Disadvantage of using Phone for blogging

Are you using your phone for blogging? Is it easy? Does it makes you more comfortable for typing on your phone rather than in your desktop keyboard or in your laptop keyboard? I’ve been using my phone for blogging for more than a month already. And it’s not easy. It takes more patience and determination […]

The “24 hours Offline” Challenge

I’ve been unproductive for five days already and I don’t feel good about it. But I don’t really have to feel stressed that’s why lately I just relaxed, keep on interacting and wrote 1-3 blogs a day only. Then yesterday morning, I was looking at my points and checked my Expected date to cash out, […]

My music playlist while writing blogs

I really don’t make playlists for writing blogs. I just listen to any songs that are played in other’s playlist in spotify. I just feel more productive whenever I am listening to a song just to get off the other noise around me. It can help me focus on a certain thing which I’m doing […]

Mobile Screen Recorders

Do you have screen recorders? DO you record what you do in your computer or in your smartphones? If you love to make tutorials, or DIY projects and so on, you really need to have a good screen recorders in your computer as well as in your smartphones. I really record everything that needs to […]

Disturbing noise from our Neighbor in the middle of the night

Isn’t it disturbing whenever couples are arguing and quarrelling at night and seems like they don’t care if their neighbors gets disturbed? And not only that, I think they are throwing everything inside their house because of the sound of the kitchen utensil and chairs with their loud voice. It has been normal to us […]

😥 Feeling stressed on writing blogs 😥

Have you been stressing about your next blogs? I’m really having a hard time completing my daily blogging task that I just set weeks ago. It’s so hard to accomplish this task especially when I write more than 4 blogs a day. I’m already running out of words even if I have a list for […]

📝Making Blog Titles’ List📝

Do you make a list for your blog titles or next topics that you’re going to write about for the day or for the next days? Or do you just write whenever a new topic came to your mind and don’t list down the next one? I used to write blog whenever I have a […]