Quality of a Chihuahua’s Life

I can’t even express how much joy it has brought in our lives when we adopted our chihuahua/ Rat Terrier mix,  my husband and I had to put an chihuahua down that we adopted from a back yard puppy mill. Her name was Queeie. The day we first laid eyes on Queenie she was only a few days old. Not ready the owner stated to be adopted, I would visit queenie every day to the day we were able to bring her home.

During the process of visiting Queenie, on one given day when we visit I have noticed Queenie had a broken tail so I was curious how it happen. The owner replied that her husband accidentally stepped on her tail when the puppy was under the owners husband’s leg, he did not noticed him until it was to late. But that is what made Queenie special and unique. Although it was heart-broken to hear her tail was broken it did not seem to bother Queenie.

Finally, the day arrived to where Queenie was old enough to be able to come home with us. She was eight weeks old, we had fixed, signed her up for obedient classes, taken her to the vet to have her examine, she received a good health report. Queenie was part of lives for twelve years. A few weeks after queenie turned twelve years I started to noticed she was mood changes. Something was not just right with her. She was different in her attitude, her personality and limping, when I bend down to her level, I noticed her eyes she had cataracts in both eyes. I called the Veterinary to scheduled appointment to have surgery to have the cataracts removed but it didn’t happen. The Vet examine our little girl and the test results news was not what we wanted to hear. Queenie had “Cancer!” I broke down right in the Vet’s office.

The Vet gave us some options, chemo, but could not guaranteed Queenie would live or pull though because of other health issues with her heart and being a fat butterball, obese. It was the fact we over fed her, she blew up after have the surgery having her spayed. We followed the Vet’s instructions in how much to feed her by the T. It was hard choice to decide to make to have Queenie put down so the Vet gave us time to go home and spend some time with Queenie and discuss it over together with my husband. We taken her home over the two weeks Queenie was just getting worse. We wanted her to die in her own surroundings and in her own bed but that didn’t happen either. Called and made another appointment to take her to her Vet’s to have Queenie put down. She was in a lot of pain. It is hard choice to make but I knew I had made the right choice for her own welfare. I did not want her to suffer that could turn out days or weeks if I allowed to let her die the natural way. For she was a very loving, well mannered, kind and obedient little girl. Never have she ever bit me until she came down ill than she started become aggressive so I knew it was time to let her go.

I said to my husband that I was not gone to adopt another dog or puppy for it would make me feel guilty. If I adopted another dog or puppy, I felt I was replacing Queenie. I did not adopt another dog till after years we lost queenie. May 8,2009, when we adopted a Chihuahua/Rat Terrier Mix from an animal shelter. She was a senior chihuahua and it was a hard choice to make because I really did not want to feel that I was replacing queenie. My intention in the month of May when we husband asked me to take a country ride with him and I said yes and we ended up stopping at an animal shelter with no intention to adopt another animal but on that following day walking through the shelter stopping and visiting every dog I happen to noticed a senior dog out of the corner of my eye.

That was the Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix. According to the animal shelter volunteer she explained to my husband and I that she was eight years old. She continue sharing a little about her stay at the shelter. She was left outside of a Motel in a box in 100 degree weather with no food or water. The chihuahua/mix was in bad health condition but cling onto life for six months since she was first brought to the shelter. Her stay was running out. May 9th, 2009, she was scheduled to be put down because it appeared she was adoptable nobody seemed interesting to adopt a senior dog in her condition.  I asked permission from the volunteered if I was able to hold her in my arms, she bend down to open her cage and placed her in my arms and when she did I broke down in tears and I could of sworn she had tears in her eyes in her own way thanking me for saving her life from the gas chamber.

She was the one I said to my husband. My husband disagreed with me because an older dog with severe health issues, depressed, skinny as a rail would not eat or drink. After the adoption procedure signing all the papers that needed to be signed she was mine and my responsibility to provide for her. Well, after the long ride home and finally got her home, she was so depressed to where she would not eat or drink I spoon fed her, fed her water through a dropper I sit on the floor beside her doggy bed and would talk to her to encourage to continue to fight to live. She needed to eat, she needed to drink. I did this for a whole year than finally I got her to the place where she started to trust me and she started to eat and drink on her own.

From May 8, 2009 to April 2016 she was part of our family and still is today. She weighs 11.05 pounds according to the Veterinarian. Just the past month I started noticing lumps on her body. I was concerned so I called to make an appointment at the Vet’s office. The news was not good. After all the testing the Vet has done it turned out the lumps are cancerous. she is having trouble with incontinence, in pain in her hips to where she barely can walk. Oh, she is eating and drink water yet but when I go to pick her up she groans, she paces back and forth. I know it is near the time to put her down. I was hoping that I didn’t have to make that decision ever again because the impact it had on me when I had to put my other chihuahua down.

Her quality of life as long as we had her which was seven years I started to noticed something is just not right about her. Joint muscle pain and other common ailments. Also I need to say, over the seven years our situation has changed. My husband came down ill, I was in a bad car accident where we no longer are able to work so our finances have changed too. As much I love BC I have to make the decision that is best for her and that is to end her suffering from her being in pain. Just a few days the seizures started. Now living on a fix income we can’t afford the cost to put her down. It is not that I have not done any research searching for prices to see how much it would cost to put my baby down I can’t afford it. Every day, she looks at me like she is telling me to let her go. I want to let her go but emotionally it is hard to make a quick decision like that after all I have done to try to save her life in the beginning from the very first day I brought her home from being the shape she was. Over the years as she grew older her health has been deteriorating. Now remember I said, she was eight years old when I adopted her which would make her fifteen years old today, would be turning sixteen years old in May.

I don’t want her to suffer. I don’t want to watch her being in so much pain. The story behind it all, I was abuse as a child from seven years old through my teen age years which made me understand and interact more with animals who also have been in abusive situation or abandoned. I felt through my life the child that nobody wanted so I know how an animal feels when nobody wants them. The more I do interact with animals, the more I love animals more than people. animals are the most trusting and loyal friend to have. It makes the decision more harder to make to have to put her best friend down. I love BC as I love my own children. She is telling me in her own voice by her body language it is time to let her go. so therefore I love her so much and seeing her in so much pain and agony and even having seizures breaks my heart to have to say goodbye to a friend was so loyal and been there for me at my lowest times of my life.

It hurts not being able to put her down as she wants me too, because of lack of funds. Because of BC being incontinent loosing her urine frequently I placed her bedding in the kitchen and placed a fence up. I rent my property and my living room is carpet and she was peeing on the carpet frequently. I do feel it is not BC’s fault, face she is older senior dog and she has had health issues when I first adopted her it just gotten worse as she grew older. I wish there were an organization where I could found help with funds to put my baby BC down. That is what hurts and breaks my heart the most. I am not able to because of lack of funds.


When would a pet know it is time to put down their family pet?

  1. Loose mobility, can no longer walk or have trouble walking while walking pet.
  2. Whimpers
  3. Hip dyspepsia
  4. posture being hunched or hunkered and tense
  5. Incontinence
  6. confused, mood changes, hearing, vision loss,
  7. Behavioral attitude, being aggressive because they are in so much pain, don’t want to be touch or hurts to be touched in areas of their bodies.
  8. Shaking or shivering,
  9. excessive sleeping
  10. Wining, crying, stressful, loose their strength and ability to stand or sit any longer.
  11. Final act of loving your senior pet having the sixth sense of knowing old Dog syndrome. Their quality of life is knowing it is time.
  12. 12. Woke up one morning and your gut feeling tells you it is time.
  13. Can’t stand it no more watching your pet suffer anymore.
  14. Prayer, Hope
  15. Let your pet die in dignity and in peace
  16. Refusing to eat or drink

What to expect when decide it is time to put pet down?

Your Vet will inject two shots. First shot is a sedative-a pain reliever, put dog or cat to sleep so your pet feels no pain during the procedure when the Vet intervene the other shot which is an injection of barbiturates that stops the dog or cats heart.

Always ask your Veterinarian questions if your vet suggests it is time.

Anesthesia: Barbiturates

depresses the central nervous system and given at a high enough doses, that causes anesthesia and death. I have done research to help educated to know what to expect to make sure that my baby BC don’t suffer. she sleeps peacefully when the vet does the procedure. Also have done research to search having a vet come to the home to put BC down so it would not cause stress and she be surrounded by family members and in her own bed.

When it is time your pet will let you know. Final act of love to let your pet be able to die in dignity and in peace.