List of Food items to include in your Daily Diet

As a child, I have had a chance to learn about a lot of products that are used for using or gaining weight. And different shortcuts, methods and pills used by people. Mainly because, my mom and paternal aunt have worked in various companies like Herbalife etc. I have no criticism for these companies. I just don’t think its necessary to invest in such expensive products.

Today’s point is: Do not Eat less, just eat Better !

1# Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits, especially the ones which have a lot of juice & water in them are best eaten in the morning, with a glass of milk or green tea or juice of your choice. Oranges, watermelons, berries, strawberry, watermelon, melon, Pomegranate, apples, chikkoos, etc. are examples of fruit you can have in the form of juices & milkshakes. You can also cut and mix these fruits in a bowl and sprinkle some chaat masala on top and eat a fruit salad in the morning.

2# Milk & Dairy

For ladies, it is necessary to drink at least 1 glass of milk in a day because it has calcium. You can also have other milk products like cheese, yogurt (with fruits). Chhaas, a drink made from sour yogurt is also a good choice of drink after your lunch.

3# Dryfruits, nuts

Almonds, cashewnuts, walnuts, peanuts, etc. there are a variety of nuts. Eat just a handful everyday. They make your skin shine, and you look younger if you have dryfruits on a regular basis.

4# Roots

Carrot, Raddish, beetroot are essential in your diet because it has fibres which are good for your digestion. One simple idea is to, grate them or finely chop them, steam them a little and mix them with salad and add a little bit salad dressing. Drinking carrot juice regularly, and including carrot in your everyday diet helps improve eyesight.

5# Honey

If you have sleep related problems. Or Anxiety, take a spoonful or 2 spoonfuls of honey after dinner. It makes you sleep as if you were working out all day 😀 Try it ! (just make sure, you didnt take any stimulants or caffiene at evening, otherwise it wont work)

09. March 2015 by Pragati
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