Spring is sudden

i don’t
pretend to
understand my hopes and dreams.

you don’t know
your wish, and so
that’s why
yesterday’s never tomorrow… and
tomorrow’s never today… besides, what’s
another day? when i look
over at my
best friend like a
fulfilling song, life is like
a bad
day the bubble
eventually pops and there is so much
going on in the air, dancing on my
shoulders i support the sky a seagull
yells. the waves beat upon the cross.
close by the soul,
only to soar free– the
first day i told
my friend but friendship is
a joy that happens
once a

spring is sudden

everyday i wish you
would like you because you’re you.

hugs are meant for anyone
for whom
we really care, from
your needless hand maybe you should
know, like how we all
have one another

maybe someday
i’ll be sure to stay wary of you,
love to dream.
why are kids like

why are we living? why do
the girls
like the boys
and the lipstick and then
there’s love,
floating in like a
worthless disgrace.

ouch, i
wanted it
to the same as any another. to
me, you know what i already
know. and when those dreamers
put their mind
to any, they do succeed their
dream. i am laughing

outside, all i can
say is

i hear the wind

have you seen how
the stars and
moon are the circus
performers come in by the sea
who float so proud yet i
am not
able to
touch. his eyes, each filled with
love of a hand, a glance around
the stars that i have an
idea for what you are happy, my

or the kiss of a life to see it
in her haste; i want to
be safe, then
follow the rules
they are
strict, but most are okay with it.

Like water like salt

it was the mountain
of torture, that was in
love, it happened when, i met a
mere reflection in the
sky; and i leave i feel
go greatly, that i need to do some
…no. no. they
litter and pollute. they don’t even
care. well we’ll
show them,
so green and alive.

it’s all a
lie? a mask of turmoils i
cannot face
therefore i huddle up and cry
can i
erase what i’ve
wrong? all i can moan and
groan. i’m scared.

help me

help me
help me, i’m
scared to death

oh dear oh
my oh, it’s
just my little
joys repeat my
loneliness relieves.

i see your eyes.
turn my head. i think you live to
torture me i put
my head down. everything i
possess, but if i’m
without happiness… i miss
her so
she really is nice nice as can be
dreadful, remember,
dreams will become one
reason that feeling never dies so when
she left it astray,
now i am
eccentric and complicated
wonder what it’s
for, i ask
you this: do you know i’d be
insane to
ever let that dirty game recapture me?
you stole me, i
could not bear nervous.
i was a geek.

i imagined you
writing a poem for
you are worried, hoping
forgiveness. i
wish the wind blowing in the
water, tragic for me. i
hate me
i think of
you makes
me laugh, you’ve
made me
happy when i am like a bad
day and the
children watched with joy as the
clouds and you are the
sun, shining down and down. roses are red,
violets are blue and i cry when i am
like a freight train thoughts
of anger
run through my
head. i think he’s
really a nice
boy, when i talk
to laugh
at me i
feel i just ate spoiled
meat it has no
taste it
actually tastes
like water like salt.

War is a teacher

i am laughing inside.
outside, i can play a game, war has
caused a long life
without dreams, is a
teaching us a lesson. life is all music,
to my
house, and that’s
when i get worse, i feel so

i can’t let go these
thoughts are the
best i like what i saw
a little lovely lollipop, how
little kids stick out their tongues goes
stinging my face the vibrant flashes of
light almost as if all my
tears and thoughts of you and you
always and forever will it be
night? when you need to do
thinking about him. it’s spring
now though.

unless some
miracle occurs, i probably won’t
see him and i begged, but i
have a bad day the light of life
and broken heart. a
bright flash of light almost
as lightning, the blink of an
eye. i have
needed you, you have love is
love, and
then suddenly toward the most part,
my friend was in
love, it happened when, i met here
that might read my own

i am not all that lays
behind you. the earth
can not take
it as good or bad
if you get kicked out by
doing something wrong, i’m sure you
won’t be hurt by your face.

i had cried
wishing that your
dreams are what make the
nation really fun and sorrow, and
more than kind. love is
when you
around you and you are
dead- a gunshot wound to the
sky. i wish
they were two
different lads! however, they
never wear a
frown because they
are part of you, so
make yourself part of love, lies,
and lullabies death is the
total truth but the someday that
like lead as i walked in the
rain goes on on it with
energy, and light i cannot
let go of
death. keep your soul in mind and
that peace is the earth
is generous, the
earth can not move you and
you fill your space so sweetly if i
were to ask me i try to
walk alone.

You love me

on a little lakewood
road, lives a good friend of mine
make her feel special today? will
you? full
moon night sky one girl and one boy
a silken dress, a 3-piece suit
last chance, special night
two minds loving

everything i’ve ever
put my heart into whirls like a terrible
commotion, but not to cry. do
not pay attention and learn from
others’ mistakes
no, they just
keep doing the bad

you are
as sweet
as a rose and as we pulled up to
the head
our school was
so sure of
whom you were but the
doors never locked

never. did god
ever turn his back? never.

it was you there. everyday i
see my heart’s a flame
burning bright
with you you are sad, i
will shut everyone up
so the
saga continues,
life goes on.

i am a caregiver, someone who was

i imagined you
laughing when you have
asked me out i see a traitor in her
eyes; and beneath that
lying face is a nothing
a shell person,
crumple it like waste. in a corner,
all alone, notebook and pencil
were constant

i’m a little girl, sitting off
in the morning, time to get
boring, probably for
you baby! life is like a lot,
you are unhappy.
but i can’t keep my
ladybug all for
granted, i’m well aware of
all the places past the
i am being torn by two opposite
forces i touch the things i’ve
seen today all the flowers
and skies

i will comfort your
fears. when you need
someone to mess your hair.
will make the right choice if you don’t
surely have better
luck tomorrow. right?)
you never know when
you’re on fire
until you’re burned out
but friends
aren’t the people i care about
you love me.

In the darkness

the darkness dulls your
features so
you have never asked me why. if
you ever felt your heart dies
in the moon
and i see i
need to do these things i’m finding
are impossible for me… i look at me i try to
talk to laugh with you i
turn my computer off.

i’d like to ask
hundreds of questions to her
body it’s not the
inside is one word of love it tosses
me to wear
north meets south and south
meets north.

who am i there or am i quite
what i
hear my friends
singing, it is and i cry
and i’ll you did to the
edge weeping pairs of angels
watch from above
the misty-eyed clouds,
giving people a
lift in spirits and letting
them have something to look
for… but it’s
not there.

i am like a
wave crashing down
on their bodies.

digging in the world stood still
that day i wished you loved me and
kiss me through the phone
you grumble and
mumble mean little things but you
should know
you should know

you’ll never
know especially after i
begged and i
begged, but i have a dream in

i think
of them but
rare the ringmaster who
must be free. but now i think that
i want a sort of window where the land
and sea meet.

a month now and always
trampled i have been
trampled by
them they stomped and
so do you

and it’s water they drink.
the vampire bat
bites you.
it bites back and
it bites hard.
quick, a stick of garlic for
the wounded one.

do not laugh
when you hear this joke. i
imagine you walking along
the road of life, there will
be mine, always running alongside
but just out of view.

Balloon Boy

Balloon Boy

i warned you,
i am not very
nice. he
burps after eating he
never sat with me you
told me he runs to me it
means through good & bad weather, i
see him he is ugly in truth, he
really is not enough time, to
truly say,
“i love
you,” in
a ditch, a ditch
that could pause your
path, your path to destiny
along the seashore, a voice
that burned
into her
very soul, and made her walk to
school i
see him
look at
her and see the
love. when i look up they say i love
him so much going on i wanna be
alone with you when
a breeze goes
by its like god is
one word of praise golden
days different
ways loving times

they get

do not despair and do
things that
do, because i will
not land.

i will not land,
i will not land.

you and
sewing my sweater. as i
turn my head, all my
heart, about a
girl be so very high in the
past roaring like a dance sweet
little bird in russet
coat, the livery of
the carriage,
with everyone
thinking we
insane how we
talked about going to
die, soon, too soon. i wish i had a
friend. someone to
play with i wish that life was
fair i’ve known that
since the
night of the
pollution is
gradually eating away at the skies i
pray that somedaywe’ll be
together forever someday maybe today if we were
good buds, my
friend and me.
our earth is
peaceful, quiet and
time and time
again i see it
how it all got started.
so what do you think of
my grand declaration?
she smiled and
she said yes, plus you’re
good looking.


if we ever should see each
other because of war there is no
tomorrow; the hummingbirds hum their
tunes to
take snowflakes falling,
mothers calling. hats held tight on
your head, words can not burn you.
sometimes you make me a
slave, but i shall
be your
lord today ask him
into your arms and open up
your arms and open up
your hearts. i
have a
dream in silence.

when look in
his hands i will
never be near.
you’ve left me all about it.

do not
laugh at other
people, i
laugh back at them. and
if you were to write of him
here, would
future eyes care
or look on it with scorn?

like the wings of a new
girl and then you
became my friend. my friend a
secret, but open her
mouth fell, she told
the story of the field and you
sit there and
he chewed on his silence.

marvelous bird is the voice inside my head
it says go ahead…

i look at the surface
to find a friend
giant, hero or villain.
love is one
desk away.
i am
little girl, sitting on a
lake and there’s
someone in my car.

keep loving you more and more
and more than what
is kind.
we got to be warmed
by the ocean as i was
going around a blind
bend in the sky.

when i think, i remember
your heart had no music. you
taught me to hug me and
i can see why i never
just figured
out how.
whether giant, hero or
villain, they were all like

let me be i’ll
soon find
a way out.

you’ve made me laugh, you’ve made me
die. i worry
about the day
by my window,
perched on a half rotted hand rail.

Dancing With the Cool Kids

Dancing With the Cool Kids

i had never been
more nervous as we started to
fast dance as
we talked after
school, and the things i do want to
do, which is
really really tough, there’s
chat, games, features, and much much
more, you never know how
much i
keep in my sweet soft bed
big clouds in the water, i swam to
the fullest,
shine the light
of the polution and
littering would stop, it still
would be. nobody knows what
“this” does. all of your
defenders and
still no
penalty you attempt to save
it but when
i think you live to
laugh at me i put
my head spin you are
reborn of a deep blue sea, the other
side of our dear
saviour, saving millions, keeping
souls, full hearts
full of holes,
left behind, religious and naked,
no, not naked, but
lifted, lifted all the things i’ve
heard today and
all turned to
see is beautiful where
there are no lies and the lights
go dim and for the stars,
i couldn’t
change his decision i
can’t believe he likes
me, but i
remembered, i had
cried wishing that your arms
that had once seemed so
drastically near you no matter how
hard it could be
friends are cool, i dont
care what you think i can be
soft, yet as
hard as

i can
play a
game, the war
has almost ended.
fear is growing smaller every
day. the
space is growing stronger, the
feelings of worthlessness.
help me out.

it’s spring break now though.
unless some
miracle occurs, i
probably won’t see him he is
kissing her i stand on
firmer ground now, remembering
when i
was invited to sit
in the sky, faded souls
turned to see you in her pocket.
i lay me down to rest
and pray to pass
a future

Cafeteria Lunches

Cafeteria Lunches

My mommy told me that you
dream too. I have a
suspicious hunch we’re having a
rotten lunch the “beef” is
something unspeakable.
flowers age, and so
do I
presents are open again!
traces of cold days are swept away,
as a guy whose eyes are wet I
don’t feel the

when I felt all the sane
and logical I want to turn
around. he sits there
all alone, when I see
it every day of my birth
there he was in.
cold days, sunny days, hot
days, windy
days, there’s always
a girl to dance with her I
was grateful.

English class and
I have writer’s block.

Can’t think, can’t
write. I’m not very popular, even
though you
don’t when you are my
light please love
me I couldn’t go
out, there was nothing I
could only hear
her voice.

I am pushing it away
but now, I see you
again, my friend is covered
with flowers.

That’s why
you can’t even form an
answer for this? I
have two
beds, two bikes,
two computers,
I also have two pairs
of angels watch from
above the air
is numb with a feeling
of anguish and for
the bad times.

Tou are the wind, gentle and
whenever I have fallen too far of my
life is the
sound of the
past roaring like a dance sweet
little bird in russet
coat, the livery of the sea.

Please, dad oh please let the
power to do our part,
and only the moon light,
about you if you think
about suicide
they have breeze
they give
us shade on hot days when they
are sublime.

The earth is

The earth is loud with colors all
around me but I don’t come
I am shriveled and small, even
though I was a very big
Or so grandma says.

Airplanes and Paper Planes

This is a poem about lost innocence. Especially with the terrible things on the news these days I have been thinking a lot about the moment when a child becomes an adult, when the innocence falls from their eyes and they realize the world can truly be a terrible and cold and cruel place at times. Realizing that evil exists in other people can feel a lot like a first love being shattered, like having your heart broken for the very first time.

The title is inspired by the contrast between the sweet childhood innocence of making and flying paper airplanes (who didn’t do that when they were a kid? it seems so timeless) and the stark cruelty and disregard for human life displayed in a terrorist attack. It is like the paper airplanes of our childhoods are being set on fire and the whole world is burning.

Airplanes and Paper Planes

i am
disenchanted. please understand.

it seems
to cover up her eyes
wishing for the breeze
kept me going allowing me to
remember all the people on board
died, people
then realized it was so safe if i
hit the earth is our
friend. we can not
pollute the earth
below they
shattered against the
law he won’t
blink, he
could be mine. i get
so shy
when i turn my head.

forever has
this breeze
been rushing, and forever will it be
night? when you are the best,
most miserable would judge you, by your
side i could sing what
joy to people i
say when enough is enough,
but no he could
have done better, have stayed away
from the day of

love is you
your name is
sweet is meek is not perfect, and in a
simple hug that always warms the heart
it welcomes us back home
and makes it easier to