Managing snake bite

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Snake bite is loved by no one probably. We all feel that snake venom is dangerous. While science has already confirmed that NOT all snakes are poisonous, still no one likes snake bite.

Fortunately, there are known ways to tackle snake bite and even normal poison for that matter.

I know medical science has top quality medicines today but not all can afford them. So, if you happen to be one of those unfortunate victims who have no medical first aid available, what should you do?

Prevention is the best

You might have heard the rule: Prevention is better than cure.

No! I am not telling you to avoid snake in first sight. That is too obvious to be told. Interestingly, in this case, poison is itself its own prevention.

You might wondering how can poison prevent poison? Well, this is what AyurVeda has commented. This is in accordance with the rule: Diamond cuts diamond.

Start with 1 drop of poison daily and take it. 1 drop will not kill you. But regularly consuming 1 drop will make your body cells habitually manage the poison and you gain immunity to fight poison over time. This was done for rulers during ancient times.

This is however only preventive mechanism and is not a cure.

Cloth will help

You are affected by snake bite and you do not have first aid mechanism. First thing solution is to use a cloth and tie the affected area. The poison will not move to rest of the body.


This is often overlooked rule. Please note that if you fell asleep, the probability of survival is at its minima as the poison will now flow to your brain. On the other hand, if you keep yourself sanding, the poison will not affect your brain thus ensuring survival.


You need to get medical help for sure but the steps mentioned above will ensure that you do not die just because there was delay in getting medical support.

Anyways, just a random thought.

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Pulses mix with fluor

Hello Everyone!

I generally do not write cooking posts. I am not a food – o – maniac as well. But, this is a special case. It refers to a really unique item which I took today. I am talking about a mixture of pulses with fluor.

Chapati is traditional Indian Punjabi food which is very delicious. It is made using fluor which is mixed with water and thickened to dough like structure. A small piece is taken out and leveled using standard roller. This roller is called Belan in Indian context. Once it is leveled, it achieves round figure. It is then heated in an open structure where it expands. This is a summary of how a Chapati is made. I am not a food – o – maniac cooking lover to explain anything in detail.

When this Chapati is mixed with oil, it becomes Parantha. This Parantha is equally delicious. Interestingly, anything can be stuffed inside Parantha fluor. Stuffing Potato vegetable is considered the important traditional way. You will easily find this Potato Parantha in almost every single Restaurant in India. Some also add cauliflower while some prefer to make it plain and salted as well. It is also a tradition to eat pulse / legume along with plain white rice OR a plain parantha.

But, what I ate today was even better. Cook the pulse and mix it with fluor of this Parantha. After that level the fluor using standard roller. Once that is done, put the new shape thus obtained on a plate and heat. Apply oil to it and cook till colour change. The tradition of using Potato was replaced by using pulses.

This Pulsey Parantha is actually a unique item. I had never taken such a meal before. Today, my mom cooked it and it was the ultimate. I had told her to cook this meal regularly.

Anyways, just a random thought.

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What an attitude Sirji!

Hello Everyone!

Life often brings strange and abnormal events. I remember this typical attitude case. It was Monday Morning and as we all know Mondays are the days when week begins. Therefore, everyone was busy and almost running (yes, literally running)

So, it was a Monday. I was also busy as I work offline too. I too went on my normal route. But there was something not so normal. I was eye witness to a road side accident. Something quite unbelievable happened that day. It was a collision between a car (a decent looking Sedan) and a bicycle.

Normally, when such an accident happens, the bicycle rider suffers and eventually cries. But, this was a different case. He bicycle rider blocked the way of the car and told the driver to come out. When the driver came out, the bicycle rider touched his collar and said – “how dare you collided with me? You think that you are a car owner and hence more powerful. Don’t worry! The current government supports the poor. You may have got the car by corruption but the government is supporting to us. Soon you will die and your car be taken away for loan defaulting and I will get funds to buy another car.”

The car owner was shocked on listening this. He may have replied back but decided not to do so. He instructed the bicycle rider to go and he too went on his path as usual.

This event really ended. However, I always keep on thinking – sometimes humans have abnormal attitudes. Now, consider this case. The bicycle riders are generally afraid to react to the car owners. The car owners are more powerful but what happened that day clearly shows eccentric attitude. The car owner may have replied back for those silly abuses but he decided to leave it. Otherwise we would have seen an attitude war.

Anyways, just a random thought.

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And it is a flop show

Hello Everyone!

I rarely see TV. But, one particular show I do not miss. It is recent comedy show aimed at exposing problems with society.

It is titled as Flop Show and is aimed as a satire and parody. Therefore, it shows list of overactors rather than the traditional cast and crew. It replaces manager with damagers and producer with reducers. It lists lyrical mockery rather than traditional way of writing lyrics. The main character is himself the director (Sorry the misdirector) too.

It is actually an ultimate comedy.

For example, the show as it showed today aimed at careless Doctors. It begins with a Doctor (who has a long queue of Doctors) treating a patient. The patient reportedly says that he is fine and does not suffer from any disease. But, the Doctor did not listen anything rather kept on repeating the need to diagnose. The patient gave some cash. The Doctor replied – STOP! This is a charitable hospital. We do not need fees here. The man replied – I am not a patient. I am a postman who came with your money order.

Another day, a Doctor was retiring from this hospital. This is what happened in his farewell. “We are bidding the farewell of a Doctor who worked here for 15 years. We do not know how those 15 years passed but the patients who got treated here would definitely know this. He came here as inexperienced but many patients taught him how to treat and how NOT to treat. He should pay tribute to those patients whose sacrifice made him an experienced Doctor.”

The story goes on how a Doctor thinks that he missed his watch in a patient’s stomach and decides to operate again. Once that re – operation was finished (no watch found); the Doctor apologized. The patient replied that Doctor had given him watch to repair and he returned the watch. OOPS!

The serial ends every time with mockery of a Bollywood song.

Anyways, just a random thought.

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Redefining mercy

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Almost all religions teach of Mercy. But no one managed to define mercy. Most of the time, religions authorized sacrifices in the name of GOD. Religions do not clarify how sacrifices can promote mercy.

Mercy is beyond everything. Jainism speaks of Jeev Dayaa principle. Jeev in Sanskrit refers to living beings and Dayaa means mercy. What type of mercy is this? In fact, mercy is related to forgiveness.

Actually, when we say living beings, we include trees too (science proved that trees are living beings) and leaves / fruits / flowers are the body parts.

How many times have we plucked flowers just for pleasure? How many times have we thrown stones / pebbles at the tree expecting fruits in return? Probably endless.

Trees did show us the true mercy and forgiveness. We throw stones because we are hungry. The tree does not throw stones in return. Rather, it sends fruits to satisfy hunger. Trees show us real mercy.

In simple terms, mercy is defined as feeling the pain of other entity and working to solve it. This entity can be any living being – may be animal, may be bird, may be tree and may be human as well.

Is it possible for humans to show mercy just like the tree? You might wonder what question is this. We are known to be mercy – haters. Trees gave away itself to help us. Fruits, Flowers, Wood – it helped us many ways. What we gave them in return? We destroyed them for our selfishness.

Ever thought of this? We opted for destruction and gave it a pseudonym – construction. By destroying GOD’s creation (this world) we hope GOD to show mercy on us. What an irony!

At least now, is the right time to understand true meaning of mercy. We cannot afford to create more havoc. Just to add, today is Mahavir Jayanti – the birthday of the man who defined mercy for the first time in the right manner.

Anyways, just a random thought.

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The really lost era!


Hello Everyone!

Image taken from Pixabay

I am a fan of Jurassic movies. All the Jurassic series are downloaded and on my PC.

The Jurassic world is invariably agreed upon as the lost world. Once upon a time (may be 10 – 60 million years ago) – this earth was ruled by those heavy and deadly creatures whom we call Dinosaurs today.

Unfortunately, we do not see Dinosaurs today. There are several theories behind disappearance of these lovely creatures. Some say – it is due to change in climatic conditions, some put the blame on Earthquake and landslides and some call all this a consequence of acid rains.

Yet, there is one reason which is equally important than any other reason but still forgotten. This reason could be seen only in Jurassic movie series. You would see this reason easily if you see the Jurassic series carefully.

Suppose you are stuck in an area where you will see 1 Dinosaur in each direction. What should you do now? The answer is: Lie down and move by rolling.

Dinosaurs are mostly carnivores but they are not human flesh fans. If you move out of the scene, you will see all dinosaurs fighting with each other. The raptors love to fight and the most deadly creature – Tyrannosaurus Rex feeds on other dinosaur – may be another Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The dinosaurs did not care for each other and inter species fight was quite common for them. Charles Darwin suggested survival of the fittest. As per him, this fittest is neither the strongest nor the largest. It is that species who actually can manage change. If you fight amongst your own brothers and sisters, how can you manage change? The inability to manage change is probably the most important reason which rendered dinosaurs unfit for survival.

Anyways, just a random thought.

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Q&A and get paid

Hello Everyone!

Today, there are many ways to make money from just Q&A. But this is a special case.

Their goal is: make someone’s day and get paid for it.

What type of questions

Some people are too lazy to use internet search engines. They want you to do the job for them. Funny – isn’t it.

Well, the questions will rarely ask you to use your brain. What you need is: just plain and proper search.


Where can I find Iphone 6S 32GB for 400 Euro OR lesser?

Tell me online earning blog in Sweden


You probably will not find such questions complicated. Mostly, you will get the answer by simple search. You can be literally paid for answering such questions.

How to answer

There are no strict quality standards. Only, you need to answer the right way. It is required to provide the right answer. The questions are mostly timepass and you should not have any problem in showing the working answer. You will mostly laugh looking at the questions and only dumb people will provide wrong answers.

How to get paid

There is only one payment mode: Bitcoin.

While asking, the asker decided to define how much Bitcoin to pay. In general, it is 0.0001 BTC for the right answer. The asker checks out all answers received so far and decides the best answer (which really made his day :-D) and pays the responder full amount.

You too can ask questions but in that case, make sure you have deposited enough BTC.

You can get decent Bitcoin for just providing simple answers. You need to provide a tip and that’s it. Here is the link to join and enjoy!


I have recently joined and enjoying. It is really fun. 😀

Anyways, just a random thought.

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Animals and care!

Hello Everyone!

I rarely see movies in theatres. I believe in money saving – wait – download – watch in home convenience.

But, I watched a movie today in theatre – in 3D. The movie name was The Jungle Book. Just like most of the movies – it is inspired from a book by Sir Rudyard Kipling.

The movie focuses on a child who lost way in a forest. He was guarded by some animals (whom he called friends) and the movie discusses his adventures. Who is this boy and what are his friends?

The boy is named Mowgli – an ethnically brown Indian. The movie is very famous and seen by people worldwide. However, only 10% of those who saw this movie do know that this is a real story of a human lost in forest and taken care by … those whom we call beast today.

At one point of time, we wonder is this possible? Who are he guardians of this boy? Baghira the black panther, Baloo the brown bear, Haathi the elephant, Akeyla the lone wolf and Raksha the female fox – do you expect care and love from them?

Of course, just like every other movie – this movie too has villians. Kaa the python who tried to hypnotize Mowgli, Bandar Lui the leader of monkey gang who kidnapped Mowgli and yes – the unforgettable Sherekhan – the arrogant mad tiger.

Mowgli overcame all hurdles and killed Sherekhan too. He freed the forest from the tyranny.


Just thinking, is it possible for this to happen? Can animals let humans grow with care and love? Most of the animals in the movie are actually carnivores and dislike humans. The movie is inspired from a real story where a boy was found missing in Madhya Pradesh, India. This is surprising as to how would have animals saved him. Nevertheless, the movie is interesting.

Anyways, just a random thought.

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Something for bats

Hello Everyone!

Image taken from


Bats are often considered bad and dangerous creatures. They are the ones who are hated by many and are often linked by fictitious vampires.

In remember in my childhood I was presented a story – animals and birds decided to wage wars. Bats took advantage. Since they are mammals they mixed with animals and motivated them to fight against birds. When they saw animals losing, they mixed with birds (bats can fly too) and instigating them to fight. They enjoyed the fight till both animals and birds were tired and decided to punish the bats for making them fight unnecessarily.

Easier said than done – Since childhood we are made to believe that bats are always evil and fight mongering. Unfortunately, we never bothered to check whether any of such incidents are actually true.

This article is unbiased research presenting some interesting facts about bats

  1. Bats can see Ultra – Violet radiations too. This always aided scientists in their research.
  2. Bats are the only mammals who are capable of true flight. They can fly upto 60 mph.
  3. Aeroplanes can face crashes / accidents despite being flown by professional pilots. Bats never crashes even in night’s complete darkness
  4. Bats generally feed on insects and often protect plants
  5. If there is a bat in your agricultural farm – you may not need additional pesticides. Bats will serve the purpose.
  6. Interestingly, USA encountered malnutrition. The primary reason was: decline of bat population.
  7. Bats are quite vulnerable to extinction due to small birth rates.
  8. Bat dropping called guano is one of the excellent fertilizer businesses in the world.
  9. Bat sizes vary from bumble bee (in Thailand) to flying fox (in South Pacific)

Sounds interesting? Next time, you might consider reading before defining any perception about bats.

Anyways, just a random thought.

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The world cup that was

Hello Everyone!

March month of this year was a busy schedule especially for us Cricket fans – we had World Cup for 20 over game this time.

This world cup was hosted in India and everyone predicted Indian win. India managed to go to Semi Final but not beyond that.

Yesterday, on Sunday – the final match was played. Quite interestingly, both male and female world cups were hosted in India and most of the matches were on the same pitch (obviously at different times).

There was one thing common – in both the world cups – West Indies was the team which reached to the final. In the afternoon, we saw T20 match between WI and Australia. It was a low scoring match where West Indies won with ease.

But, men’s World Cup was interesting. The pitch supported bowlers and the first batting team England managed to score 156 runs which was a fairly defendable score on the pitch. No one managed to successfully chase that much in a final match World Cup history ever. So, the chasers West Indies (in almost all of the matches, WI was given the chance to chase) was under a challenge.

It went and 19 overs went off. WI needed 19 runs off the last over. That was fairly easy for England to stop them because WI needs little more than 3 runs on each ball delivered. Given the fact that the person on strike was a bowler, WI may have easily lost. But, the first ball was hit hard for a six. Second delivery too went off for a six. England lost all its patience and ended up hitting a full toss. That was sent for another six.

Now, after 3 deliveries, WI made 18 runs and was short of only 1 run to win. 1 run to win and 3 deliveries left. That was great for WI. Now, their batsman can relax. No – they hit another six to make 161 runs and humbling England for a dramatic win.

WI showed how to show perfect teamwork and play in a hosted spirit. Yes, I liked their dance too. They are good allrounders too. They can entertain too.

Anyways, just a random thought.

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