My Presidential Candidate for 2016

Every day the political campaign is getting intense, from local to national candidates and even their supporters are very active in posting in their social media accounts their own opinion and views regarding this matter.

As I scroll my browser every day half of my friends are posting about their favorite bets for the Philippines Election this coming May 2016. Some have really engaged in a heated conversation and would strike below the belts.

I agreed that we have different opinions and expectations to our bets and I think that sometimes our decisions are influenced by different factors. I just don’t like people who will make fun of candidates who don’t have a soft spot in their hearts.

It looks like Mayor Duterte will win grand slide in the Philippine Presidential Election. He’s charm captivates the hearts of Filipinos and who wouldn’t want a peaceful and zero or lesser crime rate? We always wanted to be safe and secured including our family and loved ones. It is one of the reasons why people will vote for Mayor Duterte.

I took pity with Mar Roxas. He doesn’t deserve all the funny memes and below the belt remarks he’s getting in the social media. He may not be the best and he may not be the most loved but I think we should respect him and treat him well enough.

I always said if we want a change then we should start it in ourselves. We don’t wait for our leaders or someone to do it for us. We must change for the better and abide the laws of God and man. It is hard but if we wanted to attain what we want then we must work for it.

In the upcoming Presidential Election, I will vote for Grace Poe. I know some people who will be or might be reading this will think otherwise. Some may even shake their heads disapprovingly but I will stand firm in my decisions as you stand in your own. I will vote for Grace Poe because I believe in her. She may not be tough, she may have her own issues but I believe in her sincerity and I know that she can do it. She may still be naïve but I want a fresh face. A promises that looks good but is unattainable will never satisfy our hunger. We will just seek for more and this will surely result to chaos. We must learn how to accept what is real and what is not.