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If you can afford to buy a few books (and get a few in return), you might want to meet an e-friend here:


I disagree with Dan Lewis that the Internet has made real job ads in real newspapers obsolete…or should be allowed to try. Advertising jobs on the Internet only is elitist/ableist discrimination. (That’s a serious human rights issue, and should take precedence over all the nonsense about who’s snubbing whose silly mock weddings.)

However, my mother recently wanted to apply for a job at Wal-Mart. She hadn’t been interested in Wal-Mart before, but became interested when a Wal-Mart started being built in the shopping plaza three blocks from her home. So she recruited me to help her fill out an online application.

It was sooo ludicrous. Well, Wal-Mart has traditionally offered light, part-time jobs to retirees, so I suppose they’re used to seeing applications from seniors who are outrageously overqualified for any job they’re considering. The thing about Wal-Mart’s online application system is that it “translates” jobs seniors have actually done into jobs people might do at Wal-Mart. In-home health care is a service job, so it “translated” as working at the customer service desk. Owning small successful businesses is a management job, so it “translated” as managing a store.

Oh, well…I think people would like being greeted by Mother, or even shown where to find groceries in a store by Mother, anyway.

But this recent experience made DL’s fun fact for today seem especially funny:

Is this one more about politics? No, actually I think it’s about communication too:


One more blogger likes this:

…because so much published health, fitness, and diet advice that is aimed at students and young working parents seems to presuppose that everyone in those categories is so, well, middle-class. Anybody can eat well on US$50 a week. If you want to get paid for writing about how to eat better on less, tell us how to eat well on US$10. (My secret? Inherit an orchard.)

Phenology Links

Dave’s Garden, a gardening web site, offers this visual tour of the Reiman Gardens in Ames, Iowa.

And here’s an article about what goes on at the Cat Sanctuary in between berry season and apple, pawpaw, and nut season–in other words, what’s likely to be going on if I miss a day online…


Tim Tebow returns to the game:

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