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Artsy chair caning in Asheville.


Regular readers may remember my fantasy of a Mothers and Daughters Clothing Store. Here are some mothers and daughters who are doing it:


Should Costco ban GMO salmon?

Or should we just ban all GMOs across the board, because the pesticides we’re modifying living things to resist are more toxic to humans in the long run than those short-run trials show?

Should Tyson ban this farm, or McDonald’s ban Tyson, from selling these wretched birds as food? I’m underwhelmed by the Soros-funded smack of “the best way to help animals is to go vegan.” I’ve never met an animal that wanted to go extinct, and chickens are a prey species; nature intended for most roosters to be eaten by other animals. But if you want to know what I’m talking about, watch the “undercover video” anyway. These chickens are unfit for consumption. The guy is clubbing the culls that are about to die all by themselves. He thinks he’s being kind because, if he leaves them in that muck, they’ll be slowly eaten alive rather than killed first. It’s keeping chickens alive in that shed that’s inhumane…and the idea of those chickens winding up in your Chicken McNuggets makes you want to…well, in my case, support more local farms where you can see that your chicken was alive before it was dead.

Last week’s thoughts about where so many cattle pick up so many “super-resistant” bacteria, again, apply here. President Eisenhower, whom Grandma Bonnie Peters remembers as “her President,” was wrong about this. Bill Gates, whose genius made web sites possible, is wrong about this. Farms need to stay small or get out. (See previous post.)


Those who can eat yeast-leavened bread will have to find out whether this is as delightful to eat as it is to look at. (Thanks to Elizabeth Barrette for the link.)

Fishy stuff:

Delicious food in delightful place:


+Coral Levang on keeping it real (“it” being, mostly, life with disease or disability conditions):

Human Rights 

Syrian refugees. Again. I can stop nagging about’em when they have safe hiding places. (I’ve been asked whether the Blogspot site is concerned about all Syrian refugees, or only Christian ones. Speaking merely for myself, emphasizing that other members of that site have not publicly made any offers yet, I’ll say: The Christian ones are my “brothers and sisters” in faith; therefore the Jewish and Muslim ones are presumably “cousins.” Cousins are loved, too, but brothers and sisters come first.)


Doubts about Merchants of Doubt, well expressed. (If anybody wants to watch it with me, I’ll bring popcorn.)

Rest in peace, Wes Craven.


One quoted verse makes me wish I could listen to the audio-video clip.


First some general political thoughts…I’d like to call attention to a Live Journal discussion that starts (currently) here:

Scroll down, please, to the first real answer, from Denisov; he’s made a good point. The Christian capitalist answer is that using contracts for the purpose of nasty, petty, spiteful bickering is against our religion. There’s an oldfashioned capitalist answer, invoking the idea that using contracts for the purpose of petty, nasty, spiteful bickering is so trashy, vulgar, demeaning, etc., that Our Kind of People wouldn’t stoop to consider it; youall may use this argument if it’s valid for any group of people to which you belong; for my extended family, unfortunately, it’s not. So, for people who can’t appeal either to religion or to, shall we say, old-line Southern tradition: how do you answer this argument? How do you keep property ownership from dragging you down into spiteful, petty, nasty bickering?

One step is to rule out idiotic laws against victimless crimes. When the Seinfelds’ nasty neighbor called the police their reaction should have been laughter and “Y’want us to do something about…a lemonade stand?” and “Since you’ve given us a good laugh we won’t arrest you for tying up the police phone line…this time.”

Now, some serious charges have been brought against some readers’ U.S. Representatives. (This web site offers sympathy to readers in Woodbridge and Fairfax.) Patricia Evans broke the bad news: her e-mail, containing links and first paragraphs from two articles published elsewhere, appears here:

As in the years when I was posting this kind of U.S.-specific thing on Blogspot, this web site recommends reading the other reporters’ stories where they were published to show respect. If the links don’t work for you, let me know.


Scott Adams on the writing process:


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