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Do outdoor cats need collars? In the past, I was able to convince some residents of the Cat Sanctuary that they did. (Mere visitors don’t get collars.) The first generation of the current resident cat family figured out how to destroy a breakaway collar in minutes. I tried again, showed them a friendship ring I was wearing, and persuaded two of them to wear friendship collars…for a few weeks. Nobody’s cared to buy collars for other members of the family. But some people have persuaded cats to wear breakaway collars with identifying information on a decorative buckle, and that just might save a cat’s life some day.


Reading list for science fiction fans:

For those who prefer classics:


Natalie Ford uses a simple, unusual stitch and multicolored yarn to knit interesting socks:

And applies more apparently original thought to a washcloth…you could use this concept to knit a bedspread depicting your whole neighborhood.


Syrian Christians are being persecuted by ISIS, which purports to be Islamic and is actually more like one of those deeply sick Pagan cults Islam, Judaism, and Christianity had reasons to attack. Here we have a Mormon and a Jew reaching out to help. We can’t classify this story as “Christian” any more; it’s going interfaith. I want to see Buddhists and Humanists and legitimate, nonviolent Pagans in this story as well. And shame on any millionnaire who’s not added his or her name to the list by Monday afternoon.

Here’s the book about…why I like calling those thugs ISIS (rather than IS or ISIL). Isis is the usual English spelling of the name of the chief deity in one of those sick Pagan cults Islam rightly denounced, back in the Days of Ignorance, jahiliya. Muslims who attack Christians are ignorant and un-Islamic. Also, although ISIS hate women (don’t all violent sociopaths?) and gender-confusion, Isis was usually portrayed as a woman, though sometimes bisexual, bi-gender, or gender-neutral. Apologies may be due to some Wiccans who invoke Isis, but my point is, ISIS are not serving One God in the way preached by Muhammad. They’re not serving Isis in the way described by Lucius Apuleius either. They are serving Isis in the way Muhammad understood the Isis cult of his day, and all foreign cults other than the Arabian polytheistic “error,” Judaism, Christianity, and Islam–as a delusion inspired by the Evil Principle. End of rant about terminology. Read the book.


Delightful Green discussion here, though it may be members-only. (What’s delightful about it? Young, hip people going car-free!)


Video clips? I won’t be following this series. However, I appreciate the concept, and some people might want to follow:

“Anchor babies”? Can babies reasonably be considered “anchors” for would-be immigrants? It may have worked for some, but once the concept is challenged…

Woman-hating is on the rise:

The National Republican Campaign Committee is circulating a mudslinging poll that asks whether you think Hillary Rodham Clinton “knowingly lied” about her e-mail…This web site has no opinion there, just as this web site has no foreign policy. I find much to like and admire about the former Secretary of State–apart from little things like her politics and her cluelessness about the non-wealthy. I’ll say this. She’s reported fevers and concussions affecting her competence on her jobs; she’s subjected herself to incredible levels of stress; she’s reached an age where the brain becomes less resilient. She has earned the Democratic Party nomination, will probably get it if she wants it, and may even be elected President (that’s what Bogus-As-His-Hair’s campaign’s all about). And it would be inhumane to let that happen. Our first woman President should be fit and healthy. Mrs. Clinton is already getting “old.” President Reagan got away with being “old” in his second term; I don’t think even he could have got away with it in his first term. I wish Mrs. Clinton a pleasant retirement. Starting now.

Pretty Things 

+Jasmine Ann Marie shares a virtual walk through a garden…


I don’t enjoy revising drafts with the stupid and/or hostile reader in mind, either. (Not to mention automatic translation software…I know some things I normally say, and write, are going to be automatically translated in ways that don’t make sense. Since the normal grammar of some languages into which this web site is likely to be translated doesn’t make sense to me at best, I have no way of knowing which things those are.) But he’s right. Of course the next question is where bloggers, e-mailers, and online commenters are going to squeeze in the time to edit…even for the people who don’t understand inside jokes.

Elizabeth Barrette shared this list of ways to describe the ways people actually look. A lot of them seem suitable only to romance novels, but at least they help remind us to notice the range of differences in skin tones and other features.

Now the Graphic… 

From Kakisky at Morguefile:


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