I miss making GIFs

Do you like animated images? Do you want know how to create them easily?

My bitlanders avatar before
My bitlanders avatar before

Since last year, I’ve been so addicted in GIF making. Almost everyday, I keep on making one or two GIFs before just for the featured images of my blog posts in other site. I just want my blog category to look nice with those animated images during that time and it’s also my stress reliever.

Later on, inserting some animated GIFs of the images and photos has been my style or it became a part of my blogs too. Although it doesn’t have to be animated but I just want to make my work unique. So there were some days that I keep on posting GIFs on my blogs no matter what my topic was. I was able to post some GIFs here too that I had made when I was still starting to love this site, and that was on February. But when my monitor stopped working, I can’t make some GIFs anymore 🙁 And I’m already missing it a lot.

So, for the meantime, I will just share to you some of my works that has been posted in other site since I can’t make new GIFs yet by this time.




There you have it! I just love discovering how things work and I’m not yet good enough on making GIFs. I’m using makeagif.com to create gif images and videos too plus you should have a good screen recorder too.

If you want to know how I make my GIFs, these were my tools that I’ve been using in making my simple GIFs.

1.For making animated objects, I use video editor.
2.For screen recorder, I use Bandicam.
3.For making GIFs, I use makeagif.com. To remove watermark, you just need to create an account and login.

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