The Day for AlDub Nation

Everyone is busy right now. The day that the Aldub Nation has been waiting for has finally arrived. The team Aldub has been a word of the mouth in every Filipino household because of their popularity that started in the noontime show in GMA Network Channel 7.

My son is a fan of Aldub and has been singing, God Gave Me You and other songs that Aldub made famous. I even buy him some Pogs printed with Aldub and he’s very happy about it. He loves to watch the noontime show Eat Bulaga and there comes a time that he doesn’t want to go to school because he wanted to watch it. I told him he could watch it in YouTube instead.

The Right Moment for the team Aldub is happening right now in the Philippine Arena and it full packed. As I checked my Facebook for updates I don’t know how to feel because of the unity that Filipino people are showing for them. I feel like crying for joy. I am happy that this event is generating income for Filipino people and the proceeds will go to the AlDub Libraries.

The AlDub owes their popularity in their Twitter fans who keep on twitting about them. It must be a real love to do it because I have a twitter account but was never been an expert in Twitter myself, there are times that I don’t even know how to use it.

The Aldub has been engaged in several commercials too. I have watched three of their new endorsement and it was really fun and enjoyable and very personally made for them.

I am one of the hopefuls that this love team will endure the time and problems in life to continue making the Filipino people happy, enthusiastic and positive in their outlook of life.

Changes, Is it good or bad?

Hello everyone! I’m back. I am very thankful today that I have finally made some time to write my thoughts away. Writing makes me feel more lighter because I have unburden my thoughts into something that I could read and reread again.

I just wanted to share some new updates in my work for particular. My boss decided to hire a new employee to be our Operations Manager. There are some problems in our construction sites that need to be address but he is too busy talking to clients and looking for new projects that he told us he cannot attend to.

Hiring an Operation Manager brings many changes in our company. Some changes are good because it will benefits the rest of us. If the business runs smooth then it will makes our work easier. As of this writing, the Operation Manager is one week old here.

As per our boss introduction, the Operation Manager is a Civil and Electrical Engineer. He is in his late 50’s I guess. He worked in abroad most of his life and he is well versed in Construction Company.

Our boss mandated us to have a Daily Accomplishment Report to track down our activities we do for the day. Honestly, writing a daily report is not easy for me because I am the type of person that is not used in tracking my activities. I have been doing a lot of things here and outside the office. Doing my usual stuff and doing the request of my co-workers. There are some things that are really complicated to write especially the time frame. I hope in the future the boss will not question the time frame we have finished our work because that is really frustrating explaining how you have cope up with your work. Sometimes we do it fast and sometimes we just don’t know what to do about it or how to finish it.

The Operations Manager have also mandated a lot of changes in our work and I am hearing a lot of negative feedback so far. I hope that things will work out just fine and the changes will be for the better.

What Shall I Do?

It’s been a week now since the last time I sent my boyfriend a text message. It was our last conversation. I was totally pissed of with his attitude and I told him so. I was expecting he will text me, call me or fetched me at my work to make amends but he never did which is never been a surprised anymore.

It was just a cycle and honestly I just got totally tired of it. I am tired of waiting for him to give me some explanations of what really happened and the most important thing is asked for a forgiveness for his shortcomings. He was too proud I guess to say he was sorry and it will never happen again.

So last Monday night I told him that I am tired of being the first one to break the ice. I was also tired of waiting him, of texting him and calling him with no response at all. I keep on dialing his phone number but it was off and I was wondering why the need to turn it off. In the first place, I have no idea where he is and who are the people he was with because he never give any information. For two straight days he was in Manila but he never updated me of his status. I was really worried for his safety and to think that he is online in his Facebook account and have time to like his friend’s status but ignored me.

I just wanted to focus on myself from now on. To stay out of the negativity. If he really loves me as much as what he is saying then it is time to do the first move and asked for forgiveness for his wrongdoings. It is time to explain his side. If he thinks he can get away with it every time then it is time to put an end from all of it.

My Hands Are Full

Today I woke up with a positive outlook in life. I have so many things to do. Yesterday, I am planning to make myself useful but with no electricity and water supply in our area, what more can I do? We are affected by Typhoon Lando and it is really frightening. The wind was howling loudly day and night. The branches of the trees in our yard are dancing wildly and there are many trashes in our backyard which means a lot of cleaning and catching up to do.

I need to wash our clothes too. It was supposed to be yesterday. I was supposed to go to the grocery too but there’s no tricycle in our area to bring me to the jeepney stop. My phone is low in battery and we don’t have signal in our Wi-Fi. So I just cleaned our room, sweep the floor from time to time because of the leaves coming from the outside, cooked our lunch and dinner and played with my son and two nieces.

It was such a lazy Sunday and I wished I could do more. So today the Typhoon is still here. It was still dark outside, the wind was still howling and the rain keeps on pouring but I decided to go to my work. I need to be online to check my inboxes and notifications, I need to go to the grocery too and update my work so that my boss will not be mad tomorrow.

Some of our employees decided to just stay home and I wish I could do it too but I need enough money for the next pay day to pay my bills. I am planning to divide my laundry into halves so that I could do the half today and the other half tomorrow.

I hope that I could have enough energy to do it. I keep on sneezing today. Wish me luck!

What I Really Wanted to Win.

Hello everyone. I have been joining a lot of online contest since 2013 and I am really blessed because I won some really good prizes since then. These prizes were really a big help to me and to my family. Some of the prizes like foods or gift checks have been consumed by us in a jiffy. Yes, especially those chocolates and cakes. Some have been sold by me especially to those items that I cannot really use. It will be better to just sell it so that other people can actually use it for their own benefits and just spend a little money.

Joining online contest is a lot of fun. I have meet some really cool friends there who are also actively participating in joining online contest and won some really cool prizes like gadgets, hotel accommodations, travels and cash prizes. For me, I really wanted to win some cash prizes and gadgets. I have won some prizes for concerts, movies and travels but some of them have been sold because I cannot attend to its specified date.

Now, I have joined to a lot of contest that have phones, tablet, laptop or camera as a giveaways and I have been praying that one of these will be bagged by me. I am really hoping and crossing my fingers because I wanted to have another phone which I can use for personal and business purposes. It will be a big help to me especially in joining online contests.

I hope that this month will be good for me and I will work hard to achieve my goals. I will be joining to a lot of online contest and will keep praying that my wishes will be granted. I don’t have enough funds to buy myself a new phone and it will be awesome.

I’m Hungry!

I could feel my stomach gurgling with hunger. I am hungry and I don’t have anything here to solve it. The nearest convenience store is located downstairs and I don’t want to go down to buy anything. It is close to five o’clock in the afternoon and twenty minutes before we could go home. I will just eat once I get home to save some money for tomorrow’s expenses.

It is unusual to feel hungry when I am engrossed with my work. It may contributed to the fact that I went to the bank to en cashed the check of my boss and proceed to the site to give some funds there. I walked briskly in going there, back and forth. My energy has been lost along the way. I am thinking of drinking a cup of coffee with lots of cream but I wanted to sleep early tonight. I am not feeling well since yesterday and I need a lot of rest. Coffee keeps me active and awake.

I thought about my simple lunch today. I have half cup of rice and two medium cheese hotdog with a lot of tomato catsup. I think it was not enough.

I wanted to eat cheesecake today with strawberries or mangoes. Sounds pretty fantastic. It could help me fill my empty growling stomach. I hope someone will treat me today because I don’t have enough budget.

It is really hard to be hungry and think of foods you wanted to eat if you don’t have any budget to buy it. It is just frustrating especially now. I drink one glass of water but the hunger persisted. I hope the clock ticks faster. Thinking of good food at home. I will be cooking fried milk fish,sauteed vegetables and rice this dinner and I can’t really wait.

Discipline is a Big Factor.

I have been using the public transportation in going to places that I needed to go to. We don’t have any car at home and buying such one is very expensive plus the maintenance of it. You need to earn a large amount of money every month to maintain any kind of motor vehicle at home. For now, my goal is to have my own lot and house and maybe a car in the future.

So let me go back in my experiences using the public transportation…For me it is not really bad as long as the people are well discipline. Starting from the driver to the passengers.

The real problem for me lies in the attitude of some of the persons because I observed that some people are really undisciplined. All of us wanted to go to our work early, we wanted to go home immediately and we wanted to be early in our appointments or meetings but because of some selfish acts of people we cannot reach our goals.

Just this morning and every other mornings…when I reached the waiting shed there is no line for the jeepney so I went there. Some people arrived and instead of falling in line they stood in front of me. I did not speak because I am waiting for them to fall behind me just like some of the people have been doing but they just ignored the stares that we are giving them.

I just shake my head and check their uniforms. It was really disappointing that most of those people are working in the government or big companies and it looks like they have good position in the office basing on their uniforms.

It was really disheartening that those people who have finished their educations cannot even follow the single rule of falling in line or first come first served basis and imagining their reactions if what they are doing will happen to them. I bet they will be mad as hell. Sweating their hearts out.

Do You Love To Travel?

When I was younger I came across a question asking me what are my dreams in life and I remembered writing, “To travel the whole world.” As a child this dream is very possible. You will imagined yourself with a pretty suitcase in tow. A sunglasses and a hat to match your outfit. You will be touring around the world trying to go to famous places that all of us wanted to visit someday. It will be such a delight to someone’s heart thinking about it.

Now, I asked myself is there any way to make my dreams come true? Can I really see the whole world? Enjoy the scenery, know the culture, taste their food, mingle with them and just enjoy and relax.

Prices of commodities are soaring high. Plane tickets are very expensive even if it there’s a sale or special promo, for me it is still not affordable. With my present financial status I cannot even booked a hotel room for me and my family to get out of the weekend to relax and enjoy and broke the monotonous activity that we have been doing for so long.

I wanted to travel now. Not when I’m already older. I wanted to travel now with my partner, my son and my family. I wanted to share the experience with them.

I have been planning to look for possible ways to travel and we will begin here in our country first. We have different tourist spots that are totally world class and for me we should visit and explore it before going to another country.

I wanted to go to Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines first before going to Palawan, Ilocos and other provinces here in my country. I am thinking of checking the Piso fare of airlines companies next year. I will be saving some money from now on. I wanted my mother to experience it. She’s already old and we never know what will happen in the future.

I am adding my dream to travel in my bucket list. Hoping it will materialized soon.

For Love or For Money?

If you will choose who you will want to be with for the rest of your life… how will you choose a partner? Do you have any qualities or criteria that you set aside in finding your dream partner?

They said when you fall in love, you just fall hard. No amount of reasoning can define the surge of emotions. No one can get into your way.

When I was in my younger years I feel so idealistic about love. I always told my friends that I will marry the man that I truly love regardless of what or who he is.

It is true that there is no permanent thing in the world except the word change itself because as you grew older some of your perspective in life also change.

Even in life some of my ideas have been changed because of my experiences in life. If someone will ask me, who do you want to be with, a person you love or a person who got everything? What should my answer will be?

Marrying someone I love is always been my dream. It will be hard to be with someone you don’t love and you will just pretend that you love and care for him because he got something to give you in return. I grew up independently working my way up. Even with my ex who happened to be the father of my son I learned to be financially independent during the time that we were together. For me, it is not about who earned more. It is more than that. It is about the attitude of the person towards you.

Now, I wanted to marry someone who I love and who is responsible enough to work hard to earn something for a living to support himself and his family. Marrying someone who got some money doesn’t guaranteed that you will be financially wealthy if that person is very selfish. So I would go for a person who may not be financially wealthy but got a sense of responsibility and respect towards me.