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This one started yesterday, but wasn’t posted because Blogjob shut down. Categories: Animals, Economy, Education, Food (Yum), Holidays, Music, Obamacare, Politics, Phenology, Politics, Technology, Thank a Veteran.


Kellogg’s is phasing out eggs from miserable, short-lived battery hens. Want to lean on General Mills, too?


Economics 101, or, if you don’t like the current level of your local economy, stop wailing and fix it. (Even though this presidential administration has encouraged many efforts to make it harder for people to boost their local economy, like encouraging the substitution of cards that can be spent only at big-chain stores for cash that can be spent wherever a neighbor needs to sell something.)


Hillary Rodham Clinton pulls a 180 on the question of charter schools, although the schools themselves aren’t reported as the problem…Some public schools are very good schools. I attended one. Still, no school can afford to batten on a monopoly, the way the public schools did when I was a schoolgirl. Even at good schools, monopolies foster outright child abuse. Students need to be able to vote with their feet and maintain an incentive for teachers to do their best work. And once again, my home town was a battleground for school choice in the 1980s, and once the battle was won and the Gate City Christian School opened, the public school principal agreed that having an alternative served the public school well too. Children study better and behave better when they have a choice between different school atmospheres and teaching styles. Some children who were chronic problems at one school did well at the other school, so the benefits of choice were mutual for the public and private schools.

Food (Yum) 

Pumpkin spices and chocolate chips? Pumpkin spices and raisins? I can’t even test gluten-free versions of these cookies, but somebody out there will love them. (For future reference…this is aimed specifically at the person to whom those two pumpkins stranded in the drainage ditch belonged…if you carve your pumpkin on Halloween afternoon and set it inside the window, you can still eat it. A pumpkin thrown out on the ground, while it’s still firm and edible, is a sad thing to see.)

I don’t eat pork but I do like bacon…turkey bacon. (For the gluten-tolerant, as +Andria Perry mentions, there’s also Morningstar Farms soy-and-wheat-gluten bacon.)

And here’s a salad idea:

What do you donate to your local food bank, if anything? (I don’t–it’s so painfully obvious that too many people donate to the food bank, and as a result their standards of “need” are too lax. I’ve seen young people who were living in their parents’ home, working full-time, wearing expensive new clothes and driving super-expensive new cars, go to the local food bank with empty hands and come out loaded with more than they could carry. It made me reflect on the backwardness of this situation, and as a result I’ve never donated anything to my local food bank. I wouldn’t take food from them, either, no matter how long it takes me to collect what this last online rip-off artist owes; I can survive a few days without food but don’t think I could survive being mistaken for a Blatantly Bogus Welfare Cheat like Some People.)


In some countries tomorrow will be Remembrance Day…and in some it’s St. Martin’s Day. (In some countries, the warm spell in November that we used to call “Indian Summer” is “St. Martin’s Little Summer.”) Here’s a post about St. Martin’s Day in Germany:


This is a fan site, not maintained by the singer himself…Gordon Lightfoot is still planning an overseas tour next year? Fantastic!


Personally, I suspect that any large-scale plan to base anything on an insurance gambling scheme is doomed to implode.

You have to think through the sales pitch at this next link. How will getting more people involved in a gambling scheme build a healthier community? Er um…if Obamacare, for which I may be qualified but I’m delighted to save the nation a few dollars by not signing up, is used in such a way as to weed out the sicklier members of the “community” in question…

(I’m guessing you never thought of some of these big, sprawling, messy, riot-ravaged cities as “communities” before, either. Calling Chicago, Philadelphia, or even Tampa a “community” is one of those things that reflects on the speaker…y’know, if you’re capable of confusing “Greater Washington” with anything like a “community,” that shows that you don’t remember when a few neighborhoods like Arlington, Takoma Park, or even Chevy Chase in its own weird way, had a hope of becoming communities. Let’s just say that communities don’t riot.)

Phenology Link 

Today’s phenology, here? You didn’t want to know. November rain…somehow it seems perfectly appropriate that a document I need for another paid writing site is on Blogjob, and Blogjob is down. (Update: November 10 has been sunny and chilly.) So, in some places today’s phenology is more colorful. Fantastic foliage found in Scotland.

In other places it’s goofier…this was actually the week before last, but still: Sheep take over Madrid. (Thanks to Greg at for sharing.)


From Adam Brandon at Freedomworks, which is not actually working today but is still generating group e-mails…

“Rand Paul has just confirmed that he will be speaking at the Rising Tide Summit in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on December 5th. Joining Senator Paul will be Senator Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, businesswoman Carly Fiorina, Governor Bobby Jindal, and former Senator Rick Santorum. That makes six, count them six, presidential candidates speaking at the Rising Tide Summit. Register today to secure your seat for the conservative event of the year!

Publius Huldah gets controversial. Furiously controversial.


Dan Lewis reports on low-tech travel…

Thank a Veteran 

Guess what day tomorrow is? For foreign readers, in the U.S. the eleventh of November is Veterans Day. Most businesses stay open (for which some veterans are thankful, because people who take Veterans Day seriously are likely to treat them to dinner on this day). Some veterans say that, rather than closing government offices and inconveniencing veterans, a more appropriate observation of the day might involve sending veterans money. Meh. A lot of other things would have to be defunded to make room for that. However, for those who don’t have a close friend or relative to treat to dinner, money, errands, a day at the lake, an evening of tickling and pillow fighting, or whatever, here are some additional ideas:

First, General Motors is sponsoring an effort to install adaptive technology in the homes of 200 selected veterans with major disabilities.

fundraises to give disabled veterans “smart homes.” (ASL sign “house”) Click to help.

If you support the U.S.O. (verbally or financially) you, too, may have received this link in an e-mail from Joan Jett:

None of the veterans I know personally uses e-mail, but, for those whose favorite veteran does:


6 thoughts on “Link Log for November 9-10”

  1. I like having the choice when it comes to school. it worked well for my kids down in Florida. Not where I live now. but we do have a choice to go to another school district if I drive them. Which is good.

    Did you say pumpkin, I love pumpkin anything.

    I don’t bring pork in my house due to a allergy in the family. However, eating out iws different. For bacon, I only allow turkey bacon in the house. Yummy!!

    Thanks for sharing my link. Iuse the local food banks because it is a need my family has. As for people thinking I may be a welfare cheat. I set my pride aside to get what my family needs. I don’t collect welfare. I collect a social security check for disability. It is a good service for those who choose to use it. I know one local food bank said anyone making under $100,000 a year can go. Why so high? I have no clue. This way they don’t have to check and ask more personal questions either. I look no different o one who donates or chooses not to. people have their reasons.

        1. Well, I saw the one about “vegetarian/vegan/carnivore,” @andriaperry …I’ve been a carnivore for several years in order to share meals with the cats; if paid well enough to afford decent cat treats again I could easily go vegan for another few years. I believe humans are built to consume some animal fat but not nearly as much as most U.S. citizens do.

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