Day One – 2016

This is day one of 2016, I have a bucket list of things to complete by this year and one of the most urgent things is to clear and organize my space, while it is not a big item, I have given myself a deadline to complete it by the end of the month. Reason […]

Bomb scare!?!

ISIS has already declare they would be punishing the world for what they have done to the Muslims. All over the world there have been bomb threats and closer to home, the flight from Singapore too received bomb threats. While all these tactics are really   getting into the nerves of the people, I must […]

#prayforparis #prayforworld

Friday the 13th is deem to be an unlucky date (day) in many cultures. And the events that unfolds during the last Friday the 13th simply reinforce that in many people’s mind. Before we go into that, let’s take a minute to pray for the victims #prayforparis, #prayforjapan #prayforbaghdad #prayforbeirut #prayformexico #prayforworld #prayforsyria . This […]

Need focus here

I have been lack of focus recently, not been active here. I have been too distracted with other things that revolve in my life. While I am saying that all it is not important, I guess some are really meaningless and I would actually do better with time spent elsewhere like here for example. Things […]