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Three Blaze animal stories, with video clips… Mark Carwardine spots a blue whale.


Spiders that glide:


Giant jellyfish:



Elizabeth Barrette seems to have struck a nerve with a lot of people. What’s leaping to my mind today, as notification of each reply to this post came in via e-mail, is the need for public phones. (Y’know, things go wrong with cell phones? So people need public phones…if only to report what’s gone wrong with their cell phones.) People could demand that public phones be required by law, or funded by taxes. Or businesses could just recognize that a public phone is an amenity that makes your business more attractive. I used to like to stop’n’shop at a charity store that had a public phone up front, so people could call friends about the fantastic bargains they’d found…and people did.


My take on Jon Street’s story is that it’s a poor communication choice. As a T-shirt slogan anything like “shoot [people]” is just plain wrong. So, what would be a better snappy slogan encouraging citizens to promote law and order by videotaping things that might become problematic? “Snap Cops”? “Show Cops”? Or, why limit the idea to cops when criminals need to be intimidated even more? “Prevent Rape with Videotape”? I’m sure youall can think of better ones.



Huckleberry soda? I’ve never seen it. (Fans may send bottles…jk.)


For celiacs, people with major lifelong genetic gluten intolerance, food–specifically, not eating any food that contains wheat–is our only “medicine.” Grandma Bonnie Peters, a fellow celiac, wanted to post a link to this web site. I’m 99% sure that 99% of readers who have celiac disease are already familiar with it, but I may be wrong:



Kelly is making “Krazy Couponing” pay off…


Good News 

Sometimes things that come in the feed and/or e-mail restore our faith in humankind.



Arthur Chappell reviews a movie I might like to watch some day:


Phenology Link 

It’s official: although my part of the world withstood an unusually cold winter, a long pleasant spring, a mild June and an only average-hot July, Iraq had a heat wave that literally burst the top mark on standard thermometers. That’s happened before, rarely–I think about fifty years ago some place in Africa logged 140 degrees Fahrenheit one afternoon–but it’s not lasted quite as long. So last July was, by some measurements, the hottest July ever recorded.



First something that actually sounds like fun…at least for those who like Florida: Freedomworks is sponsoring another convention where users of that site can mingle. Orlando. September.


I knew somebody out there would remember, and Rick Santorum popped up first in the blog feed…Yesterday, this web site commented on the racism expressed by the founders of Planned Parenthood. Allegedly Ben Carson called the organization racist. I said I think it’s currently more elitist than racist, based on things poor White young women are saying too, but if anybody wanted to pay me to do the research I’d find documentation that P.P. used to be profoundly racist. Well, I’m sure Senator Santorum has those documents, probably in one file for quick reference…



Other Presidents of the United States have published carefully edited and anonymized collections of the silly letters people–mostly children–write to the President. I think it was President Eisenhower who was asked to revise the multiplication table so a primary school boy would get a better test score. Clueless people ask the President to do all kinds of things that have nothing to do with any part of the federal government, least of all the executive branch. Usually people just chortle sympathetically at these requests. Sometimes the writers of misguided letters seem to have real complaints, and are redirected to someone who might be able to help them. Sometimes these people seem just lonely, perhaps a bit dotty, and get nice form letters stamped with a facsimile of the President’s signature. President Lincoln, famously, actually took a suggestion from one of his silly letters–a little girl told him she thought he’d look good with a beard, and he started wearing one.

Now President Obama is posting these letters on Tumblr…There’s something about Tumblr I just don’t seem to be getting. There’s something about these letters I don’t seem to be getting, either. This correspondent had cancer. That was sad. She wrote to the President about it. Also sad. She wrote to complain that insurance companies don’t find it profitable to pay for the care of patients with cancer. I mean, as if she expected the President to change this. And he’s telling us that he did? And he admits it? As if he’s not at all concerned about all the people who are being ripped off to enable insurance companies to continue pocketing money, in the style to which they’re accustomed, and also pay for cancer treatments? He doesn’t like healthy working people…or he’s lost faith that there are any of us left in these United States? Very, very weird.


(I wanted to throw this in somewhere, too, though. This week I’ve been working for one of those “how did they get so rich?” collections…Lots of U.S. citizens hate things President Obama and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi have done, but those are the same things others love that they’ve done. Apart from political disagreement, there seems to be no scandal about either of them. That I like.)

Just for Google +…

Now for the picture…these are probably domestic blueberries rather than wild huckleberries, but although the (soft, unnoticed) seeds in these species are different, you can’t really tell by looking. Image from Earl53 at Morguefile: www.morguefile.com/archive/display/822031


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