My thoughts about May 9..

One of the most talked about, debated on and caused some rift among friends and family is the upcoming National Election in the Philippines. I have voted a couple of times especially when I was still living in my home country but I can’t remember a time when elections caused such a huge stir as it does now. I can’t remember people talking that much about it or being overly critical about it. In a way, I think it is a good thing to see so much passion for this national event that could really affect our country’s progress for the next 6 years. It is good for people to really think about whom they vote for and the reason why they vote for a certain politician. I guess having an active social media account is the driving force behind this and that is a good thing in a way.
To be honest, I am not keen to participate in this upcoming election. My reasons may be selfish or “childish” for some but we all have our opinion anyway. To me, I just don’t feel like participating in a “process” that I have lost faith in or something that I always see with a shadow of doubt. Over the past years, I grew up to news about smear campaign hurled against each other, false promises by politicians, vote buying, and the rampant ballot switching. So at the back of my head, why would I even think about doing all these “stuff” but I knew, in the end, wouldn’t matter anyway – especially if people really wanted to cheat? I just feel that it is completely useless for me to cast my vote when I knew that in the end, it wouldn’t even matter anyway.

philippine ballot
now, what to do with this..

I had made this decision when one day, this arrived in our mailbox. I don’t remember exactly when I signed up for this, but it made me re-think of my options. Time is ticking and I only have a few days left to cast my vote if I want to. Now the big question is, do I really want to?

A not-so-good way to end the trip!

Our trip to Kilkenny was short but I truly enjoyed my stay over there. I find the town “compact” but there seem to be quite a few things to see. Like the castle is just situated in the middle of the “city center” and there were a few old Churches to visit as well. To be honest, we I feel like we haven’t been able to see much what the place has to offer since we only went out for a stroll once after my husband’s conference ended. With that, I was looking forward to visiting it again.
Our trip back home was not as nice as our trip to get there, though. We took the train and we were actually looking forward to just spend an hour and a half of our time sitting on the train. Much to our dismay, an announcement was made that due to “engineering works” we have to transfer and travel by bus. It wouldn’t have been an issue if we didn’t have a little one traveling with us (that’s like an additional luggage), or we didn’t have a HUGE luggage, or we didn’t have huge winter jackets – but we did. It also didn’t help that since we thought we were just supposed to sit inside the train, we started giving our son his lunch. So we had to re-pack everything and start over.
It wasn’t too nice that people were actually pushing us to board the bus, without any regard that we are actually traveling with a small child. I just don’t get why people NEED to push and shove to get on the bus when everybody will eventually end up riding it anyway!
After a few minutes of jumbling our stuff and our son, we managed to sit down and attempted to restart feeding our son. But to add up to our unlucky strike, my son probably got his stomach pressed or just got a bit dizzy with the sudden change or whatnot, he vomited everything.
Our trip to Kilkenny was one of the nicest vacation we had while we were there but I didn’t appreciate the trip back home for sure!

Going around Kilkenny

The weather has been crazy for the past days. Spring has always been unpredictable over here. Stepping out wearing the “perfect” piece of clothing is no easy feat because no matter what you do, the weather will always surprise you. It was the same for us over here while we are in Kilkenny. Since yesterday, the weather has been so unpredictable, one minute the sun is shining so bright and it’s so warm outdoors and before you know it, hail is pouring from the skies!
My husband’s conference finished around midday today. We already planned ahead to go to the city and have a look around since it is our first time to be here anyway. My husband’s colleague who grew up here also recommended for us to explore Kilkenny Castle so we were looking forward to it a lot.
While we were having lunch, we were contemplating hard whether to go for it or skip the plan. Grey clouds were everywhere and we were a little bit worried we will end up drenched. Lucky for us, the skies cleared up so we immediately booked a cab to bring us to the city centre.
It was perfect timing my son took a nap while we stroll around the city centre. We find the place a good small version of Dublin but I personally appreciate the people living there since they seem a lot more polite. We visited a couple of Churches such as the Black Abbey (I uttered a short prayer) and St. Mary’s Cathedral. Unfortunately, the Cathedral was closed so my husband just took a few photos outside.
It was just about time for my son to wake up from his nap when we decided to go to the castle and walk around. It was even funny because my son literally opened his eyes a couple of minutes after we set foot in the castle’s premises, LOL!
We were glad that we decided to go for it amidst the unpredictable weather. So far, everything in Kilkenny was really good we can’t wait to go back again!

Kilkenny Castle
Kilkenny Castle – entrance
Kilkenny Castle
Kilkenny Castle – getting in!
Kilkenny Castle
Kilkenny Castle – around the castle grounds

Rush hour

Yesterday we were in a bit of a rush. My husband has a two-day conference outside of Dublin starting today and ever since my son was born, I was not used to just to be left alone with him by myself. I actually admire Moms capable of being by themselves with their kids throughout the evening. I don’t mind minding over my son over the entire day but I just find a certain feeling of comfort knowing that once evening comes, my husband will arrive and accompany me.
Because of this, my husband and I decided that my son and I will tag along with him. His conference is in Kilkenny and we haven’t been there yet anyway so we thought, it is a good chance to go around. His conference will end midday tomorrow (Friday) anyway so there’s plenty of time for us to go around! We decided to book an extra two days that’s why we traveled yesterday. The train we booked will leave at 5:30 PM so my husband decided to leave early from work. My work hours end by 4 PM anyway so there’s not much for me to adjust!
Even if my husband planned to leave early from work, he got caught up with something. One of his colleagues had his last day from the team yesterday and as part of the typical “tradition” to most companies here, they have cake. It is the time to give thanks to that person, share the last chit-chat and basically just to show appreciation for the good work done.  I actually find this a good way to display appreciation and it actually feels good to leave a workplace like this.
My husband waited for about 15 minutes but the team was still a little bit busy. As a result, we rushed to do our last minute packing and almost flew out the door just to make it in time. We missed the tram to go to the train station and thought we were doomed! Luckily, we were just in time and even managed to buy some sandwiches for our trip – whew!
Traveling with a little person really needs a lot of prep time – half of our luggage is his! Anyway, he was really good during travel so I can’t complain about him too much, can I?

Hail, hail go away..

Yesterday was a great sample of the great Irish weather. It all started in the morning when the sun looked so nice outside with clear blue skies to match it with. I make a habit to check the weather forecast especially during the “shoulder” seasons of spring and autumn so I know what kind of house clothes I will dress my son after his evening bath. So I had him wear some pajamas and long sleeved shirt since the forecast indicated that it will only be about 9 degrees – and that’s a bit cold even indoors. So to my amazement and to wake up with such a sunny blue sky, it made me think whether I overdressed him.
The nanny arrived shortly after we woke up and she told it was freezing outside. So I told her that not unless it gets better (warmer) during the day, they will have to stay indoors the whole time to play instead. As the day went on, I felt it was getting better and I even gave the go signal that after lunch, they can go for a quick walk outside.
I took a shower before I had my lunch and was surprised to see the blue skies gone! Grey clouds enveloped the skies and it seemed that it will rain anytime soon. The nanny and I even joked that we should’ve stopped praising how nice the weather is since it usually gets bad whenever we do!
Half an hour later, I can see small droplets of rain against the balcony. And was so surprised that after 5-10 minutes further, I see hail. Yes, hail! Tiny ice particles filled our balcony and I can’t stop myself from laughing just how crazy the Irish weather can be.

hail in April
hail in April

My son can’t help himself to see the grains of ice landing on our balcony, too. He just had to take a peek! He was also singing “Rain, rain go away” in this photo, LOL!

curious little cat :P
curious little cat 😛

Another 10 minutes passed by and now the skies are clear blue again. I know, crazy!

Great family weekend

Today is another Irish weather. Well, any day that is gloomy, windy, and rainy or everything all in one day is the Irish weather. After having the glorious sun during the weekend, today is back to grey and cloudy skies. I guess it is the weather’s way of telling us that “hey, it’s not summer yet – don’t keep your hopes up!”
It was good that we were able to go outdoors most of the time during the weekend. On Saturday, I did the groceries as usual and my son had a haircut. My husband likes his hair a bit long so he only asked for his hair to get trimmed at the bangs since my son gets pissed when it gets to his eyes. Unlike my Mom, I don’t want to try cutting his hair since I have no confidence I can do it properly so he usually goes to a kiddie barbershop. When I saw them after the groceries, his hair looked OK. But we soon realized it wasn’t. When he started playing the hair went out of place, we realized he actually had a mushroom hair, LOL! So my husband vowed not to return to that kiddie barber shop and have his hair done somewhere else.
Sunday was a little bit more relaxed since I didn’t have any errands to do. So after having our breakfast, we decided to have a walk outside and brought my son’s lunch with us so he can eat outdoors. I also decided to go to Mass on the Church near our place so there’s no need to commute to the city center. I actually liked what we did that Sunday. So I told my husband that not unless we plan to eat lunch in the city center, I guess that’s what will do for the next couple of months.
I think we had a good weekend after all and Monday is now here again. I just wish this bulk of grey clouds will go away, but the forecast of the week seems to say otherwise.

It’s Friday

I am not the type of person to over-think. Ok, I wasn’t like this when I was younger and had my fair share of experiences when I stare at my ceiling going through a lot of things in my head and unable to sleep. But I soon realized and learned that over-thinking will never solve anything and I am only making things worse by not allowing my body and brain to rest and rejuvenate. So over time, I learned to stop myself from thinking about things I have no control and just waited for the “right” time to worry about it or find a way to solve the problem.
The nanny arrived yesterday morning looking flustered. I was about to ask what happened but my husband interrupted that he was on his way out to go to work. So after sending him off, I went back to ask the nanny and she told me how she forgot to bring her lunch. She also said that she only realized she left her lunch when she was almost halfway to get to work and she thought she can just buy from the convenience store. Apparently, she took a wrap and was about to pay for the meal when she realized she didn’t bring her ATM and she didn’t have any money with her. So to cut the story, all she had were a couple of kiwis and a banana to last her the entire day.
I knew she was worried about her Visa status and money to spend for University. I also knew that these things keep her awake at night that’s why there are some days when she looked more downcast and without energy when she arrived in the morning. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it will take a toll on her health not until she gets her Visa approved, which we are hoping to happen next week.
I already paid her in advance for the whole day for yesterday last Thursday because she didn’t come over for work on Monday and she was planning to go to the University to pay for the course. Despite that, I handed her another 10 Euros so she can buy something to eat, that she politely declined. I also offered her our lunch since we have food anyway but she didn’t want to eat any. Well, I just hope she is doing the best she knows to take care of her body.


Spring is finally here! Probably if you are living in a country where it constantly rains, chilly and windy most days of the year, you will understand why people crave to feel the warmth of the sun on their skin. Growing up in a tropical country, I initially don’t get why people would go outside, bathe under the heat at noon (skin cancer!) or go out from work at 4 PM just because it is sunny. But after living here for a few years, I think I finally got the reason why locals here behave like that. Over time, I eventually started to behave like them. When I see that the sky is blue and I feel warm, it makes me want to go outside even for a few minutes. Of course, a cold drink is not mandatory but it is not a bad idea either.
Unlike the Irish toddlers, I don’t allow my son to go out much during the cold winter season. Well, I hate it when he is sick so even if he still ends up sick in some days, I don’t want to deliberately make him unwell. Probably when he is a bit older and can somehow manage his sickness, then I’d allow him to play football even if it rains. But for now that all he knows is to cry or end up sleepless when sick – nope.
So for the past winter months, my son mostly stayed indoors. He plays with his toys with his nanny but I can sense there were days when he is bored to death not to mention probably feeling gloomy since it is grey clouds everywhere. On weekends, we take him out but I guess it will never be enough for toddlers with so much energy.
Yesterday was one of those days when the Irish weather is perfect. Warm and cool at the same time. So when the nanny arrived in the morning, I told her that she can bring my son for a walk after they are done with lunch. It’s been a while since he went out so I also told her they can stay for a while to play.

photo 1
The nanny took a couple of photos of him playing outdoors. He looked so happy to be outside and the nanny even told me he didn’t want to come back!

When reason defies logic

The nanny arrived at work yesterday and I immediately noticed she was a lot more downcast and lethargic. Well, she is not the happy and chirpy type either but I can definitely sense she was not feeling too well when I opened the door for her yesterday morning. Of course, I was relieved to see her come to work since it means that I can go on with my “normal” weekday routine but was a little bit concerned about her health and whether she is really fit to work. I asked her how she was and she told me she didn’t have the fever since yesterday afternoon but her body still felt sore. I figured it is normal since I experience it too especially after being sick for a couple of days, so I didn’t want to ask any more questions.
As the day went on, she would chat a bit about what she thought caused her to get sick (she didn’t go to the doctor to get checked). She said it could be because she was stressing for her Visa and money as she will be paying for her course this Thursday. She is on a student Visa and from what she told me, she is having a bit of difficulty dealing with Immigration since her school will start on September only. It is another problem that might affect me but I don’t want to over-think about it since it is not yet a problem anyway. But I guess she can’t stop herself from over thinking so it caused her to get too stressed and unable to sleep.
Another interesting thing she told me was that she is taking antibiotics to treat herself because she finds it “hard” to pee. She even went on to say that she regularly gets an infection because she hates drinking water and can go on an entire day without it during the weekend!
I don’t know what to think about it or how to deal with it, really. I mean, regardless of the “cause” for her getting sick, I think it is because of her own doings, isn’t it?

Disaster strikes Monday

It was one of those days when I struggled to keep my patience. Yesterday, the nanny texted early in the morning informing me she was sick and might be late to go to work. My husband initially volunteered to go to work late since the initial text was that she will only be late by a couple of hours. But after about half an hour since her initial text, the nanny then texted me to say she is struggling to get dressed. Well, I know people get sick but since I rely heavily on her availability to come over to mind my son, I can say that I didn’t receive the news too well. Not to mention that when I checked my full-time work email, I had something I have to do so that didn’t help. So I went ahead and had breakfast while doing my full-time work task for the day. Lucky for me, it was easy and simple so I managed to finish in half an hour. The only thing left for me to do would be my freelance activities.
Typically, my son would be happy if I play with him for a while and then I alternately work on my laptop for 2 minutes at a time. But it was not the case yesterday. Yesterday, it was as if he was “possessed” by tantrums that all he did was whine and “complain” – throw his toys, make a mess, whine and repeat the process all over. To cut the long story short, it was SO HARD to please him!
So the day didn’t end too well for us. There were a lot of timeouts, raised voices and crying over the entire afternoon. A lot of “no access to your toys until you clean up” and reciprocated with tears and bailing. It was horrible and it didn’t get better not until I was able to get away from him when my husband arrived home.
I haven’t heard from the nanny yet if she will come over today. So it is something for me to wait and see.