Link Log for August 16

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First the good news for eagles:

Now, at this petition (which is still seeking support for a cause that may require funding; if you sign you’ll be asked, once, politely, to send money before the Twitter and similar buttons come up)…qualified good news for wild horses:

Black Cat Appreciation Day has been declared–tomorrow. Very nice. This information was shared in the name of what I’d call a calico cat, although the blogger known as Melissa says “tortie.” I see two white spots! Our Queen Heather has that type of coloring, though her face is different; she looks brown from a distance, her coat’s actually a mix of black and orange, and she has cream-colored patches on her underside and the tip of her tail.

Congratulations to the Welches and their very friendly store cats, too…

Thanks to Elizabeth Barrette for this link to a strange animal:

And here’s a strange bird (video worth watching if your computer will play it, and this one did):


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton reviews another book for my Wish List:


Gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and optionally salt-free:

Human Rights Update 

Has everybody out there signed Steve Mack’s petition? Has anybody tried writing to anyone in an influential position at Wells Fargo? Yes, from the way that bank behaved toward me as a cancer widow, I believe this is exactly the way Wells Fargo would behave toward an actual patient dying of cancer.


Think this web site is conservative? About fiscal policy this web site is conservative, but here, for the sake of contrast, is the official list of Real Conservative web sites.

From a Real Conservative to our various Republican correspondents:

My own latest political rant:

Morgan Griffith’s:


Trigger alerts? Hah. If you’re a White American this analysis is embarrassing, disgusting, stomach-turning…because it may well be true. So let’s share the livin’ daylights out of it. Just to make sure it does not become true again. Sometimes I do understand why, in primary school, my brother and a few mixed-breed friends called themselves a “Hate Your (White) Self Club.” Well, no, this web site does not encourage hate, not even self-hate. But we need to pay attention to the different ways people talk, and be less intimidated by the ways other people’s habitual speech patterns may differ from ours.


Tim Tebow celebrates his twenty-eighth birthday with a fundraiser video for his charity:


I had to scroll down through a whole fashion shoot of photos to find this post. The Sickly Snail would never have been able to open it. If your computer can handle lots of images, however, here’s a nice collection of tips for commuting to work and school.

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