Homeless turned Zombie

October 21, 2015 by Montago Burgess


“An unidentified man entered a Tennessee Walmart on Tuesday, armed with nothing more than his own teeth. Eyewitnesses say the man, who look like he had been living off the streets, entered the store looking as if he was in a “daze.” When confronted by a Walmart employee, the homeless man lunged at the victim sinking his teeth into the employees arm. As one of the customers attempted to save the employee, the crazed man bit the shopper in the neck. ”

“There were three other men that i saw who ran in to try to save the victims, but then they became victims,” said Rachel Stephenson who is shopping in the store at the time of the incident. “Every time someone stepped in to help, he bit into them with his teeth. I only got a quick glance, but I swear it look like he had fangs. It was absolutely terrifying.”

Okay, stop. I promise I’ll show you the rest of the article. A few things are wrong here. Ladies and Gentlemen, never approach someone who looks as if they are highly doped up on drugs. At least the hard ones like meth or crack. Secondly, there is no doubt in my mind the dude was on something. Who walks around biting peoples jugular veins out?!?
The guys drug use becomes apparent when three more people join in, only to be fended off with nothing but enamel. I would say he is mentally ill but when have you ever seen someone that’s mentally ill develop super strength? Wait does Walmart not have active security? You would think they would. To keep both the criminals and disgusting customers out. Here’s the rest of the article.


Walmart shoppers were eventually able to subdue the violent man and restrain him until police arrived. In total, six people were bitten and one was taken to the hospital in critical condition due to a severed artery in the neck. The attacker, who still has yet to be identified, is assumed to be homeless and is currently being held at a Tennessee psychiatric hospital. There is no word yet on whether or not drugs played a factor in this incident.

YES. DRUGS PLAYED A VITAL ROLE. Come on fox. You can do better. Alot better. The only time I hear about zombies are in video games and movies. If you hear about it in real life just assume the person is on drugs. Because 99% of the time they are. Don’t approach someone who may be on heavy drugs. Contact a professional before they go full psycho on you. The professional being the police. There have been other cases of these types of attacks occurring. Every single time the perp was getting high,high, or coming off of a high.(From hard drugs. Mostly meth. Sometimes pcp. Sometimes bathsalts) Better yet. Don’t go shopping at Walmart. Here is toptrending videos of the stupidest shit people do at Walmart. If you have the time,check it out. It’s pretty fucking hilarious.

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