New Year Resolutions: Weight Gain

Its the 3rd month since 1st of January 2015. As the tradition goes we all make challenging and interesting resolutions for New Year. There are very few in the world who are able to complete their New Year Resolutions. I had a similar list of things to do and things to achieve in the year 2015. One of them was to gain weight, and start eating healthier food. Do you want to know about my Progress? Then keep Reading.

Since August 2013, I’ve been losing weight, and I began starving without realizing I was doing it. I started losing more and more weight by 2014, and almost everyday would complain about some illness or the other. For example, dust allergies, back pain, muscle pain – which was a result of Vitamin D deficiency; frequently catching cold, and getting fevers at night. Oh and also headaches, and migraine.

I also got into the habit of not drinking enough water. And all this was deteriorating my health.

This year I made a resolution to gain weight, at fit in my old clothes (the ones I bought when I was healthy). I haven’t had a chance of actually check my weight, however, a lot of people I meet have started to compliment me on how good and bright I look. I now fit in my clothes, and do not have a back pain, or acne or any healthy problems, and skin & hair problems. Not anymore!

Here’s what I did. I began eating short meals, (home-cooked & not junk) every couple of hours. I would keep nuts near my work table and in between would munch on some of these nuts to keep myself from starving. I keep 3 bottles full for each day. 3 Bottles minimum! Also near the work table. Whenever you have eatables and drinks in sight, you have a tendency to munch and sip on them. So here’s my trick! Try to keep healthy food options and lots of drinking water where you can see it, especially while working when you can’t get up and go to the kitchen.

Try it and tell me how it is working for you!

So far this is my first New Year Resolution Success in many years and I am proud of it!

09. March 2015 by Pragati
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