The Idea of Feeling Cold.

It is so cold today. I am shivering when I woke up last night and I decided to turn off the fan. I straightened my son’s blanket and hide on my own. I think that I could save a lot because of this cold weather because I always use two electric fan in our room before. We have a ceiling fan and a desk fan which we both use every night especially during summer nights.

Here in our office, I turned on only one air conditioners. It can accommodate all of us. Even if there is one air condition that is turned on here today it was so cold. I have my sweater with me and I bundled myself pretty well.

Imagine those people who died because of severed cold. My niece and I talked about it and she said she preferred summer season because in summer you can use air conditions, electric fan, and fan to make yourself comfortable. You can drink cold drinks or eat halo-halo to make you feel better. But the sudden cold or snow can make someone sick or worst die. Imagine if it happens in my country. We are not ready for that. Our houses are build for our climate alone. Most of the house are just made of light materials and some doesn’t even have a home. They dwell on the streets and on the parks. We don’t have heaters or fireplace at home. We will be miserable. Shivering with cold. Putting on as much clothes that we have. The plants will die and most of the animals too.

It is quite devastating what is happening now. We are reaping what we have sown. The worst part is that most of us doesn’t even learned about it. We have been killing our Mother Earth because of our wrong behavior and attitude.

I hope that when we feel cold or hot we must think of ways on how to make our Mother Earth suitable to live. Not only for today but for our children’s children in the future.

My Lady Luck is Back!

This is a good news and I wanted to share it to everyone. I have posted my thoughts here about the whereabouts of my Lady Luck some few weeks ago and to my amazement she did come back the day after I posted it here. I won again! Yes, it’s really coincidence. I just feel blessed and thankful that she did come back and I hope it is for good.

I love joining online promos and contests. I always make it a point to join one, two or several online contests a day. It is like a vitamins in my body that I cannot live without. I will sneak during working hours to check if there’s a new promos or contests, noted about it and will join later in my free time.

To my amazement, the opening of January 2016 is so good to me. I won several times in a week now. I feel so active and energetic whenever I see my name and everyone sending their happiness and congratulations to me. Plus the fact that those prizes help me in some ways is really delightful. I keep on thanking our Lord because of the overflowing blessings that I received from Him.

It’s true that when you worked hard to achieve your goals you will be rewarded in the end. I worked hard to win. I joined those contests and promos every day and think something creative and unique so the judges will pick or choose me as one of the winners. I do it cleanly and honestly. Lately, I have read that some of the promo joiners are making some bad habits of copying other people’s entries. They have been bashing one another because of this and it saddened me . I play fair. I don’t join contests that I know that I cannot follow the mechanics well. I am contented for the prizes that I get although I wanted a bigger prize but I don’t go for it if I know I can’t fulfill the mechanics well.

All in all. I am still lucky and blessed because I play fair and my Lady Luck is back!

Done with our APE

I am congratulating myself because I have successfully finished our Annual Physical Examination in our company. I am kind of scared to undergo medical examinations but it is a requirements. I hate being pricked by the needles and checked by the doctor.

While we are waiting in the reception room I was talking to my office mates. I told them that in order to skip the Annual Physical Examination I will resigning every December and will apply again in February of the next year. I know it sounds crazy but it is a sudden burst of idea that time. It may sounds dumb but being in a hospital or medical clinic makes my mind clouted with dumbness.

There is always an advantage in undergoing the Annual Physical Examination. One it is free because the company will be the one to shoulder the expenses. Second you get to watch your favorite show and update in your social media account because of the free WIFI. Third which is the most important is you learn if your are sick or healthy. You will know if you need medical attention or need some vitamins to boast your health. The best thing about it is that you learned about it earlier and you will get an immediate treatment. As they’ve said that prevention is better than cure.

The results will be out is one or two days from now. I am hoping in God’s will that I am healthy or if not my sickness or disease will be curable. I am afraid not because of myself but because of those people dear to me who will suffer if something wrong will happen to me.

So for now, I will be waiting. I am planning for my mother and son to have their check up too when I have some spare money because I am worried about them too. I always remember the slogan health is wealth and I don’t want anything bad to happen to them.

How I Started to be Financially Troubled.

I am in a financial crisis. Really? I know all of us or some of us maybe undergoing in the same situation that I have. I am in deep trouble financially. I am praying and working hard to get out of it. Hopefully soon because it is so hard to manage the little money that I have because I need to pay those responsibilities and obligations.

Let me tell you my stories about it. It started with one of my friends who asked for my help. She’s having a baby that time. They need some money to buy their babies’ things and she asked me if I could help her. She wanted to loan to one of my friends. I told her I will think about it. She doesn’t stop sending me messages. Trying to look pity and getting on my conscience that her baby will be born without anything. Her husband is working that time but they don’t have funds for the new baby. She promised that she will pay it because her husband is working and she has the means. Out of pity and my will to help her because I believe she will pay her obligations, I brought her to my friend and my friend agreed to give her a loan with an interest of course. It is my friend’s business at that time. After one or two months of paying her loan, I found out that her husband has quit his job because of some problems at work and then that started everything. They cannot fulfill their monthly obligations anymore.

Sadly, I was the co-maker of their loan agreement and I was asked by the lender to pay their obligations. Since I valued my friendship with the lender and I have to honor my obligations, I began paying their loan. What really sucked me about the couple is that I learned that when they have extra money they will spend it on their luxury. It has been 6 to 7 years now but they have not paid me a cents for that. My friend’s husband is working but they’ve always said his salary is not enough to sustain their living expenses. I just can’t figure out how selfish they are because they let me shoulder their obligations alone considering I am a single parent and a bread winner of my family.

Sharing is Caring

I always believe that sharing is caring. I have always shared what I have and what I know. Of course, sharing doesn’t mean you have to give all what you have. There is always a limitation. You only share what is an excess from what you have. You only share your knowledge and let them cultivate their own. Remember that when you share you need to think that if it is good or bad because at the end of the day it’s you will get the blame. I have some really funny stories of how sharing really got me into trouble. I will be sharing one story today…

I was in my third year high school. We have a long quiz in History that time. Modestly aside, History is one of the subjects that I really excel. I was sitting contentedly when my classmate kicked my chair. He’s gay. He continue kicking my chair until I turned my head around. He wanted to copy my answers and if I will not let him he will continue pestering me. So I shared my answers to him and to my dismay our teachers caught us. It was a long lecture actually. In the end the blame was put to me. Our teacher said that my sin is heavier than him because I let him copy my answers. I let him to be lazy and I let him to be a sinner. It looks funny to me now but at that time I was really scared. My mother was told to go to the Principal’s Office because of my offensive behavior and boy, she was so mad at me I was really shaking inside and out. I was not even asked or was not given a chance to explain my side. It looks so funny now because I learned a lot from that situation. If someone will kicked my chair again then I will just ignore it and pray that I could hold my temper longer than I can. OR, I could just knocked him or her off and scream my head out…that is if I will find the courage to do it.

A New Hairstyle. A Sign of Break-Up?

Some of you can or may relate to this but is it true that most of the girls really cut or change their hairstyle whenever they’ve broken up with their partners?

I remember when I first fall in love. I was only in my teenage years. I have this guy who shared the same feelings with me and when they moved to another place we started exchanging letters but as time goes by these letters diminished. When that time that I have to let go of my feelings to that guy I went to the parlor and asked the hairdresser to cut my long straight hair to a very short hair that time. I sported it for a year and then grows it to a shoulder length hair.

When I call it off to the father of my only son, I had my hair cut too. Today, I am searching for a new haircut. Something breezy and something light. My hair is long now and I am always wearing it in a ponytail, a bun or I just let it down. I will be needing a new haircut one of these days because something new will be unfolding in my life. A major change. A change for the better.

I have already embrace the truth that the love of my life, my current beau and the man I think I will be spending the rest of my life has already change. He has already lost his love to me and I know it is hard on his part too to say it. He is coward to make the first move. To break the ice and tell me the hard truth. I have been trying to fix it but working alone will not do anything right. It takes two to tango. It hurts but I know that time will heal all wounds. I wanted both of us to be happy and at peace to ourselves.

I am looking for the day that I will have my hair cut. It means new beginnings. A new hope. A new life. Yes, it is indeed true. A new hairstyle is what most women do after a break-up.

Where Did my Lady Luck Goes?

I am asking myself where did my lady luck goes? I asked that questions because I have not won any single online contest and promotions since last December 2015 and that was odd. I usually won one or two times a month but in the lean days I won several prizes in a row and come to think of it, December should be our lucky month. A blessed month if one should be asked. It is the time that we received gifts of all kinds.

I analyzed what is the cause of my misfortune in the online contests and I figure out that several possible reasons. First, I choose the online contest that I will be joining for personal reasons. I don’t joined contest that needs the most likes or the most votes. I don’t joined contest that are out of my way and I am not qualified to join it. The mechanics are clear and I don’t wanted to be disqualified at the end.

Second, I had been engrossed in playing games hence it means lesser time to browse around and read. I spent my free time after my household chores and mother’s duties by playing games in my son’s tablet. I stayed up late every night because I become engrossed with these games.

Third, I noticed that some of the winners belong to one person or two more persons only using several accounts. They registered their mother, father, sister, brother and sometimes their children but in the end they get all the prizes. I guess I am kind of guilty about it because whenever there’s a free items or contest I always tell my friends to get some or join too but they are using their own accounts. Sometimes I used my son’s account too whenever I feel that my boss is checking my online social account just to be on the safe side. But that people they are using multiple fake accounts because they are hoarding the prizes and all of it goes only to them not to the true persons they are registering.

Fourth, some people resorted to lies and deceits just to win like using auto-likes, copying other people’s photo, artwork and essays. Those materials are quite good and looks professional enough so the judges will surely put their favor on their entries. I have never won anyways in that kind of contest where you need to submit a photo or a photo with caption. I guess my entries are not really catchy enough.

And the fifth must be it is not God’s will for me to win anything last month up to today because He is planning to give me something much better and much bigger.

Well, that was you call FAITH and OPTIMISM!

I Thought I Nailed it!

I was in Manila yesterday. I have a part time job in processing various application in government agencies. One of my clients wanted me to process their Department of Public Works and Highways registration application. Since it is an extra income I said yes after I read and review their papers.

When I first presented it to the boss he told me that he wanted to include his previous and present projects but he doesn’t wanted to give me any papers about it. He told me that all the requirements listed in the application form are not really mandatory. I tried to explain him that we need to obey for their rules and regulations if we wanted a successful registration but he firmly stood on his grounds.

I went to Manila to file it but was denied because of additional requirements needed to be submitted. They listed it down for me and explain it one by one. When I got back I told the boss about it. He affirmed some of the requirements but a few he didn’t approved.

So yesterday I went again in Department of Public Works and Highways to try registering the company again but the person-in-charge wanted a few revisions. He also noticed a discrepancy in the filing reference of our Income Tax Return so I really needed to go home to fix all of it.

I though I’ve already nailed it yesterday because I have done all the revisions and additional requirements. I was hoping and praying because I wanted to finish it so I could move to another project. Now, I am doing all the revisions again. If I insisted on my instincts then maybe it was accepted yesterday.

I hope I could receive all the documents I needed now so I could finish it before the day ends. I really needed to finish it now.

What my Mother Wanted me to Be?

I remember when I was about to take my college examination in the year of 2011 I was confused which course to take. I really don’t know what to do and I’m scared because at that point of my life I am unsure of what is stored for me.

I graduated in high school in the year of 1998 and I took Bachelor of Arts Major in English. One year has passed and I finished my freshman year. My mother told me the sad news that she can no longer finance my studies because we have no money to pay my tuition fee and other expenses. I feel sad and disappointed but I accepted the reality and decided to just stay at home helping in the household chores.

A semester has passed and my sister got her first job after her college graduation and she decided to send me off to college again. My mother wanted me to be a teacher and she really insisted I should take Education because as per her own opinion I could easily land a job after my graduation if I take that course. I know she’s right but I feel that I am not made for that. For me being a teacher is a noble profession and it means a lot of patience, understanding, being compassionate, dedication and I should be a learner too. I don’t feel that I possessed such qualities and I don’t want to give something half cooked to my future students because it will be unfair for them. But giving in to my mother’s whim I took it for a half semester before stopping again.

I started working so we could have our basic necessities. My sister was already pregnant that time to her first child. I worked in a grocery store before my mother learned about the scholarship and insisted that I should applied for it. I decided to try it just for her sake but deep inside me I am contented for what I am earning that time even if it is not that much. Luckily, I passed it. The problem lies in what course to take. She told me that I should take Nursing or Accountancy. Nursing because that time it is in demand especially abroad where the salary is very competitive. Accountancy because you could easily get a job and without age limit at all.

I think about it and I told her I will take Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Why? Because we don’t have money. The scholarship will only pay for the tuition fee and the rest will be shouldered by the us.

After four long years of hard work and sacrifices like working for 8 straight hours everyday with only one day off for the week, working for two hours as Student Assistant everyday, starvation, walking in going to school and at work, doing my classmate’s project for a small amount to buy my own project, spending time in School’s Laboratory in doing those programs and websites because I don’t have my own personal computer, sleeping only a few winks, borrowing books in the library because I can’t have my own, selling cosmetics and perfume so we could pay our rent at home, and being frugal…I graduated in college in the year of 2015.

It is such an accomplishment for my mother and I and it is not easy. I could proudly say that I am in the Top 20 of the graduating students in our batch and I am one of the candidates for Cum Laude and as I look back on how my mother wanted me to be…I think it is to give me the Diploma that she really thinks that I deserved.

I Wanted to be a Writer Someday!

One of my dreams in life is to be a writer someday. I don’t know why I come up with my dreams of being a writer but I always admired them for stirring my imaginations, for making me dream higher and for making my life as what I wanted to be in my thoughts.

I remember I kept a notebook or a journal in my teenage years dotting my thoughts every now and then because I read somewhere that most of the writers do that. I will be scribbling some sentences in the pages, something that struck me for that moment or something that I thought worth of writing for.

Years later, I started to write poems and short stories. I always get inspired by events in my life and to the people who are close to me. I also love to write essays and some of my friends will ask me to write their essays for school homework and how I love to do it. I write as if I am writing for myself and I am satisfied for every writings done.

When I got to college I discovered that they are looking for writers and one of my classmate wanted to try it out. I accompanied her but with no intention to take the examination. But the school paper adviser who is also my teacher in Logic in College ask me to try it too. I am not so sure for myself because I know that I am not that good enough. I write for myself alone and I don’t know how to write for other’s to read and appreciate. It is such a joy that I passed it and it was not easy at first. Most of the new and old members are a pro already and I feel naive. I learned a lot for all the workshops that we have attended and I am happy that I joined it.

Today, I write because it is my expressions to share and convey my thoughts to help others in finding themselves too. I write because I love to do it and in writing I earned something as a reward for my self and to help my family too.