3 Steps to Blogger Success

It doesn’t matter whether you are an old blogger or new, whether you are a pro or just starting up. Keep these 3 steps in mind is gonna help you go a long way as a blogger. No matter How successful you become in your blogging career, stick to this plan and you will see gauranteed results. Yes, it is tried and tested all the online marketers and bloggers who are successful in their blogging career and earning in 6 figures as a result.

#1 Make Useful Content:
First things first make useful content. Useful content is most likely to get shared on Social media and other sites alike. Speaking of content, there are many different types of content you can create. Meme’s, How-to guides, Entertaining posts like Meme’s or jokes even are all good examples of useful and compelling content.

#2 Market your content on Social Media
We all have at least one social media account, it can be Facebook profile or a page, it can be your tweeter account, or it can be google+ or LinkedIn. Share your posts at least 4 times in a day in 4 different ways. You can also use link shorteners like bitly and googl link shortener. They come in handy especially if you are using a service like twitter where you have limited character space.

#3 Engage with your audience – The 70:30 rule
At the end of the day it is your audience who will help you succeed, who reads your post and who you write for. You made your blog for your audience to reap the benefits so it is only obvious that you communicate with them on a personal level without treating them like mere customers. What the rule of 70:30 means is, share your audiences content 70% and your own content 30% times. Why? you may ask. The reason is simple, if you share someones content he is more likely to feel grateful that you paid attention to his work and as a result he will take interest in your own content as well. Plus when someone from your audiences re-shares or re-tweets or your content you get 10 times more visitors. So it is always a good idea to stick to this routine of 70:30

Remember ! Blogging is a two way relationship. Give ! Give ! Give ! and reap the benefits in time. Give great content, Give time to share your own content on Social media, Give your audience a chance to be re-shared and re-tweeted and in return get 10 times the rewards.

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3 Steps to Blogger Success

#1 Make Useful Content

Like Meme’s, How to-Guides, Video, Infographics etc.

#2 Market your content on Social Media

Share your content 4 times a day in four different ways

#3 Engage with your audience – The 70:30 rule
Share your audiences content first and then only then share your content with them. Stick to the rule of 70: 30 i.e.; 70% their content, 30% your content

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26. July 2014 by Pragati
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  2. Thanks for the Tips! I most of these already, but its nice to have a refresher every now and then 🙂

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