Man acquitted of cocaine charges:Brings cocaine to court.Gets arrested

October 21, 2015 by Montago Burgess


“A drug dealer has been jailed after he was caught with a large bag of cocaine inside court, as he stood trial for a different charge.

Waqas Khan, 24, from Luton, was on trial at Luton Crown Court for conspiracy to supply cocaine and heroin as part of a large-scale operation, but he was eventually acquitted.

But Khan brought a bag with a ‘large quantity’ of cocaine into the court with him and was jailed for 21 months after pleading guilty to possession with intent to supply, Bedfordshire Police said.”

-daily mail.


Yeah, so in more stupid drug fueled news, this guy was acquitted of all charges only to bring a giant sack of cocaine to the courtroom. Like, seriously how stupid can you be? Seriously. Did he think he wasnt going to get caught?! Its a courtroom! Smh…This is what the inspector had to say:

Detective Inspector Paul Baron said: “To turn up in the dock with class A drugs on him shows a complete and utter disregard to the law. Khan’s actions were beyond belief and I’m pleased that he will face a custodial sentence – showing that he is not in fact above the law.

“Cocaine has a hugely damaging impact on people’s lives, even causing death in some cases, so it’s absolutely vital that those who supply such dangerous drugs are caught and brought to justice.”

I disagree. I’m a big fan of natural selection. He would have weeded himself out at some point in his life. He was probably guilty of the charges set against him in the first place. You could catch him, or, and hear me out, you could wait for nature to take its course and everybody wins(except for the junkie, I suppose) It’ll save everyone money and time. On a more lighthearted note. Check out this video by nelk pranking the cops with coca-cola.



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