Elements of compelling blog post

Today you will learn about all the essential parts to be included in a blog which makes it share-worthy.

What’s the point of making Compelling blog post
Compelling blog post is the one which has some value for the reader. If you find a post entertaining, helpful, useful, if it a post solves your problem, if it leads it to an answer you were looking for; these are all examples of a compelling post. And they get shared 10 times more than a pointless post. So what are the essential elements of compelling posts?

#1 An Introduction-Conclusion
When you introduce what your todays post is about make sure you inform the readers what they will gain from reading it. I have done the same for this blog post. In “Elements of compelling blog post” you will learn about all the essential parts to be included in a blog which makes it share-worthy.

#2 You either make it helpful or Entertaining
The blog post should serve a purpose, it should convey a message or it should provide entertainment. Share a funny story, or talk about something that you know and you are really good at. If you see around the web a lot of posts are Lists (like) 10 Best Romantic Comedies of 2013 (this was example)
What purpose does a blog post like that serve? It acts like a recommendation and insight to whether the movie is worth watching or not. Still relevant information and all the more reason to share it with your friends 🙂

#3 Keep the language conversational
Use “You” for the reader and “I” for self, write like you think or talk to a friend. Keep the language conversational instead of merely writing something like a declaration or statement or facts. Involve the reader in your post by writing To the reader. Just like I did in this post. So far I’ve been talking to you.

There are many other elements that can help make a fantastic blog post. But these three elements are of utmost importance. Something you absolutely cannot ignore. So next time  you decide to write a post. Keep in mind. #1 Add introduction (in the beginning) and Conclusion (in the end) Probably the same sentence in two different forms. #2 Write with a purpose in mind. What do  you wanna do through this post? Help someone, entertain or just provide your list of favorite things? 🙂 #3 Keep the language convesational.

You Learnt 3 Elements of a Compelling posts, apply it regularly and see the results 🙂

Also please comment whether you found this post useful 🙂


Share your tips of writing a compelling content !

26. July 2014 by Pragati
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  1. I found this to be useful now I just have to put it to work 😀 Thank You

    • Apply it for sure 😀
      if you have already posted any content , you can also compare and see which ones have these 3 elements and which ones don’t. And how do they differ 🙂

  2. Very useful information…thanks

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