The Contest That Makes Me Feel Disappointed

I have joined an online contest last July 2015. The contest was sponsored by Sam’s Pizza Olongapo which was located in our City. As an overview, Sams Pizza Olongapo has been a part of us here. We love their place because of the good food, the ambiance and of course the live bands.

I learned about their contest through their page in Facebook. I have been subscribing on their page since I learned about it last year. I have won in their previous contest of a gift certificate worth Php500.00 to my delight and we have already consumed it immediately.

Sams Pizza is a place where you can celebrate your special occasions in life or if you just wanted to relax and hang out. It is my joy to join in their online promotions because I always love to dine there.

So when they announce their contest in relation to their 39th Anniversary which was a selfie contest I wanted to join. I wanted to win any prizes from them. Joining in their online contest will also help them in their advertisement. I also told my friends to join but they are not interested because they told me they are not lucky in any contest and they will not win. As for me, win or lose I will try my luck.

So I carefully read the mechanics and began looking for a good concept. The mechanics read that the photograph it must be a selfie, it means as per their definition of selfie, a photograph that one has taken on oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or a webcam and shared via social media. Another mechanic is that it must be your own photo. You need to take a picture with a 39 in your background, you can form, edit or create it as long as 39 is visible in the photo and upload it in your own Facebook or Instagram account.

I followed the mechanics by heart and began uploading my 10 entries to complete then I send them an email with the links of my entries.

To my dismayed when they announce the winners the grand prize was awarded to a contestant that does not follow the two main mechanics. I wonder how they come up with a winner. Some of the joiners complained and was asking them to explain. I joined the complainants and after a long period of time they just replied saying the matter was under investigation. Last night, I remembered it and visit their page again. The announcement of winners was deleted and no more updates has been made.

I was so disappointed because of their inaction and unjust dealings with all the participants in their contest. It doesn’t matter who won as along as he or she deserved the prize.

Sore Eyes

I feel it before I had my Vacation Leave. I was tasked to go to different places and it was so hot. The driver and I get lost looking for the company that my boss wanted us to make follow up regarding our accreditation. So we just circled around the place asking for the proper directions. The air condition in the car was not functioning properly we decided to turn it off and opened the windows.

I feel that my eyes already itchy and was flaming hot but I disregarded it thinking it must be due to the fact that we were outside the whole day. I sleep early that night because I need to wake up earlier than usual for my son and my niece parade in their school’s sports fest.

The next day, my son and my older niece caught sore eyes. We just finished the parade and headed directly to our home to avoid infecting other children. I told them to wash their hands and took a bath after resting to avoid contaminating all of us in the house. I am a bit scared because I don’t want to catch it. I needed to go to work so I could use my sick leave in other important matter.

When I woke up the next morning I can’t opened my eyes anymore. I was infected by sore eyes already and I can’t accept it. I have so many things to finish at my work and no once can do it but only me. I don’t have any option but to take a sick leave and go to the clinic for check up.

I was advised for 5 days rest and was given an eye drop. The doctor told me that I was one of the last batches who was infected with sore eyes. It become epidemic for the last two weeks that every day he needs to attend to at least 20 patients a day with sore eyes. He told me that I need to stay inside the house to stop the infection and needs to wash my hands regularly.

It may be the best thing to do since having a sore eyes is a big no, no especially in public places because people will surely get scared in having it.

What Horror Movies Brought to my Life

I love to watch horror movies since I was a kid. Horror movies back then are pretty general like the white lady, vampires, ghost, and spirit. We would always cover our eyes when the big part came matching it with screams that made my mother switch off the television. She would always tell us that if we are afraid then don’t watch it. It is only a movie and it is not true.

Some horror movies that really marked on my thoughts are Exorcism, Chuckie, the Ring, the Shutter and the Grudge. Horror movies made me a coward because it makes me afraid of the dark and strange noises in the stillness of the night. A squeak will make me jump out of horror. I always afraid to look at the dancing shadows of trees and leaves at night.

When Chuckie rose to fame it makes me feel afraid to have a big doll. I keep on imagining it will speak those lines, “Hey, I’m Xhuckie wanna play?” One of my cousins whose father worked abroad got a doll as tall as I am and not only that is it a talking doll. Unfortunately, the fear of another Chuckie was always on our mind that we never really played with the doll.

Watching ‘the Ring’ (the Japanese version) makes me feel afraid to answer our ringing telephone that time. I am afraid that somebody in the other line will speak that I have seven days to live and I need to pass the message to someone else. The ringing phone made me jump of terror and gave me goose bumps that time.

As for the movie ‘The Grudge’ I was older that time and decided to watch it. My son was already sleeping that time. I remember it was the scene where the doctor or psychologist was running away from the ghost that I feel that the world is trembling. I thought that there was a mild earthquake but to my horror it was my son trembling of fear that shakes our bed. I immediately off the television and comforted my son. I prayed to God and after that I have never watched another horror movies for years.

Right now, my son is already eight years old and he could watch horror movies without being afraid like that but I always make sure that I am there or my sister is there to guide and explain it to them.

What is a Good Business for the Christmas Season?

Christmas season is coming and it is a good time to start a business for an extra income for the family. Every Christmas we need to spend more for clothes, shoes, foods, decorations and gifts. Frankly, I don’t have much to spend. Every penny counts for the expenses of the family. I always prioritize our payment for rent and utilities like water, telephone and electricity above most. Then food, transportation, credit card and other loans before buying new clothes or shoes. As for the gifts, I always makes sure to buy gifts for selected and special people in my life including my god children. I love to give but if I don’t have any money to buy gifts I can’t do anything. I have tons of loans already because my salary is not enough to cover our daily expenses that I need to borrow money every now and then.

I need to think of another source of income to make the season festive at home. I am planning to buy a big Christmas tree. I wanted my son and two nieces to experience putting up and lightning up at big Christmas tree for the first time in their life. So selling some stuff would be a great idea.

As I checked what would be a thriving online business for the coming holiday season, I noticed that selling clothes, shoes or foods will is in demand right now. I want to mention the Christmas decors of course especially the big and colorful lanterns. People will more likely to buy clothes especially for parties and gift giving. So I need to know what’s in for this season. I will be going to Divisoria or Baclaran to buy clothes so I could save more and earn more. Clothes there are more affordable and cheaper and I could sell it in a group post or in my Facebook page.

I hope my plans will push through so I could give my family a festive mood this holiday season.

My Tribute to my Grandparents

We are celebrating the Grandparents Day this month and as a tribute to my grandparents I wanted to write something for them…

My grandparents (from my mother’s side) married young. They married during the time of World War II and life is very hard then. My grandfather worked in the sawmill and my grandmother worked as laundrywoman. She is a pure Ilocana that’s why she’s very strict in handling the family’s finances but my mother told us that food was an exemption. She served a big heap of foods in their table which consisted of fish and vegetables with fruits or meat and vegetables with fruits.

I remember my mother’s story on how my grandparents and their 2 eldest children that time survived the World War II…They hide in the mountain and buried all their belongings in different places marking the place hoping that they could return to it someday. My Aunt, who is their eldest child, was hidden in the large earthen jar for water storage with charcoal all over her body so she would be save. Girls and women before was raped during that time or was kept as comfort women that’s why when the Japanese soldiers will arrive they will hide everywhere.

Food was scarce that time because of the war. There comes a time that they could not go out of their hiding place that they decided to cook the banana trees. They will chopped it finely and then squirt out the juice sap before cooking it in coconut milk.

I admired them because they survived that hardship of life back then. When the war was over, they started a new life in Maquinaya which later on was named Barrio Barretto. The Americans took over…It was that time when my grandfather will bring home apples to them. He will get the apples when the Americans will throw apples and other stuff in the garbage bin outside the base and the Filipinos will get apples or other stuff. As my mother will narrate this story (even if I heard it a hundred times all over and over again) tear will keep rolling in my cheeks. I just can’t get over with the idea of my grandparents having that kind of life.

They have worked hard during their lifetime. My grandparents are not perfect but they give what they can give to their children and to their grandchildren. They supported us and give all the best that they have to secure us. I loved my grandparents so much, I admired them, respected them and I am proud of them.

How Do You Come up With Your Title?

For me, having a good title is an advantage when you write something. The title will suggest the idea of your writings and will catches the attention of your readers. Just like in buying a book, we would check first the title before reading the summary of the story at the back of the book. If the title is good and we could relate to it then we will buy the book.

Just like in some of the articles whether printed or online, we will scan first the title and if it is catchy and looks interesting we will read the whole story. For me, writing a title is very hard and sometimes it gives me more of a hard time than writing the whole story itself.

There comes a time that I don’t know what to do to write as a headline. I will be lost in my thoughts and will try different one then delete and write again before coming up with a title. Some of my title are not good enough to give justice to my whole article, I know it that’s why I keep on trying to improve myself. I tried to improvise my vocabulary by reading, interacting and listening to the opinions and suggestions of more experience people.

I talked to my friend about it and she told me that she also have a hard time in writing the title for her essays and blogs. Sometimes it will take her more than the time she consumed in writing the whole idea.

Some writers love to write longer titles and some prefer shorter title. Maybe it depends on the personality of each person. How about you guys? How do you write your own title? Do you find it hard to come up with a good title just like what I’ve been experiencing?

A Day in the Bank

Yesterday my boss asked me to deposit some money. It is one of my usual routine every month. The money was deposited to the account of his employees abroad in one of his companies. He will call me and then we will meet in the bank. He will just handed me the envelope. He already filled up the deposit slips so I will just give it to the teller. The usual routine is that the money is more than enough the total amount of the deposit slips covering even the service charge of P50.00 each for account opened in different branch.

When it is my turned, I handed the money and the deposit slips to the teller. She told me to input the the quantity of each bills. Then she count if by bundle and even double check it in the counting machine. She computed the total amount of the deposit slips. It took us forty minutes for the whole transaction and for me that it too slow. I have been depositing for the past 5 years with large amount of money and in different transactions but that was the longest one. My legs are already stiffed standing in front of the counter wishing she will finished immediately.

When she already finished the transaction, she told me to write my name and contact number which is one of their standards. I put our telephone number in the office.

I arrived at the office 10 minutes before 5:00 in the afternoon. I just packed my things, save my files and turn of my computer and headed to the mall to withdraw my salary and meet my friends and customers to give their orders.

It was already close to 7:00 in the evening and I was going home when my officemate texted me that the bank contacted one of the accounts to whom I deposited some money. The bank said that they wanted to talk to me. I don’t have enough load to call the bank and I don’t have their number. When I checked my other cellphone I was shocked to see that it has more than 50 missed calls supposedly from the bank because of its number.

I talked to them and the teller told me to get back to the bank right there and then because she makes a wrong transaction. I told them that the deposit slips are in the office and I don’t have a key. I will go there early in the morning to settle all the problems.

I have a balance with them because my money was short and she give me a change even if I am short of cash. I settled with them early this morning after waiting 30 minutes for the bank to open. I think the teller should know right then and there if my money was short because she counted it and computed the total amount but never even comprehend the mistakes right away. I am not good in computing large amount of money and if there’s a mistake we will be glad to correct it once we know it.

Playing Games Make the Stress Go Away

There comes a time in my life that I get bored. We are often enough. I feel that I’m doing the same thing over and over again. I just need a break. I need a diversion. I need some time alone.

Then I remember when I was a kid, I used to play alone. I will play with my dolls and talked to them. It ease the boredom. Most of the times, I will joined the kids in the neighborhood in playing Filipino traditional games. It was such a blast that I it helps me took the loneliness away.

Sometimes my sister will asked me to play scrabble, monopoly or cards but we will end up having a fight on who won or who lose. The truth is I always lose now matter what tricks I played maybe my sister knew more tricks than I know because she is older than me. Blame it on age. It is such a disaster and my mother will always scold us.

Today, I always immersed myself in playing games especially when I feel so down, stressed out or problematic. My son taught me the online games that I enjoyed so much now. I saw him playing a games in my tab and as I watched him I wanted to play it too. It was my first encountered with Candy Crush. I would stay up late playing it and really enjoyed it a lot. Next in line is the Farm Heroes Saga, which I played alternately with Candy Crush.

Now I am focusing myself with Clash of Clans. My son and I decided to make our own clan and invited our family and relatives to join us. We don’t really attack everyday but only in our free days. We focused in building our defenses and upgrading it. We love to harvest everyday. We have two accounts. One for each other.

I played now every now and then especially before going to bed just to make the stressed away. I learned how to discipline myself and after a few games whether I win or lose I just stop there and have a much needed sleep.

I Need a Sound Advice

Today is a very disappointing day. My hopes are high that I will receive my much awaited salary adjustment. I was promoted as an Office Manager last January 2015. To tell the truth, when the boss announced my promotion, he did not say there will be a salary increase. But a promotion always come with a reward for giving a rendering a good work, right?

When I told my friends about it they immediately asked me how much increase did I get. I told them there is none because my boss never told us that there will be an increase. They thought I must be kidding or maybe some of them may think I am lying about the figures to avoid giving a treat. The truth is a part inside of my is hoping for an increase.

I am the only one in the family who got a regular income. Presently, I am the breadwinner. I am not complaining but sometimes I feel so tired budgeting my salary to get us going. My mother is a senior citizen now, my older sister is working part time to support herself, her studies and send some extra money for her two daughters under my care, custody and guidance. She is now in her third year studies of Law in Cebu City. I have an eight year old son and I am a single parent. We are renting our house and I am riding in three public transportation vehicles every day which mean back and forth to go to work. An increase is always a welcome change in my financial aspect of life.

Then one day of June 2015, as I walked my boss to his car (his wife is waiting for him in their car) because I was updating him regarding the office status, when he told me that I will have an adjustment from January 2015 up to the present. He told me that they are still talking about the amount but will informed me the soonest possible time.

Today is the 15th day of September and I told the Accounting Department to computer my adjustment because it’s been too long already. They forwarded it to the Boss but he was surprised by the amount. I have this impression that it is too much than what they expected and they will talk to me about it.

I have a feeling they will lessen it because they thought that it is a very big amount. I just don’t know how to react or deal with them. For me, it is long overdue already and I deserved every cents of it and in the first place that it is not my fault if my adjustment accumulated to that amount.

What would you do or decided if you are in my shoes?

How I Take Care of my Hair

They said hair is our crowning glory. Do you agree with it? It must be the reason why most of us spend so much time, effort and money to achieve a shiny and healthy hair. It helps us look good if we have a beautiful hair and a hairstyle that compliment our face.

I remember my hair before. It was thick, straight, shiny, soft and jet black. My mother loves to braid it or style it differently with ribbons. Sometimes I just wanted it to fall on my shoulder but when it is too hot I just pull it on a ponytail or a bun.

Taking care of my hair is one of the daily routines that I always do religiously. I always love to read tips and advises on how to take good care of our hair. When I’m busy I always use shampoo and conditioner to clean my hair but when I have more time I used different methods to achieve a silky smooth hair.

I read that we need to brush our hair one hundred times before bed time to make it shiny and silky smmoth. It is best to start at the roots. It will be quite a hassle if your have long hair but I did it regularly before.

I used to put mayonnaise in my hair too. I will apply it in my hair and wrapped it in a warm towel for at least 15 minutes before rinsing it. I also used gugo to wash my hair instead of shampoo once a week. If I have time I sprinkle baby powder in my head and then brushed it to make it shinier.

Oh, before I forgot when I was a kid, I used aloe vera (sabila) to make my hair grow thicker. We have aloe vera planted in my grandmother’s garden so we used it especially when we were bathing in the rain. I just don’t like the strong smell of aloe vera but the effects are so effective that it makes my hair grown thicker. My mother said it is good for thinning hair and I know that she’s right about it.