Gumamela and it’s Benefits

I was on my way to the Piltel Office to pay our internet and telephone connection when I saw a beautiful scenery at side of the road that catches my attention. One of the hotels here in SBMA have a garden and I noticed the beautiful gumamela (hibiscus) flower. It is pink and it is my favorite color. I can’t help not to take a picture of it.

Gumamela flowers come from different species. When I was a kid my knowledge about gumamela flower is limited to the varieties that were planted in our place. I was amazed that it comes from different colors and different varieties.

We always used gumamela in making bubbles whenever we feel bored and it is windy. We will crushed the leaves and its flowers and mixed it in a water with soap. We will get a papaya stalks, cut the end of the stalks and dipped it in the mixture and blow it to make a bubblews. Sometimes we will use the stalk of the kamias leaves instead of the papaya stalks. It is good because its flower is very slimy. My mother used its petals and leaves for treating boils. Later on, I learned that it is edible too. They even made a delicious tea out of the gumamela flowers and it is good for treating coughs

I watched in a cooking show how they cooked gumamela flower years ago and I was really amazed although I don’t want to try it. They said it can cause infertility when taken too much. It also contains Vitamin C so it is good for our skin.

Gumamela is not only an ornament to decorate our garden with its lovely flowers but it is also beneficial in our health. I always love gumamela flowers especially at summer time.

I’m Proud Olongapeños!

I was born and raised in Olongapo City. My grandmother and grandfather settled here during World War II and Japanese Colonization. All my families here in my mother side lived here in Olongapo City. Specifically, we lived in Barrio Baretto where most of the bars and clubs are located in the city. Our neighbors are mostly working in the bars every night. They come from different provinces looking for greener pasture. Most of them are bread winners and comes from poor family.

I later learned during my adolescence that my beloved city was called ‘Sin City’ that time because the prostitution is rampant here. They thought that most Olongapñeos are hospitality girls and I was saddened by this belief. All the girls working in the bar are not from Olongapo City. They just came here to work.

One thing I don’t like about some of them is that they are already ‘taken’ and was given a monthly support by their boyfriend but they still engage in other extra-curricular activities. Some have two or three boyfriends at the same time and they received money from them. It is in their wrongdoings that most of the Filipina are now labelled with wrong connotations. We have been looked down negatively.

I think it really depends on the person. Some are really nice and decent. They just wanted to have a good life and marrying a foreigner is the answer for their problems and they stay faithful. I adore those girls.

My mother is a single parent and she was wooed by some American guys but she doesn’t give her attention to them. She told us that it is difficult to marry again because crime is a rampant even in early 1980’s so she just devotes her time taking care of us and giving her a good future.

Did I Filed it Correctly? Part 2 of 2

I humbly requested if we could meet up at Saturday in the afternoon after my work and the person who take our complaint told us that it is okay.
What I really don’t know is that I heard from a mutual friend that the meeting is today at 9:00 in the morning so I called the number of the barangay to clarify the issue. The same person told me that their Barangay Captain informed him that we cannot file a complaint against my friend because I live in Olongapo City and she lives in Castillejos, Zambales. He told me that I should take my complaint in the Municipal Office of Castillejos, Zambales and when I asked which office he cannot give an accurate answer then later on he told me to go directly to the Police Station.
I don’t know if anyone of you know about our judicial system here in the Philippines but it would be quite an enlightenment if someone give me an advice on which is the correct legal procedure here.

I have a feeling that some people are biased here. I just sense it when I was talking with the person in the phone this morning. I know they are protecting their people and for me it’s not the right thing to do. It is better if they hear both sides and will act as a middle man to settle each other’s differences to come up with a good agreement so both parties will be happy. But it looks like they are taking their sides now. I have a feeling my friend has already talked to them and convinced them of her super acting. She’s good at that. Making herself to look pitiful even if she’s not. Also, one factor that I could think of is that it may be attributed to the fact that I am NOT a registered voter in their Barangay.

Did I Filed it Correctly? Part 1 of 2

I filed a complaint to settle certain issues and to collect a sum of money against a former friend of mine. She’s currently living in Castillejos, Zambales. I am not an expert about our law or about the legal process here in our country but I know for a fact that if you have anything against a certain person you can file a complaint either in Barangay, Police Station, Provincial Prosecutor’s Office and Regional Trial Court. Since the issues involve defamatory words and collection of money, I decided to seek the help of the barangay office.

We went there last Tuesday afternoon. I filed a half day leave. When we arrived at the Barangay Hall and it was already closed even though it is only 4:00 in the afternoon. We asked around and they told us that since it is raining and it is late in the afternoon the barangay staff must have left. One of the tricycle drivers told us that we can go directly to their Barangay Captain’s house. We boarded to his tricycle and when we arrived at the Barangay Captain’s house we found out that he is not there. So we tried to go to another’s Barangay Councilman’s house but still no one is in sight. The driver told us that he is one of the Barangay Tanod (Barangay Police Officer) and he’s duty starts on 8:00 in the evening. We drove again to go to another Barangay Tanod’s house (Barangay Police Officer). Luckily he radioed another Barangay Councilman to take our complaint. I wrote down our complaint and the things that I just wrote down there is collection of sum of money and to settle certain issued because I don’t wanted to elaborate anything until we came face to face with my former friend and her husband.

My Funny Stories about Tokay Gecko

When we moved in to our rented house a year ago, the first thing that we heard is the sound of tu-ko, tu-ko ringing all over the empty place. As we clean the house, the same sounds repeat itself in every 30 minutes or more. My sister told me that she got nervous or surprise every time she hear tu-ko, tu-ko.

I have this funny stories about Tuko (Tokay Gecko). When my mother learned that we have Tuko or Tokay Gecko in our home she told us that to drive it away is to say suka, suka (vinegar) every time we hear it. We would chant it as repeatedly as possible as long as we hear the Tuko or Tokay Gecko.

Her older sister told her so. So every time we hear it we said it. After some time, we don’t hear it anymore. My mom told us that it is effective until I learned that Tokay Gecko when it is their mating time they would croak tu-ko, tu-ko. It is in their nature to do so. I have a really good laugh about this. I don’t know if my mother just invented the whole thing.

The second story is that when I see a real Tuko or Tokay Gecko. I have never seen one since child birth. I was about to pee in the bath room when I suddenly looked up in the ceiling and saw this large looking lizard looking at me. Oh my, I suddenly scream because I was really surprised. It looks like a small alligator to me. I know I sounded exaggerated but for me it looks like one. My son and two nieces come to my rescue and when they saw it to they were so scared and laughing at the same time.

We discovered that there are more Tokay Gecko in our house and we would tease each other that we are going to catch it because they said that it can be sold from One Thousand Pesos each or more depending on the size and weight. Of course we are just teasing each other, for one, Tokay Gecko is on the list of the conservation of wildlife so if you get caught in selling it is punishable by law through jail and fine. Also, it holds so tightly it cannot be removed easily so you better be careful when you see one.

Change myself first

I have many things to do but the problem is that I don’t know where to start. My mind is swirling with different ideas and plans but I don’t know which comes first. I tried to list down all my to do task but I still ended up with nothing.

In our life, we wanted to be someone or something but we ended up with nothing. Why? Because we don’t have a definite plan. We don’t really pursue our goals and we just wanted someone to do it for us.

It’s like what I am doing. I am always planning and setting goals but I ended up a loser. I think before setting a goals and dreams in life I must change my perception first. I must be responsible and hardworking person first. If I will not change then nothing better will happen to me. It will be a cycle in my life. A daily cycle which I earned nothing.

First, I should set one to three plans a day. Then check my schedule if I could do it on one day if not then I could reschedule it in a day more convenient for me. Second, If I write a task for a day then I better make sure to do it first than to do another thing that it is not in my list unless of course it’s emergency and should be prioritize first.

Third, I should learn how to manage my time and to value it. I observe that I am always lazy the whole time and will do several things at a time and then ended up stressing myself out because I don’t finish anything.

It may be hard at first but I know that I need to do it. I wanted for some change in my life then I should start doing something today. I don’t want to end up feeling sorry for myself later because I don’t give my best and I don’t focus myself well enough.