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Much work can be done on holidays, when traffic is lower, Gentle Readers. Categories: Art, Books, Cartoon, Communication, Human Rights, Phenology Link, Politics, Sports, Woman-Hating.


This blog is in Japanese; Google Chrome does a mostly intelligible translation. I’m not sure why Ryusuke Fukahori decided to discontinue the blog. It certainly features interesting photos of an interesting painting technique.


Alice Walker comments on Slipstream, a daughter’s biography of left-wing Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley. To which I’ll add; Stalin’s daughter’s memoir was detached and somewhat critical; Castro’s daughter’s memoir (Alina) is an in-your-face, or in-Papa’s-face, anti-socialist manifesto. It’s nice if one socialist leader has succeeded in bringing up a child who, as an adult, still supports her father’s positions. I’d be interested in reading Slipstream, now.

The author describes Basket Case as “a crafting mystery”? Sounds as if it might be more fun than the average murder mystery…


Back to school (the adult version)…


Blogs, Gentle Readers, are like potted aloe veras. Comments are like water in the pots. Aloe veras are cacti and survive with very little water, but if you do water them from time to time, they’ll grow and multiply.

Human Rights 

Neil Gaiman on the Syrian refugee crisis, even though, if Syria can keep ISIS within the terms of the contract it’s reportedly offering its Christian minority, the crisis point is already behind us…

Phenology Link 

Smartweed is the native plant the ladies’ thumbs in my not-a-lawn might be said to “displace.” Well…in some ways ladies’ thumb is a nicer plant. Note how much bigger smartweed leaves are, and what a different shape? Ladies’ thumbs have very simple little blade-shaped leaves, usually with a reddish or purplish spot at the center. Handling ladies’ thumbs does not irritate even the sensitive skin of undiagnosed celiacs, as I well know. Smartweed has much bigger, ruffly-edged leaves, and much showier blossoms, and handling it does irritate some people’s skin. (That’s what’s “smart” about it…before the adjective meaning intelligent or sarcastic, English had “smart” as a verb meaning to sting, itch, or burn.) Both are weeds in a garden…but the one that belongs here can be more of a nuisance. Lovely photos of smartweed and butterflies it attracts, and discussion of its redeeming qualities:


Just a thought…I suspect this administration is launching another missile at the Right to Work, but do any writers (artists, etc.) out there think it would be cool to try steering this “conversation” in the direction of paying independent individuals for the work we’ve actually done? Without enmeshing us in unions and hourly wages and similar anti-creative garbage. Just pay us already.

Evidently top officials in this administration have yet to read

This post approaches Foreign Policy, of which this web site has none. However, I’d like to believe it. I’d like to believe that President Obama has done something good for this country.


Will the U.S. Open become another sister act?

A sympathetic look at the competition:


Michael Smerconish, of whom I never heard before today, spouts a senseless word-salad of hate. Time for his show to go off the air–even if nobody you or I know ever watches CNN on Saturdays. But, these days, it seems calling the guard to watch him clean out his desk isn’t vindictive enough, even if it’s done on TV. Giving unsatisfactory employees the boot is twentieth century. Smerconish needs to go to jail!

Here’s a student reacting to the hate she’s feeling in the air. Nothing is really wrong with this girl’s pretty little life. People look at her as if she were young and cute, which she is, but she’s too young to be completely comfortable with the attention even though she likes it. Male classmates are her friends, but she’s not completely one of the boys. One young, awkward boy pays her a clumsy adolescent compliment, to which she reacts with clumsy adolescent confusion. In short, she’s your basic nineteen-year-old, half-educated and self-absorbed, and weren’t we all. Only she’s also realizing that the adults around her are falling down on their job of teaching the boys she knows that woman-hating is not tolerated in a civilized society. Right. Let’s boost the signal. Listen up, guys. If you expose half-grown chicks like this one to a woman-hating atmosphere, you will be listening to a lot more of this. And so will your children. If you get through the hostility long enough to have any.


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