10 things to find inspiration to write a blog

#1Read more books

Reading books and or reading in general adds to your knowledge and thus you have more things to talk about and share.

2# Watch inspiring movies

Movies have a way of making you feel something on a deeper level. For eg: everytime I watch “A pursuit of Happyness” trust me I watch it over and over again. I feel inspired to work harder and try and achieve my Goals. By Goals I mean bigger goals in life, not merely redeeming my blogjob points 😛

3# Don’t waste time

There’s no nice way of putting this. Waiting for your best idea to come; Procrastinating; fussing too much about little things like spelling mistes, fussing over petty things like “I am not good enough” “I wanna be a blogger, but I dont know what to write about” are all different examples of wasting time. So STop doing that. Take a pen and paper, or use MS word or Notepad, go on writing about your most passionate thoughts. The things you take seriously and think about them seriously. You must share these thoughts that way your ability keeps on growing.

4# Excercise

I have personally come to a realisation that if I dont excercise, I feel weak and thus feel distracted. I also eat less when I don’t do any excercise and as a result I find it hard to put on weight. So Eat Healthy food, and excercise. Even taking a quiet walk at the supermarket is considered. This way your head stays clear, you get a short break from routine and you are able to think and conceive great blog post ideas.

5# Meditate

There are a lot of misconceptions about meditation. Lets not over complicate it. Here’s a simple way of meditating you can practice when you wake (or when you are about to step out of bed) its a BONUS if you life in a natural environment. For city folks I would advise to use some soothing music.

As you are awake in the morning, keep your eyes closed. Slowly starting from your feet travel towards your head. Paying attention to every part of your body and relaxing each one by one. Once you read your face and relax your face muscles. Now take your attention to the things you feel, like your back touching the bed, wind blowing, sunshine falling on your face etc. Then pay attention to all the sounds in the environment. Try to make out the source of each sound. This might be a bird, that might be the trees etc. Once you are done with this rountine, get up and continue with your regular routine. This helps relax a lot and reduces a lot of stress.

6# Maintain a scribble book

A lot of fabulous ideas come to us, when we are least prepared for it. So its a sensible idea to have a scribble book in your pocket all the time so when you come up with a great blog  post idea you can simple write it in bullet poinst and later expand while actually posting the blog post.

7# Learn from the Masters

There are so many blogging experts out there. Probably they are the once who inspired you to become a writer a blogger. Observe them, what do you like about them, their work, their blog design, their content etc. They also always give out free tips and advice. Applu whatever you find suitable for you and learn from these Experts.

8# Expect to write

Deciding that you gotta write today makes a big difference. When you tell yourself that writing is a mandatory task you must do no matter what the post or idea is acts as a motivator. I expect to write at least one post a day. And most of the times I end up writing 3-4 throughout the day. So expect to write and act on it.

9# Set a Goal (achievable)

Setting a goal for doing any task is essential. Same goes for blog writing. I felt it is important to include the word Achievable in the brackets. Because when I joined blog job after achiveing my first reward “Social engagement” I set bigger goals than I could achieve. And eventually failed to complete those tasks. So it is always sensible to set goals you can achieve it makes us feel like an achiever and thus motivates you to blog more and more.

10# Move on, Keep trying

This is like 2 important points in one package. Whenever you make mistakes, do nut keep fussing about it, just accept it , correct it and move on. Do not repeat the same mistakes again. And keep trying. If ideas don’t come to you at least go to your sites, click on the new post option, sit with the blank screen. And follow 8# expect to write. If you at least expect, maybe not today, but at least tomorrow you will be able to write. KEep trying until you are good at it.

Try these tips which I created with my own experience. And see how your blogjobbing experience goes. 🙂

30. July 2014 by Pragati
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  1. I actually make some time each day to read books especially if it interests me. I have a lot of books to read because well, most of them haven’t been read since I keep ordering books.

  2. Pragati,
    This is one of the best motivational lists I have ever read! So many of these activities really resonated with me & I love that you went deeper into each one on the list, and included a bit about yourself too. A very inspiring and lovely read! I love meditation, too. It can be tough for me to find a quiet place, but even just meditating for a few short minutes makes a world of difference for me. 😉

    Oh, and reading! I can’t ever get enough of that. I love to read and learn and read some more. 😉

    You have included some great ways to get motivated. Love them!

    I am so looking forward to connecting with you & your blog. & I wanted to say thanks for stopping over at mine and commenting.

    Have a beautiful day,

    • I am replying a bit late, but I hope you understand I was away for a couple of months.
      I am glad I was helpful @kendra, and I too am looking forward to connect with you

      • No problem, Pragati. I’m glad you’re back and can’t wait to connect again. You’re one of my fav bloggers! 🙂

        Hope all has been well with you.

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