that Cinnabon products may contain milk, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, pecans, other tree nuts or traces of nuts”  Cinnabon is taking extra precautions they know that they “may” already know that there is a chance that there is peanut products in them.  I think this is a good decision, even though they already have it labelled, they apparently care enough for their customers who may have severe reactions to any product of peanuts.  I know my  husband if he goes to a restaurant and they have shrimp on their menu, he has to be careful, because if anything else is cooked in the same place that the shrimp was or is in a dish with other food, he has a reaction.  Just being cooked in the same grease or pan!  I consider myself lucky, I don’t think I have any food allergy, so I can eat anything I want! 😉

So, if you have any allergies to peanuts and you have bought some Cinnabon Stix you might want to get rid of them!!  

To read more about this or to find out what to do when you have bought food that has been recalled go to this link



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