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To notify the author of today’s book review I had to find him on Twitter, which makes this another Twitterday. Already! Categories: Animals, Books, Flowers, Food (unappetizing), Health Care, Human Rights, Obituaries, Pictures, Politics (generally), Politics of Race, Product Reviews, Science, Television, Thank a Soldier.


What do you think, Gentle Readers? If my cats had a fancy bed like this, would they start blogging too? (Regular readers may remember that Mackerel and Bisquit each tried typing on my home computer. I didn’t save their compositions…couldn’t make head or tail of either, but I’ve often suspected that Mac’s message might have been “More baked salmon please” and Bisquit’s, which was long and enthusiastic, might have been a celebrity gossip post. Bisquit had much in common with Ann Coulter, only Bisquit was usually more polite.)

These British herons are considered a different species from our Great Blue Herons and the tropical Cocoi Herons. The differences are small (unlike the birds, har har).


I’d like to read this one:


Pretty flower:


Gross and annoying…The annoying part is, I live in a farm community. Lots of land is more suitable for raising cattle than for raising other food crops. Lots of people raise cattle. Healthy, sustainable, well treated cattle; cows who browse in fields and chew their cud in the shade and live five or six times as long as big-dairy-farm cows. Males become hamburgers, females produce milk. And then they take those cows to the livestock market in Kingsport and sell them, and then the cattle are shipped to commercial “feed lots” where they’re packed together in pens full of filth, and then they have to be pumped full of antibiotics so they can survive aggressive hormone bloating treatments before they’re slaughtered. More pounds of tender meat. Full of MRSA and worse. Back in the hills of Virginia and Tennessee those cows did not have MRSA. They’d be grass-raised, organic beef, and they might be cheaper, if they weren’t trucked off up North and tortured before they died.

Health Care 

The shape of things to come?

Human Rights 

Glenn Beck has raised money (and awareness) to provide asylum to Syrian Christians threatened with un-Islamic murder and torture by ISIS. (This web site received the story when there were only a few of these refugees. Seems their numbers are increasing.) In the inevitable Blaze flamewar below the main story, someone asked, “Are you going to let these people come and live with you?” Fair enough. The Cat Sanctuary could house a family of seven, maybe eight, drug-free cat-friendly Christians. I couldn’t promise them food but I’m sure Mercury One could pay for food.


Justin Wilson, racer:

Merl Reagle, cruciverbalist:


Where’s Mordor? (This Washington Post page is full of pictures and may overburden your browser.)

Politics (Generally) 

Robert Hurt tweeted this press cutting displayed against a gorgeous background…rushing the season.

Rand Paul’s article…works better for me at the link below than it does on the Breitbart link at the end. (The footer says “click here to read more,” but they mean more content from Breitbart. Including a Republican presidential poll that needs a few more votes against Bogus-As-His-Hair. And lots of other graphics and junk that may foul up your browser.)

A Twitter link opened a poll about which un-comic celebrities seem closer to having a sense of humor. Someone asked, “If the 2016 election is decided by sense of humor alone, which of the Republican nominees has a chance?” Well, obviously…Ben Carson.

Though of course it shouldn’t be decided by sense of humor alone. Here’s a thought. It’s August. Most of our people in Washington have adhered to the ancient tradition of “Spend July and August anywhere except Washington.” Some have taken luxury vacations. Some have used the time to mingle with their constituents. Some would-be presidential candidates have started schmoozing in Iowa. Which candidate has gone to a place that’s hotter, more humid, and more disease-infested than Washington? Haiti, of all places. Well, that’s a loaded question, because Haiti needs doctors but has no great need for hot air. Rand Paul is a doctor and has spent August vacation time in Haiti. Nice.

All Vice-Presidents of the United States are always bashable unless, and until, they become presidential nominees. This is axiomatic. Joe Biden, unlike most Members of Congress, became known outside his own state early in his career; if you don’t free-associate from “Biden” to Bidens, the burr-weed genus, you probably free-associate to “plagiarism.” So he’s especially bashable. But here, our V.P. gets bashed from the Left for being “conservative.” (Note, however, that his kind of “conservative” was not the kind this web site likes.)


This web site has received correspondence from #BlackLivesMatter . (Of course they do.) This web site has received more correspondence from people, some of whom are Black, complaining that the Soros-funded protest movement is doing more harm than good. This web site has stayed out of it. However, on this as on the quibble about how offensive the word “anchor babies” is, I think Ben Carson is right. (Apologies for the Usatoday link–nasty web site, some computers won’t open it at all–but that’s where the full text is.)

Product Reviews 

How much drama might have been spared, when I was in college, if this “Bed Tent” had been invented.


Primary school chemistry experiment:


Interesting to read of a cartoon show with a running theme drawn from “Maryland culture.”

Thanks to Avram Grumer:

Thank a Soldier 

Many correspondents have already seen this video:

Here’s a more controversial page:

About the Graphic 

Great blue heron image thanks to Huggie at Morguefile:


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