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Twitterers, do you, too, suspect that the original Ben and Jerry wouldn’t have needed to be told that God gave cows tails for a reason?

Fun Facts 

The essential calendar for all fun fact fans:


Not phenology, exactly…Maria Popova picks Goethe‘s brain and reprints five (English translations of) poems about clouds.

Here’s a belated phenology photo. I snapped this Annual Cicada’s picture in September but didn’t e-mail it to the computer until I e-mailed Wednesday’s doll picture…no extra charge for uploading it now.

More pictures here; this article by +Barbara Radisavljevic reminds me of Piers Anthony’s Shade of the Tree, a delightful book I’ve reread several times…


Remembering Gordon Parks…(Warning: it’s pictures, so, duh, it may foul up slower computers.)


Rush Limbaugh takes credit for making the Illiberal Left as illiberal as they are today…

Jonah Goldberg explains the difference between conservatives and libertarians.


Can any creative work remain independent of sponsors? Well…I have a nice ad-free Blogspot blog that I’ve maintained for years, and there’s been no online response to its “Last Post?” I’ve worked with the assumption that at least equal numbers of the Blogspot’s regular readers like it and hate it. (Blogspot reports these things; I know for sure, and have known since the first few months of the Blogspot, that some regular readers do hate it.) Maybe all of them hate it. I received complaints that people weren’t able to comment on the Blogspot using the regular Blogger comments system. I installed Disqus for those people. Still no intelligent comments. So, nobody’s getting paid to interact on Blogspot/Blogger/Google+, so evidently nobody wants to interact there, so hosting the nice ad-free (and computer-memory-friendly) Blogspot is a waste of time. Too bad; it’s been fun and all that. I logged into Blogjob hoping to see lovely content-supportive Prosper Ads, and what I saw was an obnoxious pop-up “personalized ad” from Amazon. Icky. But I do see evidence that people are reading the Blogjob posts.

Does everyone need to write a novel for National Novel Writing Month? Maybe. (I’ve written about a dozen full-length novels.) But do those novels need to be published? Maybe not. (None of mine’s even been submitted to a publisher, unless we count a prank parody novel I sent to a publisher on a dare bet when I was fifteen.)

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  1. Thanks for the links. I´ll check these this weekend. They sound interesting to read. I have written a short story but it´s not even finished. Enjoy your weekend!

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