Get paid to watch ads online


With Nadamobile, get paid up to $1.50 a day in just watching commercials for top brands and get paid in Amazon gift cards! Now I know many of you would rather have the cash and they are planning on adding new rewards soon, but for now this is a good start! 😀

This can also be done with your mobile phone if you set the webpage as a home screen and then you can watch ads through your mobile phone and get paid as well. honestly its the easiest way to make cash just but watching ads.

Just signup with Facebook and it will automaticlly find new ads to watch,

you then click the play button watch the ad and be credit 0.0040 cents per ad, so three ads will equal 1 cent approx so the more ads you watch per day the more you make! The ads play one after another after you hit the play button and once the ad is over you will get a message stating you have earned 0.0040 cents.

Other companies have tried but have fallen short as they often shared in a poor model for business and therefore have ended their cycle in the get paid area but were great while they were around. nadamobile has been around for awhile and continues to be a solid company to be apart of. Although in my opinion Amazon has higher priced items, but if your getting the items for FREE then does it really matter that much?

Dont miss out on this amazing opportunity to make some extra cash and pay off your bills and your debt, most of us suffer from lack of money and with this program you can afford to treat yourself to something better than you might be currently getting and Amazon does offer a wide selection of goods to choose from