Happy Early Birthday To Me

DSCF1161 Happy dance time. And buck and kick and whirl. Mommy and Daddy gave me an early birthday present today. I did not even know they were going too. Mom came out to feed me this afternoon like normal and growled at me because I was playing with the door knob trying to figure out how to open it. She said I already know enough ways to escape. I dont think I do since I havent escaped since last summer. But back to my story. After Mom put me in my stall she drug one of the big gates through to the other end. While she was doing that Dad and Moms son were dragging the others over by the barn. I was getting more interested as they started setting the gates up in front of the barn. Then Mom drove a couple of fence posts in the ground by the ends that are against the barn. She tied the gates to the fence post with wire because she said it would not take me long to learn how to move the gates if she did not do that. I did not understand why she was worried about what I would do with them until she came back to my stall and told me Happy Early Birthday. She then opened my stall up with the front barn door still open. I couldnt believe it. I have a spot to go outside to play by myself now. I dont have to wait for Mom to take me out once she opens the barn up. It was lots of fun. I got to eat grass and stretch more than normal. I also got to watch Mom as she did a few other things out back. Mom said we can spend more time together now even when she dont have time to come play with me since she can talk to me and pet me as she walks around doing other things. I love my birthday present!!!! You can see that here.

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