I’m just a typical mother who is fond of doing experiments in the kitchen to satisfy the cravings of my kids and husband.

Today I made a home-made hopia munggo.  Hopia is popularized by Chinese immigrants in the Philippines.

For the filling – this is what I did:

I soaked a pack of yellow mung beans in the water for overnight.  On the next day I heat it up on a boiling water to soften the beans to create a paste.  I add half cup of condensed milk onto the mashed mung beans to create a yummy filling.

For the first dough I used a cup of all purpose flour and combined it with 1/3 cup of vegetable oil.

Since I used a third class flour – my dough is not that smooth – it’s kinda crumbly.

For the second dough I used two cups of all-purpose flour and mixed it with three tablespoons of sugar, half cup of water and half cup of vegetable oil.

I rolled the first dough, flatten it with my hands on a baking tray making sure that it’s thin enough to fill the entire tray.

Then I knead the second though and cover it on the first dough.

Afterwards, I put the sweetened mung filling onto the top of the flattened dough making sure that it’s spread entirely on top of it.  Using a spatula – I covered it with the other half of the dough.

It’s better to put it inside the freezer for it to chill and remove the excess oil with a clean towel.  But I’m in a hurry so I was not able to do this part.

I glazed it’s top with one piece of egg.

I preheated the oven at 200 degrees Celsius and put the tray inside it.  I waited for thirty minutes.

This is our breakfast for today.  This is a good snack too.