Book Review: Microwave Cooking for Kids

Book Review: Microwave Cooking for Kids

Author: staff of Better Homes & Gardens magazine

Date: 1984

Publisher: Meredith Corporation

ISBN: 0-696-01425-4

Length: 90 pages

Illustrations: lots of color photos

Quote: “Our recipes are easy enough to make by yourself, but have an adult close by for questions.”

Microwave Cooking for Kids offers lots of fun for middle-school readers. They’ll learn how to stick pretzels together with caramel to make butterflies, how to dip bananas in chocolate and nuts, how to stuff pizza and taco toppings into potatoes, how to wrap bacon around toast fingers, how to shape snow-capped peaks of meatloaf, and dozens of other creative ways to play with food.

There are still a few microwave-free kitchens in the United States. Problem? Not much of one. Kids can try these recipes at friends’ houses, in motels, maybe even at school. Adults who missed the chance to do goofy things with a microwave oven, at age ten, can still do them at the office, too.

There is one small problem that’s actually built into the subject matter of this book. Kids’ after-school snacks need to include vegetables…and kids are most likely to enjoy vegetables as a snack when they’re as fresh and raw as possible. My brother and I never wanted to come home and heat up a can of peas but we were always delighted to go out to the garden and eat a few pods of raw peas, or some crunchy, juicy raw green beans (before they form tough strings), sweet and snappy raw asparagus, or one of those big squishy vine-ripened tomatoes that needs to be sliced in a bowl and eaten with a spoon. The editors of Microwave Cooking for Kids prudently recognized that few kids want to bother microwave-cooking vegetables. Parents may want to remind kids to clean and eat a few vegetables before they try another sweet or salty microwave treat.

Books written by committees aren’t Fair Trade Books, so this isn’t one, and the only reason why you should buy it here rather than elsewhere is that, if you add a copy of Microwave Cooking for Kids to a package that includes Fair Trade Books, the shipping is free. To buy it here, send $5 per book + $5 per package to either address in the lower left corner of the screen (U.S. postal orders to the P.O. box, Paypal to the e-mail address).

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  1. You’re right that kids usually enjoy raw veggies. My daughter prefers all of hers raw. She loves them. She even loves raw green beans. She also enjoys cooking, and I like the idea of using a microwave instead of the stove.

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