Good evening. It’s 7 p.m., end of a long busy day’s hack writing, and I’m just testing this site. If it works, I’ll be moving the book reviews and other fun stuff from over here. (If it works, I’ll be getting paid for all these words I’ve been writing for all these years, and youall know I could use the money.) If it works, readers will not only be able to log in and post comments, but be able to earn money for doing so. If it works, this site will be absolutely fandangous. If it works.

If it works, I’ll think of a better introduction post later.

For now, I’m still trying to figure out how (and whether) this site works. I have a minor injury that makes walking home from this job site (ten miles) unnecessarily complicated; I have an eighty-year-old partner in Webstuff who’s willing to drive me home, who really doesn’t need to be driving either in the late afternoon sun that hits right in her face or after dark, which makes timing tricky; I have a weird Web connection that may or may not drop dead tomorrow afternoon. And I didn’t expect +Sandy KS (is there a way to tag e-friends on this web site?) to report that anything like this site existed…much less to be here and need to think of something Professional Writerly to say here, at the end of the day.

Actually, I was expecting to be able to open +Nancy Hardin’s latest post from Jaquo, and that totally didn’t work today. Again. (For a few months Jaquo didn’t work on any computer to which I had access. Last week, for reasons unclear to me, it suddenly did. Now, again, it doesn’t.)

Anyway: Persona Peeps, LJ Friends, Googlers from the Circle of Following, Twitterers, Tsu’ers, Bubblers, Blazers, Freedom Connectors, and anybody whose blog appears in my blogfeed or Link Logs–you’re all welcome. Pull up chairs, pass cups for coffee or iced tea or soda pop or mountain spring water, take out your fancy work of choice, and get acquainted with one another.

There are a few Site Rules:

1. Since some people who are welcome here will be voting for Clinton and I don’t yet know how many people who can find their way over here live outside the United States, let’s save the long, detailed political rants for whichever political and news sites we’ve been posting those to.

2. Anything classified as “adult content” (meaning content that appeals to teenagers–sex, violence, rude words, any mention of specific body parts) should be saved for LJ, where it can be tagged as adult and thus officially kept where it won’t upset children.

3. Content that appeals to actual adults–about work, money, family, responsibility, faith, health, cleaning, and other things that are only ever interesting to adults–is fine, so far as I can tell.

4. Except for the topics of firearms and fireworks. Some potential sponsors are apparently pyrophobic.

5. If you’re easily offended by people’s opinions on issues, here’s the guide: Anything that advocates violence toward anybody is forbidden at this site. (At worst, when talking about convicted felons, we can recommend life imprisonment at hard labor, saying nothing about water.) The sort of silly playground-type taunts about which I just vented at the Blogspot, earlier today, are unwelcome at this site. Harsh judgments of groups of people defined by circumstances beyond their control (e.g. “those Kentucky drivers”) are unwelcome at this site. Harsh judgments of opinions, policies, and behavior (e.g. “that stupid argument” or “their tacky manners”) are acceptable at this site; whining is not acceptable. Logical arguments and counter-arguments are fine. In short, freedom of speech rules, but let’s keep it parliamentary–a lot of the comments that are typical at The Blaze, the Huffington Post, etc., would not be tolerated here.

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