I woke up around six in the morning yesterday.  What to buy in the market is what I am thinking about.  So I went ahead and went there and bought few items for our breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.  I bought half kilograms of beef meat for caldereta, some fruits like ripe mangoes and bananas.

Our dinner is Beef Caldereta.

What I did is I used the pressure cooker as the beef tenderizer since I have small amount of time to cook for our lunch.  Because if I will not use it – tenderizing the beef may take more than two hours which would consume a lot of gas.

Using a large mixing bowl, I put on ¼ cup of soy sauce together with calamansi juice from five pieces of calamansi to serve as a marinating liquid for the beef. 

Marinated Beef

So I went ahead, took out the tendered beef from the pressure cooker, put it on the marinating liquid and set it aside for thirty minutes.  The remaining liquid on the pressure cooker was set aside for future use. 

Beef Stock

  • Another way of marinating the beef is to marinate it with soy sauce, calamansi juice and four pieces or more of crushed onions and left it for overnight. On this method – using the pressure cooker as beef tenderizer is not applicable.

I crushed five cloves of garlic, saute’ it together with sliced two pieces of onions, and sliced red bell pepper.

Fry three pieces of sliced potatoes and two pieces of carrots.

Afterwards, put on the marinated beef and liquid then simmer it for about fifteen minutes.

Put five tablespoons of tomato sauce and coconut milk followed by the fried potatoes and carrots on the caldereta.  Using clean scissors, I cut on four pieces of small chili peppers (“siling labuyo”) for this hot meal.  Two pieces of laurel leaves was added for fragrance. 

small chili peppers

A spicy caldereta rather than the opposite is more appealing for me.  Hence my kids does not like a spicy meal unlike their father.  There should be a balance between spiciness, sweet and sour taste on this meal.

You could also put some grated cheese and liver spread on this meal for a better tasting caldereta.

Beef Caldereta - own image

Beef Caldereta – own image