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Malware issues didn’t even leave much time to go through five days’ backed-up e-mail. Here’s what I found so far. Categories: Animals, Food (Yuck), Food (Yum), Phenology Links, Politics, Privacy, Travel, Writing.


The Institute for Responsible Technology comments on the news from Food Democracy Now, below:

“The Atlantic Salmon Federation has expressed grave concerns about how natural food supplies and fish ecosystems could be disrupted should these new, voracious super-sized salmon accidentally escape into the wild.”

More at .


Wayne Muller, here writing for a nondenominational site:

Food (Yuck) 

From Food Democracy Now:

“Yesterday, officials in the Obama Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shocked Americans by opting to approve GMO salmon for human consumption here in the United States, where 90% of the population favors GMO labeling. This deeply flawed and irresponsible approval is an outrage and means that the first genetically engineered animal will soon be on the shelf in grocery stores and restaurants across the country.

And because of current U.S. law, these newly approved GMO Frankenfish will appear on your plate without you knowing it due to a lack of mandatory GMO labeling laws here in the U.S..

Help stop Monsanto’s desperate plan to kill states’ rights to label GMOs! – Tell your Senators and the President: “I support GMO labeling!” Every voice counts!

Tragically, Obama’s approval of AqauBounty’s genetically engineered salmon was done using only the company’s own shoddy scientific studies, which were so poorly designed they wouldn’t pass a 5th grade science fair.

For two of the studies submitted, AquaBounty used sample sizes so small that they have no scientific credibility, with only 12 fish tested for one study, while another study on possible allergic reactions in humans involved only 6 fish! Despite this scant evidence, the FDA approved AqauBounty’s GMO salmon anyway. Seriously?

This is so irresponsible it should be illegal! Unfortunately, if everyday people like us don’t stand up, we will soon be forced to eat these untested GMO Frankenfish because there are no laws that require mandatory GMO labeling.

Now U.S. Senate is Poised to Kill GMO Labeling Once and For All

Even worse than this new approval is the fact that yesterday, Politico reported that your Senators are close to a deal on possibly selling us out on GMO labeling once and for all.

Right now Monsanto lobbyists are scrambling to get your Senators to support efforts to kill GMO labeling and preempt states’ rights so food companies can avoid mandatory GMO labeling.

Even more alarming is the fact that Politico reported that some Senators may even go so far as to attach a rider to the end-of-year budget bill to create a voluntary GMO labeling standard to stomp out the GMO labeling movement once and for all.”

Food (Yum) 

Ben & Jerry’s promises a selection of dairy-free, almond-based ice cream:

And here’s a treat for the carnivores…

Phenology Links 

In the Deep South, goldenrod is still blooming. Not where I am…Gate City finally saw a killing frost this morning. (When I went out to feed the cats, the thermometer was showing 18 degrees Fahrenheit. On Saturday we were still enjoying T-shirt weather; on Sunday we all put on overcoats and prepared for snow, and instead we got a real, though brief, freeze.)


Hillary Rodham Clinton’s latest expression of brain damage is too easy a target for Jonah Goldberg’s talent, but I chortled…


If you distrust any mechanical device that’s alleged to be “smart,” on principle…a principle with which this web site agrees…you might be interested in this site:


Hawaii with the McDougalls, anyone? (This temporary link is meant to stop working after the retreat fills up, so use it now if it interests you.)


Whether you’re interested in her mystery novels or not (Edisto Jinx and others), Hope Clark does an awesome job of sharing links of interest to writers in this newsletter. Today’s issue is enhanced with Buff Orpingtons…not my favorite breed, but I have warm fuzzy feelings about all pet chickens…

Non-book-review cat:


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