I Don’t Want to Forever Rent.

We have been renting a house since 1999 and it is one of the expenses every month that we dread. Maybe because there are times that we don’t have the money to pay for it and we are really afraid that the owner will kick us out.

It is hard to pay for the expenses and it was only my sister who was paying the monthly rent that time. I was studying college through scholarship and I was working part time in the internet cafe during nightime.

My mother inherited a house and lot but due to some unexpected circumstances she sold it at a lower value because it was mortgaged.

I vowed to myself that I will buy own house and lot.

Now, I have my own work and I think having my own home is harder than I think. The salary that I am earning cannot even covered our daily expenses much more save some money to buy a house.

I tried to ask one of my bestfriend on how to avail a housing loan in their subdivision. She got a home mortgaged for fifteen years with two bedroom and up and down and she’s paying more or less Ten Thousand a month.

To my horror she told me that you need to have a monthly salary of Twenty Five Thousand to be approved of a home mortgaged in their subdivision enrolled in the Home Development Mutual Fund.

My salary is not even half of the requirements. I feel so disappointed and hopeless already.

I don’t want to see myself renting my whole life. I want to see myself sitting in the porch maybe reading a book or knitting a dress just enjoying my twilight years rather than working hard late in my retirement years.

To have my own home will not completely solve half of my problem but surely it will make the load light.

Where Did My Salary Goes?

I am working full time in a construction company for a minimum of 48 hours a week. I started working here as Administrative Aasistant and later on was promoted as Office Manager.

I am earning Twelve Thousand Pesos a month with Sunday as my rest day.

My salary is not enough to cover my daily expenses. I have 4 dependents too. My mother, my son and my two nieces.

When I breakdown my salary I realized that I am still at indebted with myself because my daily living expenses is more than what I earned in my work.

First, my transportation allowance. From my home to my work I need to ride in three types of public utility vehicles which costs Thirty Four Pesos and from my work back to home costs the same amount.

My food during lunch time which costs around 43 to 100 depending on where and what I eat. Most of the times when we have extra food at home I bring my own food for lunch.

I seldom buy clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, maybe I will buy myself new things every Christmas Day when I received my 13th month pay (we don’t have any bonuses or incentives in our company).

I am paying our home with a monthly rent of Three Thousand Pesos (that is the cheapest because it is located at the mountain side of the city).

I am paying the electricity and water with a minimum amount of One Thousand Three Hundred Pesos each.

I am giving my son and two nieces their allowance of Fifty Pesos a day for the three of them and their fare for Thirty Pesos a day. They walk after school but when they are going to school they ride in the tricycle.

I am giving my mother her allowance for going to church for One Hundred a week. She goes to the church twice a week.

I spend 600 pesos a month for my load allowance and 1000 for our wifi at home.

We buy grocery supplies, rice and foods every week.

I also pay for the tuition fee, school supplies, uniforms and other expenses for the education of the three kids.

What’s more if we go out for fun and relaxation which we seldom do or buy toys, clothes, shoes for my mother and the kids?

A Friend in Need

I have a friend. An old friend since college days. She is one of those few friends that stick to me until now. Some I lost along the way.

She is now married with two children. The problem here is that both of them are unemployed and their two sons need milk and diaper everyday.

I had extended my help to them since the beginning from getting jobs, in securing her husband’s requirements for his work, in lending them some money, in giving them money to buy their food and milk for their kids, in getting her free samples of new products online and lately I help her to sign up in Avon so she could earn something while at home.

The problem is that her husband got an attitude problem. There comes a time that he will be so stressed in their life that he doesn’t wanted to go to his work and just lie down in bed and sulked for days and weeks.

He is now jobless because of his attitude and now my friend is sending me text messages asking me to help her pay her dues. I told her I don’t have an extra money too because I need to pay my bills too.

I encouraged her to work and don’t wait for her husband to change their lives. She should do it for their children but she has so many buts.

I don’t know what to do and say to her anymore. I just wish that they could find a job right now and change their thinking’s and doings.

I just feel so tired in helping her again and again but she and her husband are not helping themselves. I hope that they will be more responsible in their actions so that they will not keep on asking for help especially when I don’t have any means right now to help them. All my efforts have been exhausted.

Ninoy Aquino’s Day

Today is a special non working holiday in my country. We are celebrating the 32nd Death Anniversary of Senator Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino today. It is held annually every August 21. He was assassinated in 1983 upon returning from his self-imposed exile at Manila International Airport. I was only two years old back then.

During his time, he is well known for being critic of then President Ferdinand Marcos. When the Martial Law was declared he was imprisoned for eight years but he continued to fight for the democracy. His death led the way to the 1986 EDSA Revolution which proclaimed his wife, Corazon Aquino as the First Lady President of the Philippines. The country was released from the long regime of the late President Ferdinand Marcos.

Today, the son of Senator Ninoy Aquino and the first lady President Corazon Aquino, is the President of my country.

The Filipinos are freed but when you looked around poverty, crimes and corruption are still visible every where. Rich people are getting richer but common or indigent people remains the same. Even if we continue to work hard there’s no changes in our economic or social status. We just get a minimum salary which is good or yet not enough to cover the family’s finances for the day.

Even the judiciary system is still blind and is not just and fair. Money is still involved everywhere. For me, the President is doing his best but we should help him too. In ourselves we should start to change and dream that someday we could achieve the democracy that all of those heroes have been fighting for since the beginning.

I hope that legacy that the death of Ninoy Aquino will continue to live and inspire my fellow Filipino to love their country and to continue serving the country in their own little ways.

I Won Today!

I am so happy today even if I’m so tired and my back is aching again. When I opened my Facebook account I saw that I have so many notifications and when I checked it, I found out that I won in one of the online contest that I joined a few days ago.

Actually, it is in the Instagram that I joined but they also announced the winners in their Facebook account. 

I am so blessed because I always won many prizes that are so helpful to me. Some of my prizes has been sold to generate funds. Some has been shared to my family, friends and colleague. Some has been use personally and some has been forfeited because I cannot claim it in Manila.

What I really love to most of the online promos or contest is that they send the prizes for free. They really exerted an extra effort to send it via courier. It is really a hassle and an added expenses if they wanted to claim it in their office instead of mailing it.

The feeling whenever I won is always a great pleasure every time I see my name. It doesn’t matter how big or small the prize is because the important thing is that I won and I am blessed that out of the hundred or thousands that joined I am one of the lucky winners to get something for free.

It is really hard to join if you think about it because you need to exert a lot of effort, time, creativity and love to what you wanted to reach in the first place. When I joined I don’t expect that I will win. I just enjoyed it and let it go. 

I am so happy today even if it is raining so hard outside. I need to go home now. 

God Bless us all!

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

I feel so lazy today. I have so many errands to do but I don’t want to go outside because it is raining hard.  It is so dark outside that it looks like it will rain heavily in the late afternoon.

My morning routine has been a busy one. I have been to the grocery stores to buy some supplies for the pantry. I also went to the Social Security System to pay the monthly remittances of the employee and their loans. I also pay the company’s due for renting heavy equipment and for purchasing new materials for the site constructions.

I had been soaking wet from head to toe when I came back in the office after my morning errands and also pick up some rice because it’s already lunch time.

I need to go out again in the afternoon to pay more bills for the company but I need to do some documentations and reports and I feel lazy to go out again. My feet are already soaked and I don’t want to use my shoes now. How I wish that the rain will not pour until I finished my task.

It is a good thing that I have extra footwear in the office. I am hope that there will be no penalties for my other errands or else I will be the one to shoulder it. How I wish that I have an assistant because right now I am the only admin/HR in our company and was the only one doing all of these tasks.

As they said, two heads are better than one and I could do a lot of things if I have someone to assist me. I guess, when the company expanded then the boss will hire more employees. As of now, I have nothing but myself to do all of this.

Wish me luck!


Will I Stay or Not?

I am contemplating on finding a new job or stay at my present job. I have been promoted here last January 2015 as an Office Manager but sad to say that until now I don’t have an increase in my salary or any additional benefits.

I am working in a construction company and I am working in the Administration Department and functions as HR as well. I have done a lot of things since I have been hired like processing the permits and registration of the company in the various government agencies both local and national.

I am also in charged of the bidding documents and since it is my first time to work in this business, all of my experiences here are first time but I have handled it professionally and quite exceptionally that after a year my boss decided to promote me.

He told me last June 2015 that since I get promoted last January 2015 I will be getting a salary adjustment. He and his wife, ( who also works here as the Company’s Secretary) will be finalizing the amount of my increase.

I am still waiting for a month and a half now for the said increase and last Saturday we have a meeting and the Accounting Department raised it but the Boss said that we will not talked about it in the meeting.

There’s still no clarification if the said increase will push through or not.  I am in need of some financial help because I have 4 dependents to provide with.

My friend just message me saying there’s a vacant position in their company but not a managerial position but with higher compensation and an increase yearly.

Can someone give me a sound and reasonable advice? Will I stay or not? Will I wait or just leave?

Thank you!

A Heavy Rain is Threatening to Fall Right Now

The sky looks dark outside my office window. Any moment from now  a heavy rain will pour. I just wish that it will pour once I get home. 

My friend, Cez and I will go to the grocery stores after our work. So my hands are full from the grocery bags and no extra hand for my umbrella. I will be getting a week’s supply of groceries. I will be using my friend’s credit card because I’m short of cash now and my credit card has already reached it’s limit.

My back is still suffering from pain and I don’t want to tire myself today. I just spent my day here in my work sitting and doing office works. 

I just hope that the rain will not pour at this moment. I will be getting wet and my shoes as well. Keeping my fingers crossed. 


Do you love Camote?

I was on a sick leave yesterday and after going to the chiropractor, I noticed that my vegetable garden is full of camote tops or sweet potato tops. I decided to harvest some of them. I am so happy to see that my container was half full of freshly grown camote tops.

Camote is very easy to grown and requires less maintenance. I always plant camote in our backyard. It is very nutritious and it is a good source of protein, minerals, dietary fiber and nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorous, sulfur, iron and zinc.

Sometimes we just blanched and then top it with tomato and a little fish sauce to taste. One of my favorite as a child is when my mother treat us with a camote juice. It is quite refreshing from the usual juices that  I drink and it is very healthy too.

When we wanted to cook for an afternoon snack, we will just dug in the garden to harvest the camote (roots or tuber). We would cook it with sprinkled sugar or boiled it.

It is really helpful to have a camote in our garden.

A Good Beginning.

I started here some weeks ago. It was my best friend, Hed, who invited us here. I signed up because I love to write. I am asking my friend on how to write here when she told me that I need to publish my writings. It was like, “What?” I thought I am already doing the right thing but it was only put to the draft.

Last Saturday, our friend Ces, taught me how to make my own site. She also taught me on how to publish my writings. I am very thankful to them for teaching me on how to get started on the right way.

I am hoping that with this new knowledge, it will be the start of a good beginning.