Study shows cell phone may not be keeping you awake

October 15, 2015 by Montago Burgess


A man sleeping

A man sleeping

Have you heard that we are supposed to get about 8 hours of sleep? Or that current technology is keeping us awake longer,making us get a shorter amount of sleep? Well, that may not be entirely true, a new US study says.


The study did a sleep survey of hunter- gatherer tribes from around the world. The closest we can get to an imitation of our ancestors sleep habits. And it turns out that these primitive people without any technology have nearly the exact same sleep patterns as us, averaging about 6.5 to 8 hours.


The two key factors in what time they go to sleep and for how long is temperature and light. It directly contradicts the idea that our phones and t.v s are keeping us awake at night. The tribes went to sleep when it was coldest at night, and woke up once the temperature stopped fluctuating, which is around dawn. This makes sense because in colder weather your body burns more energy. By us having it hardwired to sleep once the temperature drops we save precious energy. Ages ago this was extremely useful. We would’ve increased the chances of surviving a sudden tiger attack for example.


This could hypothetically be used to treat insomnia sufferers. In our home our temperature is fixed, while evidence shows that we fall asleep faster at falling temperatures.


While the researchers have admitted it is a big leap to compare the primitive lifestyles of a tribal culture to a Western one, they plan on doing alot more speculation. If proved correct it could open a whole host of possibility. It has been stated most people believe that light is a bigger factor in the amount of sleep we get. So I have to ask: would you think you would get less sleep if the room was to hot, or would you get less if the room is to bright?

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