How to verify your Paypal account using Smart Money Card

Paypal is an online payment processor where we can easily set up an account and use to send or receive money, transfer funds to our bank accounts and make online payments.

Many of us still doesn’t have a verified Paypal account especially here in Philippines because people here are not yet into e-commerce and not using it to pay goods. They only have it for online transactions to receive earnings from online earning sites.

Most of us here thought that verifying Paypal is hard that’s why they don’t like it in the first place. Another problem with Paypal is their transaction fees.

Last month, one of our earning sites switched to Paypal payment and removed Bitcoin payment option. So some members started to ask how to verify their Paypal accounts because some were still students.

This is the easiest way to Verify Paypal account


1. Instant Smart Money Card
You need to have Smart Money Card before you can proceed. If you wish to have an Instant card, visit your nearest Smart Wireless Center from Wednesdays to Saturdays. You’ll get an instant SMC for 120 pesos and 1 valid ID only.

2. Smart Mobile Number
You should have Smart Number to link it in your SMC and activate it. Just don’t forget your WPIN. (For assistance you can call 15177)

3. Airtime Balance
Make sure you have atleast 30 pesos airtime load in your smart mobile sim.

4. Reload your Smart Money Card
You need at least 200 pesos in your Smart Money Card. Reload to any Smart Wireless Center or in BDO.

* Reload your card in BDO through their Payment Slip.
Don’t worry you’ll receive it back to your Paypal account after the Verification Process.

If you already have all those listed above, then you’re ready to Verify your account.


Step 1: From your Phone

Go to Smart Menu > Click Smart Money > Select Internet Transactions > Click Unlock > Input the name you want to unlock > press ok when the prompt message popped out > Enter your WPIN > You’ll receive a notification…

Step 2: Open your Paypal account

Click Get Verified highlighted in blue color. Then fill up the form and it should be same details from your smart money card.
Choose MASTERCARD as your card type.
Input all the numbers needed.
3-digit code is found at the back of your card.

Step 3: Paypal Confirmation

A Paypal confirmation will be received through sms that contains the 4-digit code to complete the verification process.

After this, you’ll receive a text that your Paypal is verified. Then do the step 1 again to lock your internet transactions.

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