Spending Fast

I think I should try to do a spending fast.  I know a lot of people do them for 30 days/ a month, but I need to start small. Maybe I’ll start out doing a 1 week Spending Fast. Right now I get paid every week so I can pay my main bills, put aside money into my savings account, then only spend on necessities for the week – which would be car fuel. I sometimes spend money on food, so if I absolutely -have- to spend money I’ll try to make healthier food choices.

I see my boyfriend every week, at least twice a week, so it might be hard at first not to spend money since we usually go to the movies or grab a meal. I’ll try to suggest we go to parks, or walk around the mall and window shop. We’ve done that plenty of times before so it might not be too difficult.

It’s a huge goal of mine to move out this year so I really need to save money!!

23. February 2015 by Danae
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