This is why I hate the news….

October 21, 2015 by Montago Burgess

“Bush was being interviewed at the LIBRE Forum at the College of Southern Nevada in North Las Vegas when he was asked about his favorite superhero. He named Batman as his favorite superhero, but then added a comment about actress Melissa Benoist, who is starring in the new CBS series “Supergirl.”

“I saw that there is a Supergirl on TV, I saw it when I was working out this morning. There’s an ad promoting Supergirl. She looked kinda – she looked pretty hot, I’m looking forward to that,” the former governor said. He briefly paused before adding: “That’ll make news.”

“Yes Jeb, the important thing about Supergirl is that she’s hot,” wrote Twitter user Greg Andree.”

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So this is more of a rant. I don’t understand why this is news. Twitter user Greg up there and subsequent tweets are annoying as hell. I’ll provide links in a second. First, I don’t see why this is an issue, nor do I see why it deserves any coverage on the news. Because Little Dubya thinks a actress is hot (she is) that’s a problem? Let’s back up for a moment. I don’t know anything about the show but, for the sake of an debate, let’s say that it’s the first show to cast a strong,empowered, female character, not being coddled the whole time by a man. Let’s say that it broke every glass ceiling for women in the entertainment industry. That comment would still not be a problem. Because at the end of the day Bush is stating that he found Supergirl attractive. He isn’t using vulgar language or anything. He’s simply giving his opinion on a damn movie and it’s star character. That’s all. Keep in mind, I’ll vote for any of the current Republican candidates when he’ll freezes over.

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  1. It’s all about the ratings for the money. Lol, these candidates make more comedy for all of us.

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