Movies that Inspire me

From time to time, I refer to Movies, Books and Other people’s stories to get inspired and feel motivated to keep working towards achieveing my dream. Today I am going to talk about the 3 Movies that Inspire me. #1 August Rush #2 The Pursuit of Happyness #3 Captain Phillips

August Rush

Its a movie about a child prodigy who somehow is taken away from his parents. The kid August has no idea that his mom and dad both are Succesful artists of different kinds. Brilliant music is used throughout the movie. And its inspiring cause in the end, he unites with his parents. August Rush mainly inspires me because of the fact that it is August who finds his parents. And he didnt have any clues nothing, he did that only through his music.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Mainly the reason I love this movie and its on my re-watch list at present, is because of the hardships the protagonist played by will smith goes through. He is broke and his wife left him, he has a son to take care of and he is unable to make a sale enough to survive. Eventually he loses his house, everything he had, still managed to keep his son happy. In the end he becomes a Stock Broker, and ends saying that This is Happyness. This is a must watch for anybody who has a big dream. Or even if you are broke, watch it, this movie will inspire you to do something about it.

Catpain Phillips

Which played recently on Sony Pix is one of the Great movies I ever watched. My favorite actor Tom Hanks is the protagonist and it is based on a true story where a commerical Maersk ship gets hijaced and the Captain gets abducted. My favorite scene is when all the Pirates get shot. I cannot describe it in words though, its a scene worht watching, worth sitting through the whole movie. Its like a video game in which your life is at stake.


28. July 2014 by Pragati
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