Link Log for November 24

Lots of food-related links today…everyone must be thinking of Thanksgiving dinners! Categories: Animals, Books, Crafts, Food (Yuck), Food (Yum), Fun Stuff, Reader Feedback, Technology, Writing.


Polar bear pictures…

Total cuteness overdose:


Another book review at Blogjob.

Here’s one I’ve not seen in the real world yet, but I’m looking forward to it…Feisty and Feminine, by Penny Nance. (Not an endorsement–I want to read it.)


At any age, actually: if you’re thinking about getting married, knit or crochet a wedding gown. If you’re still in love by the time it’s ready to wear, the marriage might stand a chance…

Food (Yuck) 

This unusual, unlikely scenario is the one the gene splicers seem to think reflects the real world…anyway, this painting will remind you of The Less Fortunate, for sure.

Here’s the dismal documentary of what the gene splicers are doing to the real world…

Food (Yum) 

How “Kung Pao Chicken” recipes have travelled around the world…(yes, the link says “General Tso’s Chicken,” but the article is about “Kung Pao Chicken”).

Yes, (some) authentic Asian food does use wheat flour; wheat thrives in colder climates than rice. These cookies aren’t gluten-free. (No problem if you want to serve them at a meal to which I’m invited. I’ll just eat the leftover cashews, thanks.)

Gluten-free people sometimes cook omelets instead of pancakes. What about egg-free people? Why not an egg-free pancake?

A pumpkin pancake?

Greek yogurt can have all the delicious add-ins full-fat ice cream has. Maybe cheaper, if your family eat a lot of ice cream and/or yogurt. If you really want watermelon fudge ripple with cashews, it can be done…

Non-food treats to inspire your inner creative chef…

Whatever you’re cooking for the next few weeks, the holidays are a good time to use up those coupons…

Fun Stuff

The mathematical madness behind Alice in Wonderland‘s Tea Party, that is.

Reader Feedback 

Someone Twittering as “Narcotics Anonymous” shares a link to the NA online newsletter at:

This was in response to:

Stupidity Is a Choice 

Actually I suspect the King of Sweden is calling on people to take efficient showers rather than filling a big old tub. However, I’m hypersensitive on this issue because I’ve known some Greens who became literally Sick Greens by imagining that bathing is the big waste of water in most of our lives. Truly, Gentle Readers, this is not the case. I’m a warm bath fiend. I believe in immersing at least the possibly contaminated parts of the body every single time you sit down on the toilet (Doing Number Three), and I’ve practiced this rule while living in a house where I’d shut off a drippy water line and was manually flushing the toilet with only about a quart of water each time, and the city water office got suspicious that the water bill had dropped so far below average. Leaks and inefficient flushing are what waste water (and money). We can all afford to smell fresh. (People who sit on the toilet and try to wipe themselves clean with dry tissue paper, no matter how many squares they use each time, smell disgusting if you have to sit next to them on a Metrobus on a warm afternoon…one Washington memory I’d just as soon never relive for the rest of my lifetime.)


Growing pains of electric car technology, shared by John1282:


Here’s a prod to those who, like me, have a Hub Pages account but haven’t used it…lately, or ever…