Envy Enveloped my Whole Being

Last night I feel that something pinched me in my heart as I was browsing the news feed of this person. Truthfully it been years or rather I was still a kid when I feel this kind of resentment or jealousy towards other people’s achievement, success and merits in life. I know that this is not a good feeling but I can’t help it. I just feel it. I feel so embarrassed to myself that I should be experiencing it. I thought I am matured now. That I have outgrown loving myself for who and what I am. That I have embraced my strength and weaknesses already. But last night I realized that I am only a person, a normal human being.

Since I was a kid I swear to myself that I will never ever be jealous to other’s people blessings in their life. If they have foods and I don’t have I don’t feel resentment or blame my mother because of our deprivation in life. Instead I find ways to help my mother by doing a lot of things like helping neighbors to get a few cents, planting vegetables in the garden, harvesting fruits and selling it, going to the beach a few yards from us to get calms for food.

I don’t even feel jealous if other kids have new shoes, slippers, clothes, bags and things in school but instead I tried to make my own things clean and tidy to look good. I don’t feel resentment when I don’t top on class or get a perfect grades or even choose to be the leader in group presentations and to be the representative of the class in various contest because I know that we there are people who are better than me.

I know that it is not good to compare myself to other people because I am unique in my own ways. It is just last night, after a long time that this feeling of envy enveloped my whole being.

A Lot of Things Accumulated Through the Years

I realized that we have so many things at home. Since my two nieces has moved to their mother’s house in Cebu they left a various things and trashes at home which I will be sorting either on Saturday or Sunday this week. I have checked the mess this morning and I shake my head in disbelief. Through the years we have accumulated a lot of things. Some have never been used. Some are abused already and some has been bought without thinking twice.

We have so much clothes in our closets. Most of them are already worn and tried from years. Some of the clothes has outgrown by the children. My son ransacked a few t-shirts last night that he could still use. I told him I will be washing it again. Some will be given away to their playmates and friends.

I have set aside the toys and books that are still in good condition and can be used by other kids. Some of the containers, jugs, bottles and other kitchen utensils has been put in the black bag ready to be given away.

I decided to put away some blankets too and to throw old furniture. I am hoping that I could buy a new furniture but this plan could still wait. I am planning to get a home amortization plan next year so I will prioritize it first before buying new things at home.

I am hoping that I sell some of my stuff to generate an additional fund. I am eyeing the sidewalk during market days to sell some of my stuff. I will be inquiring with friends on where I could ask to have a space there during Saturday and Sunday.

I really hope I could juggle my time this week to do all of it because next week will be a lot busier here in my work.

A Learning Process

My sister asked me if I wanted to do their Financial Statement and Income Tax Return and how much will I charge her for it. Truthfully, I am not good in doing it or rather I don’t know how to do it. I know it’s funny that she should asked about it but she always think that I am good in doing anything.

When I decided to quit my job my first option is to become a freelance bookkeeper. You don’t need a capital to do it because your skills and expertise will be your weapon to start with it. I am familiar with documentation and processing of permits and registrations with various government offices and agencies. I am doing good in writing correspondence and filling up those dreadful forms. I have successfully done some various workloads and I know that I could learn to do it so I said yes.

I need the money and the learning that comes from within. It will help me in my future endeavors if I will learn the process of doing it.
I am very thankful that my office mate is very helpful and supportive to me. I have been asking her a lot of questions and she’s always helping me out. She taught me on what and where to input certain information. She explained the various forms and their uses.

I am scared because I don’t know if I can do it. I don’t want to cause delay or penalties to my sister’s work so I am trying to focus myself in finishing it until tomorrow. I am hoping that I could really do it.

So right now, I am encoding the Notes to Financial Statements. I have more things to do before I could really wrap it and do it rightfully on time.

My Sister is Here!

My sister arrived yesterday from Cebu. She will be staying here for two days to pack their things. She decided to get her kids from me so they could stay in Cebu together. She encouraging me to live there too but I am hesitant. I told her I will think about it but for now I don’t want to. Maybe in the future but not now.

I left them this morning as they are starting to choose what they will bring to Cebu. Some of their things will be thrown away, some will be given to neighbors and friends and some will go to Bataan in her husband’s relatives.

I will surely miss my two nieces. I really hope they will be better there. I know that in Cebu they will have more opportunities and I hope they used it well.

I told my nieces to take their studies seriously because I can see that they are fast learner and have some real talents in arts. They just need to believe in themselves and be dedicated to what they wanted to achieve in life. I told them to help their mother in the household chores especially since my sister will be working hard to give them a better life. It will be hard for the three of them but if they help each other I know they could make it. My sister is driven and she will really do anything to get what she wanted to get even if she’s sick she is fighting.

I could see that my mother wanted to stay with them in Cebu but as she always said that all her sisters and brothers are here and if she dies then it will be hard for her siblings to go there to visit her wake so she just wanted to stay here. So my mother will stay with me.

What I did Yesterday

I was in Manila yesterday and my main reason was to pick up our Certificate of Registration in the Department of Public Works and Highways. I decided to pick up my three prizes which I won through online promo. We decided to pick up my prizes first before going to the main office of Department of Public Works and Highways.

We pick up our prizes in Swift Premium, Robinsons Supermalls and SM Cinema. It was a good thing that the office of Swift Premium and Robinsons Supermalls are on the same street so we just walked. We have done all of these earlier than we expected since there is only a minimal traffic in Metro Manila yesterday. So we got to the DPWH office at around 2:00 in the afternoon.

After that we went to Divisoria to buy something that I could resell here in our place. We bought cute and trendy face masks. There are so many designs to choose from and it is really hard for me because I wanted all of it. I am also looking for Panda design because it looks cute.

I bought a sandals for only One Hundred Fifty Pesos and it looks really good. So I think I spend my money wisely on that. I am into eyeglasses and shades and so I bought myself a new shade for only One Hundred Fifty Pesos. I really love the design and quality of it and it looks like those items that are for sale in malls and online shops. I buy Lego for my son because he’s really into it now. He’s been bugging me for days to buy him another set of Lego and I promised him I will once I go to Manila because it is much cheaper there.

It is really nice to have finally take a break and just enjoy buying something for myself. It’s been a long time since I did it. It may have burned a hole in my pocket but I will just work hard in the coming days to sustain everything.

Part 2: Funny Stories of Shoplifters

This is the continuation of my funny stories or rather hilarious stories from the shoplifters that have been apprehended while shopping in my previous work. Sometimes those stories are so downright comical because we all know that it has been fabricated with lies and has been scripted to escape from humiliating and embarrassing situation that is the result from their actions.

4. A man who’s in his late 20’s has been shopping in the mall. He’s been walking there checking items from items. It looks normal but the Internal Security who has caught him red-handed has noticed that he’s been eyeing the ball pens that in the showcased because it’s value is around a hundred bucks each. I think it’s a ceramic or fountain pen. I don’t remember the exact brand anymore. So the Internal Security just checked on him from time to time until the man purposely ask the sales person to assist him in a specific item that requires the sales person to go to the storage room to get more stocks. He put all the pens inside his jeans. It looks like his jeans got a rubber inside so when you fill your pants nothing will came out. Then he decided he doesn’t want to buy anymore and he went to the exit. As soon as his feet touches the door outside the mall he was apprehended but he decided to escape so they run after him and later on caught him. All the ball pens have been recovered for goodness sake.

5. A teenager was also caught shoplifting. She chose those branded blouses and goes to the fitting room. She tries everything but unknowingly has been stocking some of it in her bag. She decided to pay a few items and decided to walk away with a handful. Thanks to the vigilant Internal Security who apprehended her or else the person in charge in that particular brand shall pay to what she just lifted.

Funny Stories of Shoplifters

Shoplifting is a crime and I have several stories of my not-so-called encounter with shoplifters in my previous works and all of it seems really funny and unique.

To be caught red handed is such an embarrassing experience and to avoid it one must deny it and pretend of being angry.

1. A middle aged woman was caught shoplifting a ceramic ball pen worth more than One Hundred Pesos. She buys a lot of things but this one single ball pen she dropped nonchalant in her bag and walked away as if nothing happens. The internal security at that time told me that he feels undecided at first because the woman looks decent and respected. When they apprehended her she informed them right away that she’s a school principal and would never ever steal something. The apprehending officers heaved a sigh of relief when they found the item in her bag. She told them she just forgot to pay it at the cashier.

2. A college student studying in a private catholic school in Olongapo City who looks like an actress because of her beauty and poised caught red handed too. She and her friends put in their bags a handful of accessories worth Seventy to One Hundred Pesos. When they were apprehended outside of the store they told the officers they made it out of fun. Such losers!

3. Several grade schoolers were found guilty of taking a handful of ball pens and put it on their pockets. When they are caught they started to cry and wail loudly that they caught the attention of shoppers. The officers started to lecture them that it is bad to steal and they should change. They cannot do more because those children are still minor and they don’t have money to pay so they just let them go.

To be continued…

How We Celebrated the Holy Week

Celebrating Holy Week is very different now compared when I was only on a kid. I remember when it is Holy Week back then my grandmother and mother would always have reprimanded us to stay solemn and prayerful. We are not allowed to play around or to go up on trees. They will always say that on Holy Week we are prone on accidents or if you get a wound it will take a longer time to heal it. My grandmother and mother asked us to speak quietly and not too loud just like what we are doing in the normal and regular days. It is something that we need to do to honor Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for the mankind.

Holy week begins on Palm Sunday. We would go to the church carrying palm fronds to be blessed by the Parish Priest. They said that when you have it at home you will be spared from evil things. It is like a weapon to conceal you from bad things. Sometimes we do it at home or we buy it at store peddlers outside the church.

Come the Holy Wednesday, some provinces a procession of Passion of Christ is held in the evening. Some start their ‘Pabasa’ or ‘Pasyon’ or Passion in the neighborhood, it is the uninterrupted recitation of the life of Jesus Christ. They have been reading in a singing way and should be finished before Good Friday on three o’clock in the afternoon. Free foods and drinks are served for those people who attended it.

Come the Maundy Thursday, it is when the faithful will visit several churches and the priest renew their vows.

On Good Friday, the processions of the Way of the Cross, the commemoration of Jesus’s Seven Last Words and the traditional Senakulo. It is when the devotees have themselves nailed to the crosses. A lot of people would watch this. I watched it when I was only a kid but I always wonder why are they doing it. My mother told me that they’re doing it for their devotion and vow. We are advised to take a bath before the three o’clock in the afternoon.

Black Saturday is the continuation of the solemnity of Christ ‘death’ and on Easter Sunday is the joyous celebration for us. It is when Christ has risen from the death and it marks the ‘Salubong’ or meeting between the Risen Christ and Blessed Virgin Mary.

We always celebrated Easter Sunday by going to the beaches and took a bath there with lots of foods since we have been on fasting and abstinence during the Holy Week.

Buying Ring Pool through Hello Pay

I wanted to buy a portable ring pool for my son and two nieces. It is practical this summer and they would love it. I have checked the nearest department stores in our place and even scouted in public markets to compare the prices, quality and designs before buying anything. Then this morning, I received an email from Hello Pay reminding me of my unused funds of One Hundred Fifty Pesos. I could but this funds to Lazada.com and one of their Hot Easter Deals is this ring pool that cost at around Four Hundred Seventy-Nine and Seventy-Five Cents plus of course the shipping fee which is around Ninety-Nine Pesos for provincial address.

I will check later if I could use a voucher when I buy this portable pool so I could save a lot more. It really looks good and appealing this Intex 45 Inches by 10 Inches 3 Ring Pool which comes from three colors which are pink, yellow and green.

It feels so hot today and it’s getting hotter every day. The children at home love to take a bath so it will be perfect for them to just relax and enjoy while soaking at this portable ring. The water they’ve used can be re-used to water our garden or to clean the dog house so it will not be a problem to me. Additional expenses is very impractical nowadays so we need to look for more suitable ways to reduce it. Instead of going to beaches and pools then it is much cheaper to stay at home and just cook a snacks for the kids.

I will check later for discounts and other offers before deciding to buy this portable pools. Signing up with Hello Pay is really helpful and it is very easy to pay with Hello Pay through 7-Eleven, banks and your credit cards.

Hoping for Her Change of Mind

It is really disappointing that our Accounting Clerk tendered her resignation last week. She was hired last April 2015 and decided to end her employment with our company for several reasons and one of them is that she’s going on in a vacation at her fiancée’s country which is Romania.

One of my best friend recommend her friend for the position. Her friend is currently working in a bank and the reason why she wanted to resign in the bank is because she wanted an 8 hours a day job. She was interviewed yesterday and was hired on the spot. She looks smart and she is a graduate of Bachelor of Science major in Accounting Clerk. I really hope she will love her job here and will stay for a long time. It is really hard to find someone who is capable and responsible enough to perform her job.

Our present Accounting Clerk, Ma’am Lizalyn, is very hardworking and she’s a fast learner. She started here from a scratch because her supposedly trainer doesn’t teach her something useful. Instead she lets her find her way in. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not but to place someone in a job should have a proper transition especially when it comes to financial matters. It is just a good thing that she’s not the type of person who will just sit down and wait for miracles. She does her moves and asked relevant questions and at the end of the day she learned what she needs to learn by her own initiative.

It is really hard to let her go because she became an asset in the company already. I could feel that our boss doesn’t want to let go a good employee like her. She may only be starting in her career but she showed us that she’s serious and she got a long, long way to go. I only wished her the best in life and I know someday she will succeed because she got full determination and perseverance to achieve her goals and dreams in life.