Today is the second day of the new year, I would love push myself further this year in order to succeed in my long term goal. I would like to be able to travel the world and buy more property so I would be able to get passive income. Recently I come across someone selling […]

Day One – 2016

This is day one of 2016, I have a bucket list of things to complete by this year and one of the most urgent things is to clear and organize my space, while it is not a big item, I have given myself a deadline to complete it by the end of the month. Reason […]

Fallen Gaints – Manchester United and Chelsea

For supporter of English Premier League, they would be familiar with two of the biggest club of our generation Manchester United and Chelsea Football club. In between them, they have shared 16 premier titles in the last¬† two decades. Only other teams that managed to win the Premier league titles are Blackburn, Arsenal and Manchester […]

Bomb scare!?!

ISIS has already declare they would be punishing the world for what they have done to the Muslims. All over the world there have been bomb threats and closer to home, the flight from Singapore too received bomb threats. While all these tactics are really ¬† getting into the nerves of the people, I must […]