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Quotes & Prayers | Just another BlogJob site

Do you pray everyday

By peachpurple February 6, 2016 Family


It is a good habit to start your day with a little prayer before going to work ,  to school or sorting out your household chores.

What do I do in the morning ?

When I get up in the morning, I will normally say a short prayer before I get off my bed.

I thanked God Almighty for waking me up, give me another day to start my life and helping me to sleep well without having nightmares.

Eventhough if I did had nightmares, I seek God for help, to prevent this nightmare from reoccurred again.

Daily prayer helps me to feel positive, refresh and look ahead with a smile.


gotta stop those bad temper by peachpurple

What do I pray for?

I pray for :

  • to be honest in my work, do not skip duties
  • help me to keep my bad temper at bay
  • accept criticism for my failure in duties
  • help me to think carefully before making any hasty decisions
  • be kind to others, help those people who need my help
  • stay strong in faith, do not wander off or lose confidence
  • my family safety, keep them healthy and strong
  • keep off vulgar words ( always happens when temper flare off )



a prayer book that helped me to pray by peachpurple

Here is a prayer for today:

Lord for tomorrow and its needs I do not pray;

Keep me , my Lord from stain of sin,

Let me both diligently work and duly pray,

Let me be kind in word and deed for today,

Let me do no wrong or idle word, unthinking say,

Set you a lock upon my lips,

Let me in season Oh Lord , be grave in a season gay,

Let me be faithful to your grace,

If today, my tide of life should fade away,

So for tomorrow and its needs,

I do not pray;

But keep me , guide and love me,

Lord, just for today.

How do you pray for today?

Do you have a short prayer you would like to share?

copyright allrights reserved and photos by peachpurple

Gossip is what no one claims to like, but everybody enjoys. — Joseph Conrad

By peachpurple January 27, 2016 Family

Gossip is saying behind their back what you would not say to their face. Flattery is saying to their face what you would not say behind their back.


The worst thing about talk … is that there’s no way to lay it to rest. Every fresh breeze brings a new speculation.     —Susan Wittig Albert

One of my relative member is a great gossiper.

J loves to gossip behind people’s back regardless of relationship and gender.

Most of all, she has a bad habit to “add salt to the wound” and enjoy sitting back to see the smoke becomes fire.


Why does gossiper gossip?

Most probably she is:

  • bored to death
  • a housewife with no chores in hand
  • unemployed for many years after resignation
  • jealousy of a happy family
  • wanted to worsen the situation since the marriage is falling apart
  • cannot accept the rich status of another person who is doing better than her
  • a leopard that cannot change its’ spot ( bad habit)
  • refused to admit her mistakes


The real story

J ‘s older brother marriage is falling apart. Everyone feels sad and worried that one day, Brother J might end up divorcing his wife. Although his children are young adults, working but still living under the same roof, Brother J never sleeps in the same room with his wife ever since their misunderstanding had occurred ( and I don’t know what it was!)

Now, J is very closed to both Brother J and sister-inlaw.

However, J is a” 2 headed snake“. A Chinese proverb that indicates a person with 2 sided face or Face-off.

She would often visit Brother J and listen to his woes, his misery and his hatred over his wife.

J never keeps a secret even she had swear in the name of God.



J hops to sister-in-law’s office and invited her to a cup of tea.

Now, she had motives. As they were having tea, J deliberately “let the cat out of the bag”. 

Of course, this enraged sister-in-law very much. She went back home and started a quarrel with Brother J over the gossip that she had heard. It was all the things that he had said to J but he didn’t suspect her at all. He trusted her.

J quickly comforted sister-in-law after she knew about the quarrel. Instead of feeling guilty, J listened to her woes, complaints and curses about her husband, Brother J.

Guess what she did next?


Yes, she went to tell Brother J what she had heard from his wife!

Another argument started, estranged their relationship further. Currently, they are staying under one roof but treated each other like strangers.

Isn’t she a perfect 2 headed snake who pretended to be good but on the other side, she is enjoys behind their back and do not have the courage to say to their face.

copyright allrights reserved and drawings by peachpurple

Quote for today: “The more you read, the more you will know” – Dr. Seuss

By peachpurple January 10, 2016 Family

Quote for today: “The more you read, the more you will know” – Dr. Seuss



Do you know who is Dr.Seuss?

Yes, he is the creator behind “The Cat In The Hat” kids story which is well known in story books and cartoon series.

I love his quotes which are meaningful and useful for kids in order to improve themselves and educate them.

Do you agree that the more you read, the more you will know?

Yes, I do!

It is a shame that parents and care givers are not spending much time in reading story books or newspapers with kids nowadays.

Kids and teens are spending too much time on new technology gadgets .

These gadget are not widening their knowledge.

Their knowledge had been stagnant ever since they laid their hands on these fun stuff.

If parents will spend more time on reading story books together with their kids, family bonding will improve and kids’ knowledge will increase at greater length.

There are tons of knowledge that are still buried under those reading materials that we often left behind due to our ignorance.


The benefits of reading includes:


one of the newspaper cutting about sports by peachpurple

  1. The current news in the world
  • To know what is happening in our neighboring and foreign countries. 
  • To keep ourselves updated with the current affairs, crisis , disputes, money inflation and fighting. 
  • It is best to keep ourselves away from troubled countries for the time being until  the situation improves.



my son’s homework by peachpurple

2) Improve reading skills

  • Able to read and understand more vocabulary words.
  • how to pronounce difficult words
  • understand the word definition
  • expand the usage of higher level of English vocabulary
  • grammar
  • speed reading.



3) Creative ideas

  • Kids, teens and freelance writers would have no problem with writing articles.
  • compose composition with their creative ideas.
  •  Reading helps a person to know more topics .
  •  how to write them out in with their own imaginative ideas.


Reach for the stars, drawn by peachpurple

Reach for the stars, drawn by peachpurple

4) Increase general knowledge

  • Some of us young and middle age adults are out dated with the latest technology .
  •  even the simple general knowledge of health or safety. 
  • Reading articles online, magazines, newspapers and news on TV help us to increase our general knowledge to protect ourselves and our love ones from harm. 
  • By embracing new knowledge, we are able to adapt to new living style to improve  ourselves.

Hence, the more you read, the more you will know, the further you will go and

reach out for the stars.


How often do you read newspaper, books or magazines?

Do you prefer to read online articles?

What topics do you like to read that had improve your knowledge?


copyright allrights reserved by peachpurple

photos and original drawings by peachpurple

A Prayer for Home and Family

By peachpurple January 5, 2016 Family


Do you ever wonder who had been protecting your family and 

home all this while?


It may be your pet dog keeping guard all night, your CCTV

surveillance recording 24 hours daily, your alarm system to keep the

burglar away or did you place mouse traps on every doors before you


by peachpurple


In my opinion, the GOD Almighty does play a part in protecting our

home and family members away from harm, keeping us save day

and night everyday.

We should thank GOD for guarding over our home from harm and

keeping our family members safe and sound from theft or accidents.

GOD had helped us to build up a strong family bonding, respecting

each other and love each other without boundaries.

Keeping our family united as one.

We should pray and seek for GOD help to continuously protect our

home and family members from evildoers and wandering off from


We should pray like this:


by peachpurple

Almighty Father, bless this house with that peace which was in the

house of the Holy Family Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

We pray that the children of this house will receive that loving care

and education that Mary and Joseph showed to their child.

We pray that parents and other elders will receive that respect that

Jesus showed,

May the dying and the dead be cared for as Jesus and his Mother

cared for Joseph,

May the elderly be cared for as Jesus cared for Mary,

May the Angels guide our coming and our going out,

May they stand guard over all who sleep in this home, protect them

from the Evil One,

If one of us should fall into sin or trouble, we ask you to take special

care of him,

If one should fall sick , please soon restore him to good health,

We ask this prayer through Christ our Lord, AMEN.


Do you have any prayer to share?

Copyright allrights reserved by peachpurple

photo by peachpurple

A Prayer- for Jealousy

By peachpurple January 1, 2016 Family

drawn by peachpirple

drawn by peachpurple

Do you sometimes feel jealous over someone?

Do you feel sinful having this burning, anger feeling?

It is common for you to feel jealous when:

  • your parents show siblings favoritism
  • your teacher praises your classmates who scored better than you
  • your boss supported your colleagues’ suggestion and turns down yours
  • your friends hover over your best friend because she is prettier or  he is much handsome than you
  • Your Blogjob friends earn more than you and redeem faster than you.
  • Your friends are earning more than you.
  • Your neighbor owns branded and expensive vehicles year after year.
  • Your boss is treating your colleagues better than you.

There are tons of reasons to feel greed over jealousy but is it necessary to  feel that way?

Why can’t we feel happy over someone’s success and learn from his tips  or advice?

In order to neutralize this jealousy, we should learn to use prayer to  overcome this guilt and stop us from having sinful thoughts.

my rosary by peachpurple

my rosary by peachpurple

Here is A Prayer For Help When You Feel Jealous

O Lord, stop me from feeling jealous.

Help me to share the successes of my friends and enemies.

Help me not to be jealous when they are praised and I am not.

Help me not to be jealous when they are thanked and I am not.

Help me not to be jealous when those I love seem to love others more than me.

Help me to love you more and to find you more in all men.

This I ask through Jesus Christ my Lord, Amen.


A dose of daily prayer helps me to overcome my jealousy.

It doused the hatred, curses and swears into praises, offer congratulations with a pure heart.

It is useless to feel jealousy over something that you cannot achieve.

Instead, learn from the pros how to change your failures into success.

Open up your ears and listen.

Don’t let jealousy eat your heart out.

Copyright all rights reserved by peachpurple

Photo by peachpurple



Time to Express your Love to Your Family Members

By peachpurple December 23, 2015 Family


photo taken by peachpurple

When was the last time you told your family members or partner / spouse that  you love him/her?

Was it years ago?

Maybe you had never said the 3 words before?

“I Love You” doesn’t necessary meant for couple or lovers. Mom, dad, kids, grandparents, aunts, nieces and nephews, these are the people who need your love too.

These 3 special words are meant for anyone whom you loved and cherished in  your heart.

Anytime and anywhere is the BEST time to say “I love you” without any obligations at all.

Do not delay to declare your love unconditionally to you family members or partner/spouse because you might not know when or what will happen tomorrow.


I love my mom

When I said “I love you, mommy” to my mom who had stroke 3 years ago,  she would chuckle with glee and I felt happy having said that.

Maybe she knows or maybe she doesn’t knows what “love” is all about as currently, her mind set is a 7 year old child.

At first, I felt embarrassed to say the 3 cheesy words because she is my mom. Chinese people are conservative type where “love” is not declare publicly or openly .

I felt envy that Western people are open minded to declare “I love you” to their  friends, family members and close friends without any embarrassment feelings.

At least, I had said I loved her, every time before I end our telephone conversation.

How often had you said you love your kids and give them a BIG hug with kisses?

My teen is shy, so I always say “I love you” and a big hug before 

she sleeps. 

No kisses. She said the kiss is meant for her future boyfriend!

A little praise never hurts and it is not disgusting to say you love someone openly. It is alright to bare your heart to your love ones.

Try it, you may see a smile and happiness spread across your love ones face very soon.

Photo and content are original and may not be used without permission from peachpurple

Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved


Top 10 Best Christmas Quotes I Love Most

By peachpurple December 15, 2015 Christmas Quotes


Christmas Card by peachpurple



Having done with my handmade Xmas Card , it will not be complete card if I had left out the Christmas quotes.

There are tons of Christmas quotes out there if you hit the keyword “Christmas quotes”.

Many choices to choose from:

  • Funny Quotes
  • Heart Warming Quotes
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Bible Quotes
  • Quotes from the movies

Among the search that I had surf through various websites, I love these 10 Christmas quotes BEST. These are great quotes to be written on Christmas cards, handmade or store bought.


Happy reading these quotes by peachpurple


Here are the list:


Remember that the important thing is not what you give, or how you wrap it. The important thing, during this very special time of year, is that you save the receipt.
– Dave Barry

You can feel a real let-down after Christmas.
Especially when all you have to look forward to is your New Year’s resolutions.
– Melanie White

I asked my grandmother for wireless headphones for Christmas…
and got some really nice ear muffs.-Unknown


More quotes from Charlie Brown, the Peanut Gang

Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. It is happiness because we see joy in people. It is forgetting self and finding time for others. It is discarding the meaningless and stressing the true values.

-Thomas S. Monson


Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. -Norman Vincent Peale



Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling. -Edna Ferber


Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone. -Charles M. Schulz

I love Christmas, not just because of the presents but because of all the decorations and lights and the warmth of the season. -Ashley Tisdale



Let’s be naughty and save Santa the trip. -Gary Allan



I wrapped my Christmas presents early this year, but I used the wrong paper. See, the paper I used said ‘Happy Birthday’ on it. I didn’t want to waste it so I just wrote ‘Jesus’ on it.-Demetri Martin


Well, it is far better than “Bah , HumBug” by the infamous Scrooge.

Wishing all friends a Merry Christmas, and may this new year bring you joy and laughter.

To be happy is the greatest wish in life.


Share – Don’t Copy. 

Copyright 2015 peachpurple All Rights Reserved.

Please do not copy and paste these photos and my original drawings in this article elsewhere without written permission from me. Thank you.


Quotes of the Day- Don’t Try to Keep Up with Others

By peachpurple December 3, 2015 Family


Don’t try to keep up with others.


Why can't I have a better cake mixer than hers?! - drawn by peachpurple

Why can’t I have a better cake mixer  than hers?! – drawn, by peachpurple


  1. Don’t insist on having something or posses something that others did in order to compete with each other. Jealousy over another person’s possession is plainly jealousy and stupidity. Keeping up with others in order to flaunt their properties or wealth to be “superior” is a show off.
  2. It is hard to breathe when I force myself to perform a task that is beyond my capability.
    I don’t feel happy. It made me feeling miserable and guilty for not achieving it.
  3. Some people are strong and confident enough to fight for their aim.
    If you have them, that is your ability, go ahead and achieve it.
  4. If you are wealthy, loaded with too much cash that you don’t know what to do with it, go ahead and “show” what you have. However, if your income could hardly cover up your monthly expenses, do not be foolish to keep up with others when you know your own limits.
  5. If your neighbor has an expensive car, bigger than yours and luxurious, who cares? Why compete with him/her? Vehicles depreciation is higher than you expect.
  6. If your friend had bought the latest trend cellphone, shows off to you, who cares? Why buy the same cellphone or better than his? Will you be able to use the extra functions? Is is durable? Is it useful? Do you really NEED it?
  7. Electronic gadgets do not have a market value that could generate in years. Gadgets and cars  fast depreciate assets that people are prone to keep up with others in order to “WIN”to save their pride. As my mom used to say “Save Face”

Gee, I really don’t understand.


Be happy and contented for being a sponge-by peachpurple

Be happy

  • Be happy with whatever possession you have in hand.
  • Be happy and thankful that it doesn’t give you any problem and had helped you to earned money or helped you in your studies or your daily life.
  • Be contented.
  • Don’t be greedy.
  • Competition is good and healthy but choose the right competition.
    Not the silly ones!

Share – Don’t Copy.  Copyright 2014 peachpurple All Rights Reserved.

Drawing and photo credits: peachpurple


Teach Him How To Fish

By peachpurple October 24, 2015 Kids Quotes

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.



Whenever my boy sees other kids holding a colorful balloon in their hands, he wanted that balloon too.

Does your child whine for a balloon?

My son would whine and whine until he gets that darn balloon at all cost.

Angry mommy, that is me, by peachpirple

Angry mommy, that is me, by peachpurple

How do you feel?

  • exasperating
  • annoyed
  • angry
  • irritated
  • Ignoring doesn’t work.

I tried to ignore his pleas but his consistent and perseverance repeating the same plea, “I want that balloon, I want that balloon” was an annoying broken tape that I wish I could shut it down with a hammer.


Giving him a stern cold icy stare

  • Your eyes are not scary or scolding him didn’t work either.
  • He doesn’t mind all the sarcastic remarks, harsh words or ridicule statement as long he gets the darn balloon.
  • I wish he could apply this positive perseverance in his homework.


Innocent comments from kids (by pixabay)

 a boy (by pixabay)

Teach Him How to Fish and You Feed Him For A Lifetime

Today, we were in Jusco Hypermarket where a housing developer had set up a showcase in front of the Harris Bookstore.

My son saw a boy held a yellow big balloon in one hand and was dancing around with delight, waving the balloon above his head.

Showing off , I guess…

My son wanted that big yellow balloon.

Our Conversation 

He said: Mommy, I want that balloon, I want that balloon. Where did they get the balloon?

I said: I don’t know. Why not we take a closer look at the balloon. Maybe we can know who gave them.

Yup, it was the housing developer who had distributed that balloon to the kids. I suggested to my son that he ask for the balloon by himself from the sales ladies.

Surprising he agreed which he normally would whine like a baby.

Sure enough, a few young ladies were distributing fliers to passer by’s and balloons to kids.

I stood aside while my boy went forward to a beauty and held out his hand for the balloon. She gave him with a smile and that little rascal was skipping with joy, a broad smile splash across his small face.

He said: I said xie xie ( means thank you in Chinese ) to the jie jie ( means older sister in Chinese)

“Happy now?” ; I asked him

“Yes! Next time, i will get my balloon myself! “, as he said proudly.

It is not difficult to ask for a balloon. Of course!


Yellow Balloon by peachpurple

Yellow Balloon by peachpurple

Moral of the story

So next time, I make sure he ask for the balloon or whatever stuff he wants. Parents shouldn’t ask a balloon or whatever on behalf of their kids.

  • A kid needed to learn to be brave and independent to get what he wants .
  • Don’t allow the whining turn into a bad habit, take it for granted by your child.
  • Teach him how to fish the balloon, don’t fish it for him.
  • The balloon will pop and your head will pop too!


originally written by peachurple


No Homework Day

By peachpurple October 17, 2015 Kids Quotes

I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework- Lily Tomlin


Believe it or not, 6th May is No Homework Day!

This year, No Homework Day falls on Tuesday, a weekday that I doubt any teacher would skip off homework just for a day.

If it falls on Friday, I am sure parents are most willingly to give their kids a No Homework Day just for a day.

After all, you could still finish your homework on weekends, right?

I really do not know who created No Homework Day but I am sure that kids and teens all over the world loved this guy for this brilliant holiday!


Piles of homework by peachpurple

Piles of homework by peachpurple


Best Weird Holiday

There are many weird holidays around the world, funny and out of the world but this No Homework Day is the best holiday for students, teachers and parents.

No homework means, free of school work, no Maths calculations, no formulas and dates to remember!

A wonderful rest day for kids, teens and college students.

No coaching, no yelling and no scratching heads for answers!


a walk to the park by peachpurple

a walk to the park by peachpurple

Things to do on No Homework Day

  1. Enjoy life to the fullest for the day.
  2. Take a walk in the park.
  3. Watch your favorite movie.
  4. Cycle around the neighborhood.
  5. Go window shopping
  6. Best of all SLEEP, give your body and mind a good rest after 5 days a week of homework loads.
  7. Play your favorite sport  games such as badminton or basketball with friends.
  8. Painting or drawing, learn to relax your stressful mind.

Although this enjoyment is short lived, it is worth to rest for a day even though I doubt the teachers would agree not to give any homework at all.

Are you ready for No Homework Day?

Tell your teacher about it, check at Google search.

No joke, there is such weird holiday , specially just for the students.


photo credits: peachpurple

originally written by peachpurple

drawings drawn by peachpurple



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