Oooops I Am In Trouble

IMG_20160529_164834310_HDR I really messed up today. Mom is very mad at me. I tore the gates down that kept me out of the hay. I did not mean too. I just wanted the hay that I could not reach. It looked better than what Mom gave me. But while I was trying to reach through I got stuck. I guess I need to start believing Mom when she tells me that will happen. When I tried to pull my head back out I got my halter hooked on the edge of the gate latch. Then I pulled the gates down trying to get loose after Mom did not show up to help me. I did not remember that it was her fun day at the auction. Of course they made a lot of noise and Moms Mom heard it. She seen me and called my Mom. Then Moms nephew came and put me in my stall about the time I figured out what I had done and got myself loose. Not long after that Mom got home. After she got me out of my stall and checked me over she made me go back into it. I was being a very good boy and trying to tell her that I was sorry. But Mom did not listen. She said I am going to stay in my stall from now on when she is not home. I hope she changes her mind soon. But she was even madder at me when she got back home. I caused her to miss a chance at buying some things at the auction that she wanted. I did not mean to do that. I just wanted a different bale of hay than what she gave me. So I guess I have a long time before I can prove to her that I will be a good boy. She is even moving the hay so I cant get to it as easy now when I am loose. Could you all please tell Mom that I am truly totally sorry from the bottom of my heart.

More Fun Times

Hi, Hope everyone has been doing good. I have been enjoying my play area immensely. I can get in the barn when it get too hot outside and out to run and play when it is cooler outside. I am very happy that Mom gave me this wonderful present. Here is a picture of me right after I got up from rolling in the grass. IMG_20160529_164855074 It felt very good. And here is one of me playing in the bush. IMG_20160529_164902811 I love rubbing against it too scratch. The leaves on it are great for that. I also have room to run and play with my big bouncy ball when I want too. Mom is nice and throws it back in too me when I toss it across the fence. I do that sometimes just to play with her. We got rain for a couple of days. That was lots of fun and made the air smell sooo good. I had fun sliding in the mud after it was done. I always aggravate Mom by stopping when she gets ready to film me being silly.
Mom has also been getting more demanding with me on my manners. But she is trying to make it fun for me. Yesterday she was making me move sideways when she stepped towards me. I did not want too at first because I was wanting attention. But she would not give me any scratches until I did what she wanted.Then she let me get an alfalfa cube out of the freezer as a big treat. Yum Yum. We did not do too much today. Mom said it is too hot too work hard every day. I would do it if I get an alfalfa treat every time. But she did take time to give me scratches this afternoon so it is all good.

Happy Early Birthday To Me

DSCF1161 Happy dance time. And buck and kick and whirl. Mommy and Daddy gave me an early birthday present today. I did not even know they were going too. Mom came out to feed me this afternoon like normal and growled at me because I was playing with the door knob trying to figure out how to open it. She said I already know enough ways to escape. I dont think I do since I havent escaped since last summer. But back to my story. After Mom put me in my stall she drug one of the big gates through to the other end. While she was doing that Dad and Moms son were dragging the others over by the barn. I was getting more interested as they started setting the gates up in front of the barn. Then Mom drove a couple of fence posts in the ground by the ends that are against the barn. She tied the gates to the fence post with wire because she said it would not take me long to learn how to move the gates if she did not do that. I did not understand why she was worried about what I would do with them until she came back to my stall and told me Happy Early Birthday. She then opened my stall up with the front barn door still open. I couldnt believe it. I have a spot to go outside to play by myself now. I dont have to wait for Mom to take me out once she opens the barn up. It was lots of fun. I got to eat grass and stretch more than normal. I also got to watch Mom as she did a few other things out back. Mom said we can spend more time together now even when she dont have time to come play with me since she can talk to me and pet me as she walks around doing other things. I love my birthday present!!!! You can see that here.

Mom Taught Me A New Game

DSCF1110 Hi again. Mom says I have been very good the last couple of days. She has been visiting with me more and we are doing lots of new things. Yesterday she went back over having me back up when she pushed my nose. Then Mom sent me away and asked me to come back to her by clicking her tongue against her teeth. These were easy to do as I learned them last year. When she was done a got a good scratching on my shoulders and neck. I loved that. This afternoon we started out with the backing up. Then Mom started pushing down on the top of my head. When I lowered it I got some shoulder scratches. We did that one until I put my nose all the way to the ground. That got me scratched real good. But I was getting bored and tried nipping at Mom. So she got the rope out and sent me away. Then when she called me back she wrapped the rope around my nose. Mom then asked me to put my head down again. While I had my head down I grabbed the part of the rope that was on the ground. Mom then pulled it and I let go. But Mom offered it back to me and this time I pulled it. She laughed and scratched me. Then it was Moms turn to pull. I held it at first but then let go again. We did that a few more times and it was lots of fun. I even followed Mom one time without letting go of the rope. She said I was learning to play tug of war. I dont care what she calls it. I just hope the weather stays nice so that Mom will keep coming out to play with me like this. Its too bad she dont grow a nice winter coat like I do.

It Is Good Weather Now

DSCF1289 Good evening to everyone. Mom said I could use her computer as I have been behaving myself better since the last time I visited all of you. The weather has been getting warmer so Mom has spent more time with me. That means I have been happy happy. This past week we have been working on a couple of things in t afternoons. The first one is Mom puts her hand over my nose and pushes. When I step back right away she lets up and scratches my shoulder where I really like it. I kind of like this game. But the other game I am not as fond of. Mom will put one hand under my jaw and the other one on my nose. She then pulls forward on my jaw and wants me to follow her. I just dont see why I have to learn this when she has already taught me to do that with a halter on. Mom says it is in case my halter would break. I am trying to get used to it because she wants me too. And because I like spending time with her. We also sometimes play with my ball. I hid it in the water trough this morning. Mom always growls about that one. She hates getting her hands wet. She has talked about buying me some new playthings. Only Mom calls them training objects. I dont care as long as I get to play with Mom while she has them and maybe leaves them with me too. I did knock a bale of hay down today too. I just wanted a different one than she had given me. Of course she growled at me about making a mess. But that is what she put in my stall for me to munch on tonight. So tomorrow I will try to pick another tasty one out too.

I Messed UP !!

DSCF1161 I really really messed up yesterday. I was trying to nibble Mom again and she smacked me. But then I reared up right in front of her. That was my big big mess up. She made me go away and walked to one of the stalls. As she was opening it, I thought it would be fun to do that again. I guess Mom did not think it was funny. Because she came out with a rope and made me get to work. She would not let me stop jogging around the barn until she told me too. Then when she walked up to me I tried to bite at her again because I was mad at her now. Mom just laughed and put me back to work. The next time she told me to stop I behaved myself. I was tired of working and wanted my grain. Once I behaved like I know I am supposed to she let me have my grain. This morning when I started to act out she immediately put me to work. Mom did tell me a few days ago that it is time for me to start acting like a big boy. I guess she truly meant it. This evening I was a good boy and simply cuddled with her. I did see that she has the rope in the grain bin where it is easy to get now. I have decided to try being the good boy that she says I need to be. I do like spending time with Mom, but it has been cold again so Mom has not been outside a lot. She said she will play with me more when it warms back up. She thinks maybe more this coming week. It is supposed to get warm again according to Mom.

Mommy Played With Me!!

DSCF1110 Mommy came out to visit me a couple of times today. She says I will see more of her as it keeps warming up. The first time she just loved on me until I acted like I was going to nip her. Then she grabbed my lip. That did not feel good. So after she let me go I behaved myself. She did growl at me about playing with the rubber mat that she had behind a gate. Mom thought it was out of my reach. I just wanted to show her it wasnt. The second time that Mom came out she got the curry comb out. Man did that feel good. I have started shedding pretty good and it itches sometimes. Mom says it looks like my body will be almost pure white this summer. I was a very good boy for that until she got to my mane. It had some hay tangled in it, so I had some small knots that she had to pull out. But it looks very good now. When she put th curry comb up I got mad and acted like I was going to rear in front of her. That made her mad and she made me run around for a couple of minutes. When Mom let me stop I decided to be good again. I know she will just keep making me work until I am. But I did deserve that as I know better. Mom did make up with me and scratched my shoulder in my favorite spot. I guess I should have just waited instead of throwing a fit. I asked her if she would let me use the computer before she left that time. As you can see she agreed. I have my dinner waiting for me so I will let her go back in the house. Hope you all had a good day like I did.

Its Warming Up

DSCF1161 Hello, I am a handsome guy in this picture. The weather is finally starting to get warm here. So Mom has been spending more time in the barn with me. She says as soon as it gets drier outside we are going to start exploring more. I am looking forward to doing that. We have been going over the stuff that we practiced last year.Mom has been making me come to her when she calls. Another one is following her every move while staying just behind her. Mom says we need to work on that one some more yet. I get impatient and start to go past her. But when I do that she turns around real fast on me and walks the other way. I dont like that because then I have to catch back up to her. So I am trying harder to keep my mind on her the whole time. She has not put the saddle back on me yet. I just know that is probably going to start soon again. That thing makes a lot of noise. But it did not hurt me so I plan on trying to behave. Mom has also been telling me that there might soon be some babies in the barn with me. She says I will need to be more careful with them when they get here because while they are tiny they might walk under me.I hope the cats pick some other place to have the babies until they are big enough for me to play with. But I told Mom I will try since I know she likes to cuddle and kiss them. The cats do keep mice from stealing my grain. That is very nice of them. OH Oh Mom is coming after her computer now. I hope to visit with you again soon.

I Got New Hay

DSCF1327 Peek a BOO! Hope I did not scare you from behind that big hay bale. When Mom put me up last night her and Dad brought that in for me. I always love it when I get a new one. They are so good to rub and scratch on. They taste good too. But I had to wait until this morning to get too it. That had me in a bad mood this morning and I tried to bite Mom. Man did she get mad. But I guess that I did deserve it. I know I am not supposed to try doing that. But we made back up after that. Then she opened my stall so I could get out when I wanted to. As soon as I finished my grain I was rubbing on that big old bale. Of course I had to run a few other critters away from it first.Here was that silly hen thinking she was going to make a nest there. DSCF1328 A quick poke from my cold nose and she was gone. She did tll me off but I did not care any. Then when I looked closer, I found these two. DSCF1341 Monkey and Tiger cats had made a hole in the side of it and were hiding from me. I had to get a little rougher with them. But they finally moved and I could settle down to enjoying myself. Mom checked on me in the early afternoon and then came to give me my grain in the late afternoon. By that time I had completely forgiven her for putting the bale in last night and not letting me enjoy it. I followed her and fully behaved myself. I cant wait until morning gets here so I can rub and scratch some more. I promised Mom that I would try to be a good boy tomorrow morning.

Spring Finally Came

DSCF0594  This was one of our trips outside this spring. Wow that new grass really tasted good. As you can tell I was still shedding my winter hair when Mom took this picture. She did not let me do too much playing that day because she said she did not want me tearing the yard up. It was pretty muddy in some areas after all that snow melted.

DSCF0613 Here is my pretty stall. Mom painted it when the weather got warm enough. I even helped her as much as I could. DSCF0608 I have the proof on my lip. Mom asked what girls I had been kissing besides her. She does not wear lip stick. Mom is so silly.

I had lots of fun playing in the round pen when Mom turned me out after the ground got dry. Watch me run and buck  here. I loved that time even when Mom was there making me learn new things. Right now I mostly play in the barn until it gets warm again. Mom says we will spend a lot more time together in the round pen this year now that I am older. But she has already been teaching me a lot of the things that she says I need to know. Mom started with just dropping my lead rope on my back. Then she put towels on me. At first I threw them off but Mom would just wait until I calmed back down and do it again. I soon got tired of running all over when I could be eating all that grass. DSCF0918 Mom said I looked very handsome here. But then she got the saddle out one day. She kept me in the barn for this lesson. That was heavier and also made creaking noises when she put it on my back. DSCF1112 I really did not like that. But I only threw it off one time. Mom did what she always does. She just waited for me to stop and let me think about it. Then put the saddle back on me. I decided it was not too bad and walked around with it. Mom says it will be a couple of more years before I have to carry more than that. She also says then when can explore more places together. So I am thinking about trying to be good about it when the time comes. Exploring does sound like fun.

Now I have you caught up on my life except what has happened this winter. Hope you have been enjoying my life.