Link Log from November 26-30

Links from the long holiday weekend, as many as possible…Categories: Animals, Books, Crafts, Food (Yum), Global Warming, Vaccinations, Women’s History.


Extremely cute cats…

…and foxes. (Did you know Robertson Davies once said that God created the cat so that humans might embrace the fox? That quote’s in The Papers of Samuel Marchbanks, a three-volume reprint that is, so far, my favorite of Davies’ books.)


Posted a few years ago, and recommended because it’s still a fun read…especially for those of us currently getting bleak November-type weather, who may want to read about Australia.


Something to think about if you’re going to Florida this winter…

Food (Yum)

A whole batch of guaranteed tasty vegan recipes…not all gluten-free or sugar-free, but most easily adapted.

Global Warming

Steve Milloy shared this link with the note that it smells like cronyism. I’ll add an apology…this NYTimes link worked, but displayed a truly obnoxious warning that they think they can afford to “stop supporting” my browser. It’s your job to keep your site reader-friendly, guys. If you don’t work with my browser and with a lot of browsers that are older and lower-memory than mine, go ahead and self-destruct by losing readers; see if we give a flip. Your writers can find better publishers.


John McDougall, M.D., on flu shots and more valuable vaccinations…

(Grandma Bonnie Peters agrees with him. She had a nasty case of flu in September, kept coughing until she’d transferred the cough to me–I don’t get flu when I keep a Good Healthy Distance from other people–and developed pneumonia and other complications, but she’s walking again, and looking for part-time jobs.)

Women’s History 

Fun facts and quizzes from Dan Lewis:


Here’s an easy writing challenge, if you have the time and inclination…

Confession Time : Did You Know This About Me?