Writing prompt: All humans are immortal. Death can only be granted by an Elder ch.1

February 10, 2016 by Montago Burgess



Painful thoughts swirled in my head, and heavy emotions pulled at my heart as I pushed open the intricate double doors to the Elders chamber and strode inside.

The room was spacious, but not overly huge. The ceiling detailed humanities history. It shows our first steps as primal beast all the way to our conquering of all the known galaxies. The floor was a polished black marble, the most exquisite of this planet. The walls were engraved with scenes of ancient traditions and false gods. In the middle of the rooms was a simple wooden chair, that beheld a man sitting on it. His gaze remained locked on the ceiling, as if my presence was nothing more than an afterthought.

A wave of anger pierced through me as I saw him. He wore the finest clothes, ate the finest foods, slept in the softest beds. This man felt no pain,held no remorse. He never felt the warm embrace of love, nor the sharp pain of betrayal. How could he judge my soul when he didn’t have one himself? He is human in appearance only. Though his body shined with vitality, his eyes held nothing. They were simply the gates to oblivion.

Neither of us spoke. After a few hundred heartbeats I decided to tell him why I was here. Keeping my voice neutral I spoke:

“Elder. I request my death.”

A voice like smoke and warm nights uttered a single word:


I considered my anwser carefully. I wanted to pass on. I loved, I hated, I learned everything worth knowing. But I’d lost the one thing I couldn’t live without. My child. This THING had granted him a swift exit from this world. For reasons unbeknownst to me, my child decided his time had come, and without a word of goodbye, he left to stand before this man.

” I cannot live without my child. Elder, I have lived for millennia. I have loved and lost a thousand times. I’ve fought constant battles with myself and my enemies. I wished for death on many occasions, while not knowing what true pain means. You granted my child permission to go to an undiscovered nothing. I cannot live without him.”

I spoke softly. Gently. Trying to control my emotions. Crying I lifted my eyes from the floor.

The elder considered my propsal without a word. I waited anxious to hear his reply.

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